How animation videos increase conversions for businesses

How animation videos increase conversions for businesses

Joe Root

Explainer videos can be used by many businesses to share their ideas, compassion and show customers they truly care. They believe animated videos are a great way to increase customer trust and loyalty. These animation videos can help you reach the right audience and keep them coming back for more. Animated explainer videos help people understand how to use services and products. This will allow you to increase conversions. 

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How animated videos increase conversions for businesses.

1. Engaging, interesting

You've heard that animated video content is engaging. Animations are very engaging because they visualize your ideas, thoughts, and emotions in beautiful graphics. Do you feel the same way when you watch an animated TV advertisement?

The animated videos are loved by the people who share them with their networks. It also brings out the fun flavor of animated videos.

You can share an animated video on social media and watch how engaging it is. It will also increase your views. You will be amazed at the results.

2. Low cost

You can easily afford animated videos and they are extremely cost-effective. You can create one yourself, you only need to have basic animation skills. An animated explainer video allows you to express your ideas, thoughts, and creations through animation. It can increase your reach and minimize your effort.

Essence Studios is one of the whiteboard animation software video production companies that can create animated videos for a very affordable price. Our site has the best results.

3. Useful for Marketing

A great marketing tool is an animated video. Also, you can read our article about how animated video can help with digital marketing. You only need to hire an animation company to embed your animated movie on your site. It is possible to create an animated video that has a powerful emotional, creative, and efficient impact.

Email marketing is also possible if you're creating your profile, such as on LinkedIn, Google My Business Page, or Google+. If you embed your video there, it will be available for everyone to see. An animated video provides a quick overview of the site. An animated video can be shared with your friends and allows the audience to view your site's overview rather than read your content.

4. They can even go viral

Viral and shareable are both the same thing. The difference is in how many shares you get. Make sure your video is entertaining, fun, creative, funny, informative, and engaging so that people feel compelled to share it. Share your video via an easy-to-share platform. People share videos with their friends when they find them interesting and entertaining. The best way to approach your theme is to make it entertaining, informative, creative, and fun.

5. Mobile friendly

The majority of people access social media via their mobile phones. Today's generation is very mobile-friendly. If your content isn't mobile-friendly, you could lose 60 to 70%. Animated videos both work well on mobile devices and are also very user-friendly on desktops. They can be played at any time on any device. No matter what device or platform your audience uses, they will still enjoy the video. This is why animated explainer videos are so popular on social media.

Let's close the discussion quickly

Advertising Explainer Animation Video: What is it?

  • Video explanations are simple as the products or services are clearly explained.
  • It simplifies the delivery of the script for the audience.
  • A video explaining your product or service in e-commerce will make it memorable. The audience will be able to view your video instead of the lengthy advertisement.
  • Your explainer video about eCommerce products and services can be uploaded on YouTube, Instagram, or Facebook.
  • A short animated Explainer video can be embedded on your website's landing pages to give a better understanding of your brand.

This is it. We are happy to help you with any queries. Thank you.

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