How To Promote Clickbank Offers

How To Promote Clickbank Offers

Social media, especially Facebook, can be a very powerful and powerful tool for sharing and promoting ClickBank products. Many people in this field have earned a lot of money, but only because they did it right.

There are many more who tried and unsuccessfully advertised products on Facebook. It was not only a failed financial effort, but also actually damaged their status in the world of social media, and for some people it cost friendships. If you want to advertise effectively on Facebook, you need to know and follow three simple steps.

Advertise only the products you use or trust

This step is one of the most difficult. They look at all the potential ClickBank products they can advertise, see a high percentage of commitments that match certain products, high price points, and count all the money earned. The problem is that this is the wrong approach.

Instead of choosing what is advertised based on referral Commission Hero Review rates and price points, you should only advertise products that you have used or can use. The reason is simple. Facebook builds relationships and is part of the community. In society, people buy only from people they trust. Because of the social dimension of social media, people will be able to find out if you are unclear during your heartbeat. Lack of trust creates mistrust, and distrust leads to lack of purchase.

If you want people to buy what they buy, they should trust you. If you don't know the product or haven't used it, or at least you don't use it, people will be able to tell you that you don't really care about the product and don't want to buy from you. You have to believe what you sell or no one will buy it.

Know the difference between a profile and a fan page

For those of you who know Facebook marketing to some degree, it's important to understand that Facebook has two types of pages. You can have a profile and a fan page. A profile is all about you, who you are, what you like and what you don't like about business. Your work is on the fan page. Fan pages are the place to do business and the sites where you do most of the marketing. Your profile should be more than what you like, take an interest in it, and use it as a way to direct people to your fan page. Drive traffic from your profile to your fan page, then sell it to people on your fan page. People who like the fan page are pre-screened as people who are interested in the things you sell, which increases your purchase.

Use a base of 80/20

This last rule is the formula for successful Facebook marketing. If you follow the 80/20 rule, your sales will increase dramatically without worrying about the people you contact. You can't sell to a company just to sell. You need to give something valuable, gain their confidence, and then help them learn how you can help with the products you offer.

Therefore, there is an 80/20 rule. In all aspects of social media marketing you should share valuable information 80% of the time. The only time you sell or advertise a product is 20%. This means that people get 4 value units and use every opportunity to buy something. If you follow this rule, you will build your value base with your followers and increase sales, it's really that simple.

Here are two ways to do this. First, you need to make sure which method you ever choose so you don't sell too much. The moment you start "selling" a product to your blog readers, unless you have already gained their trust, you will lose them.

So the first way is to talk about the problem your readers are facing. If you run a health-related blog, you can talk about different treatments for different conditions. For example, if you are thinking about tinnitus, you can recommend a variety of products to your readers that are known to help treat or cure tinnitus. Thus assigning a link or two to different ClickBank products. That way, you're not like a salesperson or you're crazy, you're just giving advice to help them solve the problems they're facing.

Another great way to promote ClickBank products on your blog is to submit product reviews. Product reviews are not the purpose of a sales letter, which is a sales page. So using the above tinnitus, if you are going to write tinnitus, you can create a short product review directly in the blog post or a complete separate post to review the product in which tinnitus treatment.