How To Make Money Using Blog & On Instagram?

How To Make Money Using Blog & On Instagram?

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Perhaps you have wondered how Instagram users make their money or how bloggers earn so much through their blogs. What are the methods professional content creators use when pitching brands? These questions may have been troubling you in the past, but they are no longer. These tips will help you become a pro at blogging and Instagram marketing.

Brand pitching

Many people believe that having many page views or followers can make it easier to work for PR companies. This is not true. There are many blogs, Insta-Bloggers, YouTube Channels, and YouTube Channels. PR agencies don't have time to reach all of them. These are some things you should consider. How to pitch brands:

The content must be posted on a daily basis for at least six months. This will demonstrate to brands that you're a skilled content creator. The product they send you will be professionally marketed.

Make Money Using Blog & On Instagram?

Finding the right contacts is the hardest part of approaching PR companies or brands. Each company has different reasons for calling the influencers or content creators. This is a highly specialized industry, so there isn’t any position naming guidelines. You can search for brands that are suitable to work with on ZoomInfo, Google Searches, and LinkedIn. Use the name of your company if you have it.

You can also reach out to brands by phone if you wish. Your email or message list might be stuffed to the brim with too many messages. Phone conversations are quicker than email.

A media kit should be created that details what you can do for the company/brand to promote their products and services. You should thoroughly research the company, including what products they have made and who they have partnered with.

Making Money Via Blogging

  1. These are some things you should consider if your goal is to make money blogging.

2. Create a blog that is related to a specific niche.

3. Start creating and publishing useful content.

4. Promote your blog on other social media accounts to find the right readers.

5. Engage with your audience by answering their questions in the comments section.

6. The readership that you have built can be used to make money, as well as other income streams such as placing ads or placing ads.

Make Money With Instagram

Instagram is most commonly used to share photos and videos. You can engage your audience by using hashtags. These are popular or trending. How can influencers make a living from it? Here's the answer:

First, make sponsored posts for the brand. For brands to consider you reliable and the best choice, you should have a lot of followers.


That is how you can make money on blogger and Instagram. I hope the above information is useful for you. Share it with your friend more and more.

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