How To Make Money Online From 1,000 Dollars A Day

How To Make Money Online From 1,000 Dollars A Day

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I have collected for you more than 40 different cool ways to make money on the Internet? with and without investments. They all have different complexity and profitability, but at the same time - they are all working.


Hi. ?? In this article, I would like to talk about making money on the Internet. A topic that is of interest to a large number of people.

Many people think that this is all nonsense, that making money through the Internet is generally unrealistic, and that it is better to go to a factory or work in the top five.

Nevertheless, I have been successfully earning money on the Internet for several years, and somehow I am not drawn to a regular job.

So far, I have reached an income of 1500 dollars / month . But this is far from the limit. ?

Here I have collected over 40 relevant ways and 60 sites for making money on the Internet. For each, I indicated the approximate amount of income. Let's go! ?

Making money on the Internet - myth or reality? ?

Making money on the Internet is no longer a myth. Right now, you can go to a random freelance exchange, take an order there and get money. 100-200-500 dollars for several hours of work.

And if you don't have any skills, you can go to the axle boxes (the first on the list). There you can easily make 5-10 dollars and withdraw it to your phone.

It's another matter - is it possible to earn really normal money on the Internet? At least 20-30 thousand dollars per month.

The answer is yes! Even more is possible.

Would have shown me this three years ago - I would have been incredibly surprised. But now it is in the order of things. I've seen screenshots with six figures. ? I hope I will do these myself soon.

But before I started earning even these 100k, I had to work on exchanges for a long time, fulfill freelance orders.

I even once was on the team of an information site and filled it with articles (instead of developing my own ?). But nothing can be done - the money was needed.

In general, making money on the Internet is quite real and I personally proved it a long time ago. I think you can easily see this too if you just try.

Earnings on the Internet without investment ?

Probably many people want to make money without any special cash investments. I focus on the word "cash", because it is impossible to do "without investments" at all. You will have to spend time, sometimes quite a large amount.

At first, the earnings do not promise to be huge. But you have to start somewhere, right?

Method 1. Earnings on clicks (boxes)

The simplest form of earnings, which does not require any investment at all. You just need to go to the boxes, register and that's it, you are free to row money with a shovel.

True, the maximum that is worth counting on there is 100 dollars a day. And this is if you work from dawn to dusk, clicking ads, performing tasks of the same type for a ruble, etc.

People put out simple tasks there, you complete them and get money. These tasks are usually related to ad views or ad clicks. There are also different tasks.

Most often, they offer to register on some service and perform a series of simple actions. In general, the essence of the axle boxes is tied around advertising.


Now the axle boxes are gradually losing their relevance. If 5-6 years ago it was a great way to earn extra money on referral programs, now this option is suitable, perhaps, for schoolchildren who want to raise some money to buy a game in incentive.

Once upon a time I also tried to make money on buxes, and I managed to raise something about 25 dollars in a few days. I worked for about 30-40 minutes, for more I was simply not enough. But then I myself was still a green novice, and even such a penny was perceived by me as God's grace.

If the axle boxes are losing their relevance, then why did you include them in this top - you ask. It's just that this method is one of the simplest. Even a child can handle it.

You can also go in and try to make your first money on the Internet. Feel it, so to speak.

Several topical axle boxes

  • SEO-spint is the most famous bux, which is still very popular among newbies and advertisers. You can go to the site, complete a couple of tasks there and see how much you are satisfied with the result. The withdrawal amount is not that large, about 5 dollars.
  • SEO-Fast is one of the main competitors of SEO-Fast . It works in exactly the same way. Come in, click on an advertisement - you get money for it. The registration system will allow you to earn a little more. If, of course, you can do everything right.
  • ProfiTCentR is almost a seosprint clone, the same green, with the same functionality. I think there is no need to explain that the tasks are the same there. You can check in purely for a change.
How much you can earn: 20-100 dollars per day

Method 2. Earnings on taking surveys

You can make money from surveys. All you need to do is find suitable services, register and start taking surveys.

They don't pay very much for this, but you don't need any skills. You will have to fill out a special questionnaire about yourself so that the system can give you the most suitable tasks.

Usually they require the following information:

  • Floor
  • Age
  • Family status
  • Education
  • Place of work
  • Hobbies / hobbies
  • Availability of equipment, cars, real estate
  • Etc.

Many people are very afraid of this step, because they think that their personal data will be used somewhere. Fear not, really normal services will never trade their users' personal information.

There are also unscrupulous resources that violate the rights of users in every possible way. And some do not pay at all, constantly changing the minimum withdrawal amount. Fraud is everywhere, and this method is no exception.

I can only advise you to check the resources for reliability - fill in its name in the search bar and look for real reviews. If the resource is bad, then reviews about it will be in the first positions in the results.

I will also present to you my small list of sites where you can make money by completing surveys. All of these resources have been verified by users and have fairly good reviews.

Websites for making money by taking surveys

  • YouThink is a new survey site. It features a modern user-friendly interface, simple registration and good prices (you can easily earn 80 dollars in 10 minutes). I definitely recommend it.
  • Anketka - earn money by completing surveys. The project has been running for over 10 years, during which time it has gathered more than 900,000 participants. The service has a pleasant interface and quick registration.
  • i-say is a good resource where you can take surveys for money. Competitions with prizes in the form of bonuses or real money are constantly held on the site.
  • LifePoints is a cool international project that has a good English-language interface.
  • The Panel Station is another good survey site. As a reward - promotional codes and vouchers.
  • Questionnaire is a simple site where you can take paid surveys.
  • MyMoyaMinenie is a site for making money on surveys with a nice interface, bonuses and other goodies. Collaborates with various large companies. Here you can only earn bonuses (NOT real money), which are then exchanged for various goods from partners.
  • Myiyo is a very popular marketplace where a huge number of polls are published. It works not only on the territory of the CIS, but in general almost for the whole world. Participants note a large number of surveys and good prices for completing them.

It is better to register in several questionnaires at once. This will allow you to earn more and more often. ?

How much you can earn: 20-200 dollars for 1 survey

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Method 3. Earnings on captcha input

Another very simple way to quickly make small (critically small) money online. You just have to solve the captcha. For this, the services will give you from a few kopecks to a few dollars.


With the proper desire, you can fill under 100-200 dollars a day. But this is absolutely hardcore - constantly sitting in front of the monitor in order to earn 200 dollars.

For schoolchildren, in principle, it will do. If there is nothing to do, you can turn on music or a TV series, and slowly enter the captcha.

Websites for making money on captcha input

  • RuCaptcha is a popular service that allows beginners to earn money right from home by solving captchas. Average prices, instant withdrawal of funds in different ways.
  • 2Captcha is a similar service for solving captcha. The interface is one-to-one, like that of Rukapchi, but the payment is in dollars.
  • Kolotibablo is a good site for making money on captcha recognition. It has been working for more than 10 years (on the market since 2007). It is famous for its good reviews from customers and employees.
How much you can earn: 30-200 dollars per day

Method 4. Earnings on viewing adsYou install a special extension, ad units appear somewhere on the side every 30-60 seconds and you get money for it. Ads will not block content or interfere with you.


You can earn about 0.015 to 0.025 dollars per view. If you actively use the service, then he can raise the rate for you.

List of sites for making money by watching ads:

  • SurfEarner ;
  • SocPublic ;

Some services also offer to make money by watching videos on YouTube, performing simple tasks, etc. They pay not so much money, but they will do it as a passive income without investments.

How much you can earn: 20-30 dollars per month

Method 5. Earnings on file hosting

Not a bad way, which involves the distribution of some files through special services - file sharing. People download files (and to download them they are forced to watch ads) - you get money.

You can distribute this through sites, instant messengers, groups in social networks, etc. Earnings directly depend on the number of file downloads. It may also depend on the country of the person who downloads the file and watches the ad.

Advertising for users from the USA or Norway will be more expensive than for EU/US or UK. The file sharing service will receive more money, and you will be with it.

That is, if you have uploaded some "file that is very necessary for everyone" and placed it profitably somewhere, you can make good use of it.

Until now, you can find a bunch of sites with software. Many of them distribute files through file sharing.

Here are some file sharing sites:

  • File-Mix is a popular English-language file hosting service that allows you to earn from 9 to 86 dollars per download. Output from 100 dollars, accepts files up to 100MB.
  • VexFile is an English-language file hosting service where the minimum price for 1 download is 10 cents. The minimum wage for withdrawal is 5 bucks. By the way, when you register, you can switch the language to English in your account settings.
  • Cpinap is another English-language exchanger that offers up to $ 7 per conversion. It uses a more complex monetization system - CPA (pay-per-action).
How much you can earn: 5-100 dollars per download (depending on the country)

Method 6. Earn money from likes, comments on social networks

Now there are a large number of cheat services that are willing to pay people for likes and comments on various social networks. Finding them will not be difficult, you just need to enter such a phrase into a search engine and it will immediately give you a dozen of such projects.


Just go to any service, create an account, connect the necessary social network there and start working. There will be little money, but this is a good alternative to bux or captcha.

  • Qcomment is a great service that allows you to make money writing comments and likes.
  • FBtarget - making money on various tasks in Vkontakte, Odnoklassniki, YouTube and Twitter. The service has been operating since 2012, and now it enjoys a certain popularity.
  • V-like is another service for making money on Vkontakte, Facebook, Instagram and YouTube. It enjoys a certain popularity among customers.
  • Cashbox - earn money by completing simple tasks in popular social networks. The exchange is pretty new and has a nice interface.
How much you can earn: 100-500 dollars per day

Method 7. Earning on reviews

Review sites attract a huge amount of users and traffic. They make money from advertising and share their income with reviewers. Most of the reviewers are trying to attract real consumers. That is, those who really tried a product or used a service. Such reviews are valuable and in demand in the market.

You can also earn money by posting your comments on various platforms. They pay mainly for the publication itself (after moderation) and views. You can also connect an affiliate program and receive a percentage from everyone who decides to buy something based on your recommendation.


There is not much pay for it. About 5-10 dollars for the publication of the review itself and somewhere else 0.05-0.1 dollars per view. But the cost may depend on the product or service for which the review is published. There are both more expensive subjects and cheaper ones.

The method is suitable for beginners who want to learn how to make money on the Internet. It is difficult to make serious money on this, because in order to write reviews on any products, you must definitely buy and really try it. It's the same with services, services, etc.

There are people who publish reviews of other people's goods and services. For example, they ask their friends to comment and take photos. Then they formulate and publish everything competently. But is it worth bothering so much for the sake of 5-10 dollars? It may be worth it for someone, especially since with a large number of views, you can get more money.

List of review sites:

  • In Progress is a popular platform for posting reviews on products, services, services, sites, etc. They try to publish only honest reviews from real users. They promise up to 100 dollars for one review and +50 dollars for every thousand views.
  • All Reviews is a site where you can write reviews for bonuses. There are many different sections: home appliances, films, electronics, cinema, etc.
  • In Progress is another project that offers users of various goods and services to earn money. They pay only for unique content, so you won't be able to simply copy a ready-made comment and place it on the site.

There are other review sites as well. More popular and non-names. The latter should be looked at with extreme caution, because they may not pay money or even harm.

Therefore, I advise you to pay attention only to popular projects that have already recommended themselves. Like the ones above. They have been working for several years, they are paid money to everyone and are the largest reviewers in the English Internet.

To make any money, you must follow a few simple rules:

  • Feedback should be as realistic as possible. It will be good to add some unique photographs that prove that this or that item really was with you and you used it. If we are talking about the Internet, you can publish screenshots.
  • The text of the review itself should be well-formed, divided into paragraphs and subheadings. It is even better if it does not contain spelling and punctuation errors.
  • Try to promote your review to get more views. For example, repost it on a social network or ask your friends to come in and check it out. This way you will be able to get the first views and it is possible that your publication will go to the main page.
How much you can earn: 3000-5000 dollars per month (if the reviews have views)

Method 8. Earnings by writing texts

Copywriting is the solution of certain problems with the help of text. In EU/US, however, this word is used to refer to any work of writing texts. Surely you have also heard about this type of activity.

Now this is a kind of masthead, almost any more or less competent beginner can go to the copywriting exchange, find a suitable order there, make it and get their first money. Not too big, but not so small (like in the axle boxes, for example).

Most often, on the exchanges you can find orders for webwriting - writing articles for information projects or blogs. With them, as for me, it is much easier to work.

Order with Etxt at a fairly good price (20 times higher than average)

Although many customers are very frivolous about you and your work, offering to spend 5+ hours and get 70-80 dollars for this and a small plus sign to the rating. But, again, you have to start small. Exchange copywriting is no exception.

You don't need to be some kind of super professional to make money on the stock exchanges. Usually cheap orders for newbies are published there. For large earnings you have to develop : to pump skill in a particular area, to improve the quality of texts in general - become an expert. They pay a lot more for expert materials.

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To make your first money writing, you have to go to a copywriting exchange . There you can try this craft and get your hands on it.

Popular copywriting exchanges:

  • In Progress

You can also try to find customers on social networks. Now on Vkontakte there are many different groups with ads from employers.

Places where else you can find copywriting orders:

  • In Progress

How much you can earn: up to 60-70 tons. with intensive work and a large price tag, sometimes more

Method 9. Make money on freelance

Freelancing is a hired job that involves completing certain orders for money.

In fact, copywriting is also freelancing. But I still put it in a separate category to indicate some of the difference between a copywriter and a freelancer.

The first one works only with text, and not always for different customers. The second lives from order to order, constantly looking for customers and doing a variety of work. But these are newbie freelancers.

More experienced ones, on the contrary, pump their skill in one thing and increase the level of their earnings several times.

Freelance is a lifestyle. You are constantly on the lookout, working when you want and where you want. There are no bosses or alarms. You get up, have a leisurely breakfast and go to look for orders on exchanges or in the same social networks.

Popular freelance exchanges for beginners:

  • In Progress

The range of services provided by freelancers is very diverse. This can include programming , writing texts, and dubbing something.

Each area has its own prices for orders. Somewhere more, somewhere less. I would advise you to choose exactly the area that brings you pleasure. Even if it is not the most monetary.

How much you can earn: 10,000 - 200,000 dollars per month (but it all depends on the number of orders and their value)

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Method 10. Remote work

Oddly enough, but remote work is also closely related to the Internet. In fact, it can be called making money on the Internet, because without the network it would hardly be possible.

Many people are now switching to remote telecommuting. What could be better - got up, ate and that's it, you're at work. No long trips to the other side of the city, etc.

To work remotely, you need a PC and good internet. Nothing else is needed. Although in some special vacancies, the requirements may expand.

Most popular remote jobs:

  • Programmer / developer
  • Web Designer
  • Regular lyricist
  • Assistant to the head
  • Content manager
  • Advertising manager
  • Technical support specialist
  • SMM specialist / manager
  • Etc.

When applying for a remote job, you may be required to have a resume. Also, if we are talking about some kind of professional activity, you may need a portfolio.

Usually in the text of vacancies all requirements for candidates are indicated. There is also attached a link to the questionnaire or e-mail address where you need to send responses.

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Remote job advertisements can be found on popular websites and various social networks.

List of places where you can find jobs for remote work:

  • HH
  • Ebay
  • Work
  • Finder: Remote Jobs
  • Distance (Telegram channel)
  • Distance (FB Group)

I considered this type of activity in more detail in a separate article. I advise you to stop by and read.

How much you can earn: 15,000 - 150,000 dollars and above (the salary at a remote location varies)

Method 11. Earnings on Android / iOS applications

You can get money for even the simplest actions. For example, you can easily make money by installing Android / iOS applications and completing various small tasks in them. Something like: "Download such and such a game, fill level 5 in it, get such and such an achievement."

They pay good money for this. Not mountains of gold, of course, but you can put it on your phone.

The most popular apps for making money

  • In Progress #1 - mobile earnings on Android / iPhone. You need to download applications and perform targeted actions in them. Bonuses are given for each completed task. You then exchange them for real money and withdraw them through any convenient platform. Promo code :  00000 , gives you 5 bonus dollars.
  • In Progress #2 is a similar application that helps you make money from your smartphone. You can install directly from Google Play. Promo code :  0000 gives you 3 bonus dollars to your account.
  • In Progress #3 is another application that offers mobile earnings from watching videos, installing applications, etc. You can install it from the Play Store.
How much can you earn: 20-40 dollars per day

Method 12. Yandex.Toloka

In the service from Yandex, you can easily make money without investment by performing simple tasks. This is very similar to a freelance exchange, but with simpler tasks.

Yandex.Toloka is perfect for beginners, you don't need to learn anything - just log in, create an account and start earning. To work, you need a Yandex account. Then just go to the official website of Toloka and select "I am a performer".


You will be redirected to the registration completion page, where you will need to indicate your name, surname, date of birth and other personal data. Yandex at any time may require you to verify your identity, so please provide this information.


As a rule, working in Toloka, you will compare pictures, evaluate the quality of sites, listen to audio recordings and determine how correctly they were recorded. The work is not dusty, so the earnings are not very large. As an additional income, the most it.


The longer you work on the service, the more expensive tasks will be available to you. You will eventually be able to access orders for $ 50- $ 70.

Most of them require the installation of a mobile application, but if you are serious about working on the service, then most likely you already have it installed. If not, then I recommend doing it right away. The Yandex.Toloki mobile application is available for installation from Google Play and the App Store.

How much you can earn: 30-1000 dollars per day

Method 13. Earning money on your website

You can create your own information project and monetize it. This is still relevant, especially if we are talking about branded projects (when they are tied to some kind of personality).

It can be either a blog or a simple article site on various topics. The level of income will depend on the topic and method of monetization.

Most of the profit comes from advertising or affiliate programs. These can be both CPA affiliates and regular referral programs.

The latter are especially relevant for blogs like mine. You just recommend a service or product in your articles, people follow the links, register, buy, and the percentage goes into their pockets. Not bad, right?

Basically, webmasters monetize their sites using the following methods:

  • contextual advertising
  • Teaser networks
  • Banner networks
  • Affiliate (referral) programs
  • CPA networks
  • Direct advertising
  • Sale of goods or services
  • Monetization via push notifications (advertising in push notifications)
  • Selling links (gradually losing relevance, but link exchanges are still working)
  • Etc.

The most profitable are context and affiliate programs. Most webmasters consider these methods to be basic. Therefore, blocks with advertising from Google or Yandex can be found on almost any website.

But teaser banners and ads from some third-party ad networks are already a rarity. Basically, they are posted by the owners of gray sites: movie sites, forums on certain topics, sites 18+, etc.

To make money on article sites, you will have to spend a lot of time and effort. It is very rare when it is possible to swing a project outright, usually a webmaster sees the first sane profit about a year after the creation of the project.

But if he immediately begins to monetize his project with affiliate programs, then the money can be seen with the appearance of the first traffic.

How much you can earn: 0-300-400 tr. per month

Method 14. Affiliate programs

You can make good money by attracting customers to various services or stores. Works on the principle:

  • registered an account,
  • took a personal link,
  • began to distribute it.

If someone follows your link and buys something or takes another action (replenishes the balance, etc.), you will receive some money.

Earnings on affiliate programs depend on the volume. The more people, the more money. Such links are mainly promoted through their own media: VK groups, Telegram channels, websites, blogs, etc.


Nevertheless, I still refer this type of activity to earnings without investment. Because no one bothers you to take the same referral and scatter it in any comments. To be honest: the method is not very good, but in some cases it works.


To distribute affiliate products more effectively, I recommend thinking about creating your own blog , public or Telegram channel. With their help, you can redirect traffic to affiliate programs and make money on it.

The simplest example. You create your own blog about web development, start writing articles on the topic and in parallel post links to some product.

It is important that the product is interesting to your target audience . For a web development site, this could be a paid plugin or template.

The following is simple: people who are interested in web development and websites come to your blog from search engines or from somewhere else. They see your recommendations in the articles, follow the links and buy the product. You get paid a percentage for this. That's all.

You can also place banners from the affiliate program on your website. This works especially well for thematic sites, where most of the visitors are interested in one particular topic.

People will see banners, click on them, go to an affiliate store and buy something (goods or services, not so important). And you, again, will make money on this.

You can promote your site with absolutely no cash investment. It will take longer and more difficult, but still.

How much you can earn: 0-500,000 dollars and above

Method 15. Consulting (paid consultations)

In a sense, it's all the same freelancing. But I decided to put it in a separate category, because an ordinary person will not be able to do consulting. This option is more suitable for those who know a lot about a particular area.

For example, you graduated from a university with a degree in jurisprudence. There is no ordinary job, especially in the outback. Then you can start consulting clients online.

People with certain problems will ask you questions, you will answer them and get paid for it. The size depends on your area and experience, but there will be clearly more money than if you worked in a standard job (not always, of course, but still).

Areas in which paid consultations are in demand:

  • Jurisprudence;
  • Accounting;
  • Economics and finance;
  • Psychology;
  • Dietetics;
  • Nutrition;
  • Sports and Fitness;
  • Programming;
  • Earnings;
  • Business;
  • Marketing;
  • SEO and SMM;
  • etc.

In general, you can also consult in other areas. For example, now a lot of people want to move to another country. And if you have experience in this, you can easily consult them. Moreover, for a lot of money.

Where to find clients:

  • On specialized sites, freelance exchanges. Consulting orders in various fields often appear there.
  • On thematic forums, in discussions. People ask some questions about your profile, you answer them and offer paid consultations.
  • On job sites like Avito, Rabota, HH, etc.

You can also attract clients through your website. But this is already for those who want to engage in consulting at a very serious level. You will have to correctly arrange everything and somehow confirm your competence (diplomas, real experience).

But you can set your own prices for services, when, as at specialized sites, you can get much less.

How much can you earn: 20-50 tons. per month and above

Method 16. Channel on YouTube

An excellent way of earning money for those who are well acquainted with video editing and writing scripts for videos. With a certain zeal, you can bring your channel to the tops, and then direct advertisers will simply flock to you with their offers.

One video can bring you 100,000 dollars. And if there are several such videos per week, then the level of income will skyrocket.

The main income of youtubers is Google Adsense, which connects to the channel when a certain number of views is reached.
However, now many bloggers do not count on income from Adsense, because for any little thing you can lose monetization .
Therefore, they are increasingly trying to work with direct advertisers and sell advertisements several videos in advance.

Unfortunately, at the moment it is very difficult to break through on YouTube. People are more fond of entertainment formats that not everyone will take out. In addition, in some topics, there is simply a blatant overabundance of authors. Beginners are simply not allowed to breathe easy.

But there are some unique people who manage to gain 200-300 thousand subscribers in just a month. Basically, these are truly unique people who offer something new and not overused.

Statistics of one fast-growing YouTube channel

The platform itself begins to promote them, throwing videos in recommendations. People see cool quality content and subscribe, and because of this, the site begins to promote the channel even more. Such is the snowball effect.

Many bloggers claim that the secret of success on YouTube is high-quality picture and sound. If the video is a pleasure to watch and listen to, then people will watch and listen. And also subscribe, put likes, distribute videos among your friends. And this is natural in the presence of quality content.

How much you can earn: 0-1,000,000 dollars per month and above

Method 17. Streams

Play games and get paid for it - that's what most thinks. In fact, streaming is no longer only about games. There are even whole categories of streamers showing off their life, playing musical instruments, developing something, etc.


The main income of streamers is donations. Viewers, if they want to support the author, donate a certain amount of money for the development of the channel, fundraising for updating equipment, or something else.

In order to increase the viewer's desire to donate, many streamers make special interactions.
For example, they display the name, message and donation amount during the broadcast. Also, some create special donator tops. People who want to get into such a top must throw in a large amount.

Also, many streamers put up banner ads that are visible to all viewers. They pay good money for this, so almost all popular streamers sell ads.

List of platforms for streaming:

  • Twitch is the most popular streaming platform. Differs in image quality and various useful functionality for streamers and subscribers.
  • YouTube - YouTube also has streaming functionality. Any channel owner, unless sanctioned, can stream. The image quality here is slightly worse than on Twitch, but many are lacking.
  • GoodGame is another platform for streaming. Not as popular as the previous two. Mostly game streamers sit on it.

Often, streamers earn hundreds of thousands of dollars. Several tens of thousands can be donated to them in one day, and this is far from the limit.

How much you can earn: 0-1,000,000 dollars and above

Method 18. Earnings in TikTok

TikTok is a new application, the essence of which is to record different short videos. Mostly entertaining content comes in, but there are those who try to do something else.

Advertisers have already come to the platform, so authors are already making money from native or direct advertising.

The application itself promotes authors , even new ones. Therefore, you have every chance from the start to gain a lot of views, and then subscribers. If you do it cool, you can gain a foothold and become a TikTok blogger.

TikTok's trick is collaboration. This is when you shoot a video with another blogger. This is a good chance to get promoted, which is why many popular TikTokers sell paid collaborations. Gain subscribers - you can sell too. ?

How much you can earn: 0 - 100,000 dollars for one ad and higher

Method 19. Yandex.Zen

Yandex.Zen is a recommendation platform from the company of the same name, which is now very popular. Blocks with Zen articles can be found on various major portals, Yandex Browser and other places.

Anyone can create a channel and start publishing text materials (articles) or narratives. Each publication is analyzed by AI, it identifies the category of readers who might be interested in this publication.

Then the platform starts uploading publications to the feed of such users. If they show interest, go to the article and read it, the platform will push the material further.


The main criterion here is readings - those visits during which the reader has read your material in full . Not only the time spent on the page with the article is taken into account, but also behavioral factors: scrolling, cursor movements, etc.

The main type of earnings for Zen authors is contextual advertising from YAN, which is automatically placed inside the materials.
It is not possible to activate monetization right away - only after overcoming the threshold of 10,000 minutes of viewing in 7 days.

Once the threshold is reached, you can enable monetization. After activation, Yandex itself will begin to embed ad blocks in the places where they are most appropriate.

The amount of earnings will directly depend on the topic, the number of readers and the CTR. Some authors have long ago reached an income that exceeds 200-300 thousand dollars a month.

In addition to Yandex advertisements, many channel owners place native advertisements from third-party companies. This type of earnings is considered more profitable, because for one article you can get 20-30,000 dollars.

Only popular channels that already have their own subscriber base are offered to place native ads. But even new channels that are gaining a lot of views and readings can receive an advertising offer.

To create a channel, you need a Yandex account. After registering / logging into your account, you need to go to the Yandex.Zen promo page and click "Become an author".


Then you will be immediately transferred to your personal editor office, where you will create. There will also be special instructions for authors that will help you familiarize yourself with all the features of the platform.

How much can you earn: from 100 to 10,000 dollars per day

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Method 20. Pumping accounts in games

If you fumble about games, then you may well make money by pumping accounts in games. Usually people increase stats, boost ranks, earn in-game currency or values.

Prices for pumping CS GO accounts from some site

What is called: a player for hire. The method is suitable only for those who really know how to play this or that online game well. There is usually a demand for:

  • CS: GO;
  • WoT;
  • Dota 2;
  • LoL;
  • Fortnite;
  • Warface;
  • Etc.

But there are also special connoisseurs who still play MMORPGs of a very different plan. From classics like WoW or Lineage 2 to modern MMOs like Black Desert Online or ArcheAge.

Announcements of players who are engaged in pumping accounts / characters can be found on various thematic sites. Usually these are forums that are dedicated to a particular game or games in general.
A special topic is created on the forum, where the seller (the player who will download the account) posts the ad text itself, the price list and the portfolio.

Less common are ads from so-called "clients". But the forums are usually full of communication, so everything happens.

If you want to be engaged in pumping game accounts, then it's time to register on several of these forums and create a topic there. In this topic, you should describe your advantages as accurately as possible, talk about your gaming experience (some rank or level can be a confirmation) and describe services with prices.

Announcement of pumping CS: GO account on Kwork

You can also place your ad in IT service stores like Kwork or Execute . Such posts are also found on larger sites, like Avito.

How much you can earn: 10,000-30,000 dollars per month and above

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