How To Ensure A High Quality And Effective Video Captioning?

How To Ensure A High Quality And Effective Video Captioning?

Since video captioning, subtitling and audio transcription is one of the efficient ways to draw out huge traffic these days, therefore, it is essential to ensure a good & high-quality video transcription. There are certain factors which make a video transcription effective and ensure its good quality, which is discussed below in this article.

Smart use of SEO and Keywords

It has been proved by the independent studies and surveys which are conducted by Discovery Digital Networking and MIT, that video transcriptions and captioning are effective to get higher views on video/audio content. The secret of this increased traffic and audience is the use of maximum SEO’s and keywords which are most searched by the viewers. To make the transcripts effective and efficient marketing tool, the business must wisely use the SEO’s and keywords to make it easy for the viewers to find their video/audio content.

Long and Detailed Transcriptions

As SEO’s and keywords are quite essential in video transcriptions, therefore, the Video transcripts or captions must be long, detailed, and properly paragraphed. It will allow the transcriber to use keywords smartly. Moreover, the transcriber can use more than one keyword in a single transcription. Another benefit of detailed and long transcripts is better comprehension and learning for both the deaf persons and students who are not native English speakers.

Transcriptions in Multiple Languages

The video and audio content available on the internet is accessible to people from all over the world, speaking different languages. Therefore, it is essential to transcribe the video and audio content in all possible languages. The video will have more views and better response if it is transcribed in different regional languages instead of English only.

Include the Non-Speech Elements

Generally, video transcripts are created about the verbal or speech content excluding the non-verbal cues, musical and other background sound effects. An effective and fully described transcription has all the non-speech elements such as the chirping of birds or thumping of feet along with the discussion in the video/audio.

Hire Professional Transcribers

Video transcription can be done by any person as it is a simple process of hearing and then writing the content in words. But a video transcribed by a non-professional person may have multiple errors & omissions as well as takes more time to complete a transcription. To get a high quality and properly detailed transcription of videos it is recommended to get help from professional video caption corporations.