How To Decide Whether You Should Repair Or Replace Your Old Furnace

How To Decide Whether You Should Repair Or Replace Your Old Furnace

Do you have an older furnace that is struggling to maintain a comfortable living temperature inside of your home? If so, it is a situation you should keep a close eye on. Typically, it is much easier to fix a small problem before it grows out of control into a much larger and expensive situation. In many cases, it is possible to save yourself from the purchase of a new furnace in an emergency situation. The following are simple warning signs for your furnace: 

Startup and Shutdown 

If you have a system that is consistently it's like when on and off there may be an internal problem which is causing the unit to cut off before it is able to complete its heating cycle. There are several reasons a unit can do this including a motor fan that is dying or a heating sensor that has not been cleaned for some time. 

The Color of Burner Flame 

When your furnace initially fires up, take that moment to glance at the color of the flame. Depending upon the model of your furnace you may not need to even open up the service door. 

If your furnace is operating with a yellow flame, it is typically due to a dirty burner and the gas is not being completely burnt. Not only is your furnace not heating to its maximum efficiency, it is possibly leak in carbon monoxide into the home due to improper ventilation. 

Rusted Flues 

Another sign that your home may be improperly vented is a rusted flue.& If your home has suffered from a leaking roof or a busted pipe, it is possible that the flue may have become rusted and corroded. Gas furnace is produce massive amounts of dangerous carbon monoxide and they require a flue to vent the byproduct outside. If the flue line has become rusted or corroded to the point of failure, carbon monoxide may leak into the home. 


Have you ever noticed that some room in your home will build up moisture and condensation on windows, walls and ceilings, this is typically do to their not being a sufficient amount of airflow throughout the house. This type of situation is potentially due to a problem within the vents or even the furnace in some cases. 

High Utility Bills 

There are any number of reasons a utility bill can be higher than average on a month by month basis. Typically, during harsher than average winter months there can be a huge increase in the utility bills. However, during more moderate seasons if the utility bill tends to spike it can be an issue with the furnace and should be checked by a professional. In addition, as a homeowner you can easily check the furnace filter to see if it is dirty as this is one of the typical reasons a furnace will work harder than it should. 

Water Leakage 

The vast majority of cases a puddle surrounding a furnace is not a good situation for anyone. Regardless, it is your responsibility to determine where the water is coming from within the house. If you are running an air conditioner, this is going to be the most likely culprit, with a clog early come in from the main condensation line. If you notice the leak or puddle when the furnaces operated or there is no air conditioner unit running, it is likely a much more serious problem that should be evaluated as soon as possible. 

Rodent Issues 

Rodents such as mice, squirrels and rats seem to love to damage home mechanical systems. Therefore, it is mandatory that homeowners remain steadfast and search out any of the telltale signs of road to such as networking materials and animal droppings and ensure that there are no chewed wires or clogged vents. Additionally, it is important to check periodically on your roof to ensure that all vent hoods remain clean and free of animal debris. 

Typical Wear and Tear 

Most homeowners can expect almost 20 years of service from their furnace. By simply maintaining and servicing it at regular intervals this is a rather easy task. However, when the time comes to replace your furnace be sure to do it on your own schedule and not during a cold winter day when your furnace finally decides to give out.  Visit: Acticalc Heating & Cooling company for more details

Thermostat Tweaking 

It is not uncommon for most homeowners to constantly tweak their thermostat settings to try and find that perfect temperature zone. However, if it seems as though the temperature is never right in your house, you may want to call upon a technician. In some cases, it may be something as simple as a faulty thermometer or there may be an underlying serious issue with the furnace itself. 

Overwhelming Service Calls 

During the lifetime of your furnace, it will require several service and maintenance calls. However, if you find that there is a need to call a technician repeatedly, this is a sign there is something much more serious. If you have found yourself calling for professional help multiple times over the course of two years or less, your furnace likely requires replacing as soon as possible. 

Cold Areas 

Do you have that one room in the that never seems to at as warm as the others? This is usually do to your furnace not being able to produce enough he or the ventilation system is not able to push or pull the proper amount of warm air. 

Furnace Noise 

All furnaces make some type of noise during operation. However, if you have a certain furnace that seems to rattle and clang throughout its operation process there may be a mechanical issue that needs repair. In this case, it is advisable to schedule a tuneup for your furnace.