How To Create Etherium Wallet To Cashout

How To Create Etherium Wallet To Cashout

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Step 1. - Create Etherium Wallet

The easiest way to create an etherium wallet from your phone is to download an app called JAXX. You can use this wallet on your phone for both android and ios as well as on your computer through a desktop app or chrome extension.

Step 2. - Register Your Participation

In order to participate in the giveaway, you must register through a special form with your etherium wallet after finishing the giveaway task. The form looks like this and you may find a link to it in every giveaway task post:

Step 3. - Sell Etherium

To cashout after receiving your ETH, you may choose one of the following options depending on your preferences & geographic location:

You can always reach out to the support team of either to help you complete your first cryptocurrency sale!