How To Choose The Right Yoga Mats for Your Practice

How To Choose The Right Yoga Mats for Your Practice

Vaishali Aegis

Yoga and Pilates are excellent ways to attune your body towards a vision of balance and peace, working towards an integration of the physical, mental and spiritual.

The right yoga mat can make all the difference to the quality of your practice.

Yoga mats manufacturers are providing strong mats that are resilient, with high elasticity and offering excellent strength. Textured for comfort and stability, they offer excellent grip in wet and dry, allowing a strong, grounded feeling.

All yoga mats are not the same. To achieve the best results from your exercise practice, your mat should be:

·        Versatile - To get the most use out of your yoga, mat, it should be suitable for physical, meditative and relaxation positions, helping you to hold a variety of different yoga positions without feeling any discomfort. The mat should provide sufficient grip for all aspects of your yoga practice to help prevent slippage and injury, as well as easing the fluidity of movement.

·        Comfortable, but firm- Your yoga mat should have enough cushioning to prevent undue pressure to joints and to allow meditative comfort, but provide a sufficiently firm surface for all forms of postures and movements. It should be large enough to accommodate all aspects of your yoga practice without the discomfort or distraction of feeling the edges.

·        Durable - Yoga mats should be well constructed and longlasting to ensure you can continue use for an extended period of time. To prevent damage, it should be easy to keep clean, with closed-cell construction to prevent absorption of sweat and other liquids. A good yoga mat should be able to be machine-washed or wiped clean with warm water and soap.

·        Practical - You want your yoga mat to be easy to transport and store, so it should be lightweight and easy to roll up.

·        Attractive - Yoga is about achieving happiness and personal fulfillment. You should enjoy the exercise and want to do it, and having a mat that is pleasing to the eye can make all the difference to your motivation.

TPE Mats: The Earth-Friendly Choice

What if you could have all of the above benefits at the same time as promoting a healthy environment? TPE mats are the answer.

Thermo Plastic Elastomer (TPE) is composed of carbon and hydrogen and developed through an environmentally-friendly process.

TPE materials are recyclable because they can be molded, extruded and reused like plastics. As they require little or no compounding and no need for reinforcing agents, the construction process of our mats consumes far less energy.

Unlike PVC and natural rubber or latex mats, which can be cheap but are toxic, non-biodegradable and can often cause an allergic reaction, TPE mats are:

·        Non-toxic

·        Biodegradable

·        Free from chemicals such as chlorides and PVCs

·        Hypoallergenic

Often, yoga mats are marketed as eco-friendly, but are actually made from PVCs. Only TPE mats are designed to truly prevent damage to the environment.

Available in a wide variety of colours and sizes, you are sure to find a mat to suit your needs, purposes and desires.

Start by looking through our colours and styles section to select your perfect yoga mat!