How To Change Wi-Fi Name Of Your Router SSID

How To Change Wi-Fi Name Of Your Router SSID

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Router passwords are typically a mix of numerous letters and also numbers that are tough to bear in mind. If you wish to modify that password that comes over default for a personalized and also easier to keep in mind, and also offer the name that you want to your Network, comply with the actions that we information in this blog post. Additionally, we show you how to change your wifi name and password and influence you what is the most effective protection that you can propound that password.

The routers that Vodafone currently provides have specifications for the WiFi network currently set up by default. The network name has the complying with the framework "VodafoneXXXX" and also the password is 14 random personalities that you can discover on the back sticker of the router.

We leave you with the steps you have to comply with to be able to change this data.

In various other designs, you can locate these screens, however, the address to accessibility and password is constantly the very same. Bear in mind:


When you are linked to your network, you just have to open your browser as well as get in the address and when accessing this web page it will certainly ask you to go into username as well as password. By default the worths are as complies with:

User: vodafone

Password: vodafone


Once you have actually entered the username and password you access the configuration page. In the leading food, selection click on the WiFi option that gives you accessibility to the arrangement alternatives of your network.

The current name of your WiFi network is presented in the WiFi Network (SSID) field. Modification it for the one you desire.

In the area Protect WiFi > Change password you can change the password with one more one that is easier to keep in mind and also that you need to enter in those tools that you intend to link to your network using WiFi. We suggest you choose a sort of defense WPA2, which is the safest for your router.

Merely click on the Apply switch so that they are stored and are legitimate from that moment once you have actually made all the changes you want. If you have actually accessed the setup with a computer connected by WiFi you will have to set up the connection with the brand-new information, remember that.

With these basic steps, you will certainly have your network configured to your preference to make sure that you can attach gadgets to your WiFi network faster.

Keep in mind that if you have any kind of concerns about your ADSL service, you can send your question to our Vodafone Forum coworkers. You will certainly also locate more details in the Vodafone Help section in addition to modification of the network of your link and validate all the readily available choices and also which security method is most suitable for your case.

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