How To Avoid A Sewer Emergency

How To Avoid A Sewer Emergency

Danny Wilde
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Sewer pipes are crucial for every home they remove all the nasty unwanted waste from our home and keep it safe and clean.

However, if these sewer pipes are not maintained then they can fail, and you can find yourself in need of an emergency sewer repair.

However, if you are like most homeowners in Springfield, PA, and have your sewage pipes regularly inspected then you won’t have to worry about finding yourself in need of emergency sewer repairs.

Why is inspection important?

Regular inspections are critical to maintaining the function of many things from cars to computers and your sewage pipes are no different.

However, having your sewage pipes inspected is no easy task as they are buried underground and are not easily accessible. So how can you have a professional inspect your pipes for damage enter video pipe inspections?

Video pipe inspection is as the name suggests your friendly neighborhood drain doctor will place an optic cable down into your sewer piping.

This will allow them to view the circumference of the pipe and inspect it for damage without the need to dig up your garden.

This method Is very efficient as prevention is better than reaction and by having a video pipe inspection carried out regularly your contractor can identify if any repairs are required and carry out the work before it escalates to an emergency sewer repair which can not only be more expensive but also quite unpleasant also.

Things to look out for

If you begin to suspect you may need an emergency sewer repair, then there are a few things to look out for to help you confirm this because the last thing you want to do is call out a drain doctor and there is no emergency.


One of the clearest signs that you may require an emergency sewer repair is bad smells. These smells will typically be coming from areas where drains are open for example plug holes and bathtubs. The bad smell is normally a result of a blockage somewhere in the pipe and the smell is due to the waste and scum getting stuck and not entering the sewer.

This is one of the first signs that your sewage system may be in trouble and if you can catch this one early enough you can avoid yourself much more costly repairs later.

Slow flowing water

This subtle sign is often the first sign that there is an issue further down the pipe. We have all finished the dishes and the water has taken a little longer to clear than normal and the usual reaction is to leave it and it will clear eventually however this can be a sign of a blockage and you should have this checked out to avoid further damage being caused.

Water pools in the garden

If there is a leak in the sewer pipe further from your home, then this could materialize in your garden so pay attention for wet patches or pools of water appearing that weren’t there previously.

If this is becoming a regular occurrence, then you need an emergency sewer repair immediately as if this isn’t rectified it will continue to leak and cause more damage to the home not to mention the unpleasant smell that can follow.

What do I do if I have an emergency?

If you do have a sewer-related emergency contact a professional as soon as possible do not attempt to fix it yourself.

Sewage should not be near humans as It carries countless bacteria and parasites a professional plumber has the appropriate personal protective equipment to deal with this situation and you don’t.

As I mentioned in the beginning the best way to avoid an emergency is to have specialist drain doctors carry out video pipe inspections regularly this way you will never be caught out with a nasty sewage surprise.

However, accidents do happen and even with regular inspections, you may still require an emergency sewer repair if this is the case you will want to contact a local professional. Keeping it local matters as, after all, it is an emergency and time is of the essence.