How McAfee Antivirus Secure PC and iPad Devices from Ransomware Threats?

How McAfee Antivirus Secure PC and iPad Devices from Ransomware Threats?


Ransomware is heard by most of the tech savvy people that are working in corporates or at home. It is a rumor that ransomware will not attack me in billions of people all over the world, but this can happen with any PC user out there. It is a kind of malware attack having functionality to access the user PC files and make them corrupt. If user pays money, then only the files will be returned back to the user. To stop ransomware, just install McAfee Antivirus.      

Ransomware on PC devices

Anyone can become a victim of ransomware. The ransomware attacks in the year 2017 attacked individuals and corporates similarly, including major businesses, hospitals, government organizations and airports. PC users were the most popular target, as cyber-attackers exploit known weaknesses specially in the Windows Operating System. The most popular WannaCry ransomware spread very fast all over the globe, attacking over 100 million users.

WannaCry compromised a PC on its weakness named Eternal-Blue, that is an error that allows cyber-attackers to execute code remotely. Microsoft had provided a fix for Eternal-Blue two months earlier before WannaCry attack; unluckily, a number of individuals and businesses did not take it seriously to prevent the attack. Eternal-Blue error got Windows XP users to hit the hardest as it was not supported by it. McAfee Antivirus for PC is very advantageous at that time.

Ransomware on Smartphones

Ransomware outbreaks on Smartphones are growing at a rapid rate. Outbreaks on Android devices raised 50 percent from 2017 to 2018. Oftentimes, the malware will make its access onto the Android gadget via an app from a third-party website; but, a number of situations where observed where ransomware was effectively hidden within apparently genuine apps in the Google Play Store.

Ransomware on Apple Products

Apple users aren’t safe, either. In the past, iPad users were usually less vulnerable to malware threats; but, as Apple devices earn a larger popularity among the masses, they also get more attention from malware designers. In earlier 2018 two safety firm exposed ransomware and spyware apps exactly designed to target Apple users. The people who designed the malware were even making it accessible for free on the dark world. Cyber-attackers also accessed iPad users’ iCloud details and used the Find My iPhone service to stop people from accessing their devices. McAfee Antivirus for iPad is a major need these days as the threats are growing at a very rapid rate.   

McAfee Antivirus is very supportive when any malware tries to get inside the PC device. One can easily install Antivirus for PC by taking guidance from the experts. The security offered by it is incredible and can handle all the errors happening inside machine within minutes. Be alert of any doubtful activity occurring inside the PC device and report it to experts. Just be aware of any suspicious activity and report about it to the experts immediately. This is the best way to deal with them in a systematic manner.   

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