How LinkedIn Clone is transforming the future of Social Networking Industry

How LinkedIn Clone is transforming the future of Social Networking Industry


Revenue is the main goal of any business. The underlying focus is of earning handsome profits when any business owner deploys a ready-made website clone for the completion of their business dreams. Social network plays a major role in establishing your presence in the market as well as the industry.

When talking about social networking, LinkedIn is the epitome professional social networking in the social networking industry. It has connected people from all over the world that makes it possible for anyone to take benefits of professional relations with any part of the world. Looking at this admiration for LinkedIn, various LinkedIn Clone options are available in the market. The upcoming and emerging business houses are now choosing the ready-to-launch  clones instead of establishing a new website from zero.

At ClonesCloud, we have structured a ready-to launch social networking platform named ProsNexus, that is specially designed to assist entrepreneurs in developing a social and professional networking website similar to LinkedIn. Professional networking is the ultimate option through which people link to the industry and its experts. By using our Open Source Social Network script you can develop professional networking site in multiple languages, so it will work like a magnet to attract a large number of clients.

Let us dive into the details that depict how LinkedIn Clone is transforming the future of social networking industry:


PHP Social Network Script can be instantly used as it is ready to be launched. You just need to buy them to secure the rights to use them, and you can immediately launch your website. There is no prerequisite for you to be an expert user to deploy the Social Network Software. Even the newbies in technology will find it easy to use. You only need to conduct simple alteration such as per your requirements of the business.


The next step after buying the best Social Network Script, you will be a package which tells you to download the script for installation. Then you can manually install the social network software by acting as per the instructions provided. You can also seek help of the technical assistant in case you find the task of installation challenging.

The excessive demand

LinkedIn is the top site that always keeps on attracting a huge amount of organic traffic. It is also one of the most preferred websites of the professionals all over the world. Due to this, the LinkedIn Clone are in huge demand as have transformed from regular social media sites to a platform that will provide you exposure to various global career opportunities. Employment and recruitment websites always attract a great deal of attention from the general public at large. This makes it totally worthy of buying and deploying a Social Network Script.

Generation of Money

There are various ways that lead you to generate revenue when you use a LinkedIn Clone script. You may start by displaying ads from various advertising network. You can also set different subscription plans or membership fee once your website starts to gain its authority and market reputation. You can also set a commission slab once the member is successfully hired by an employer.

We are just a step away. You can get started with your own Social Networking Script with in a blink of an eye with our robust ProNexus- a supreme LinkedIn Clone. We will feel lucky to be a part of your success story as we believe in delivering more than what we promise !

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