How I Subverted #AltFurry

How I Subverted #AltFurry

Things are not always as they seem.

Way back in 2017, I joined #AltFurry out of fear that something bad was going to happen. I threw my reputation in the dumpster and quickly shot up the ranks. My main concern wasn't useless, smug slurs like "Nazis" or "Fascists" but rather determining if anyone was trying to radicalize people to turn towards violence, or if any violence was being planned in the group itself. I treat politics like I treat religion; I really don't care what you believe in. I care about what you do. To this end, I'm more anti-violence than anything else.

Reaching out and involving myself showed me that some people in #AltFurry did want to radicalize others, and some people desired violence. I also inserted myself into Foxler's group only to find pedophilia and bestiality instead of violence; big shocker there. Whenever possible, I befriended individuals contemplating violence and helped them to understand that this isn't the way to go. This approach was generally very successful with most people I encountered.

This didn't work on some of the recruiter types, and so I created debacle after debacle to chase these individuals out of the furry subculture through the power of sheer cringe; I made #AltFurry (and the furry subculture in general) too embarrassing for these recruiters to willingly associate with. Why do you think that godawful inflatable diaper Nazi is a thing? That's how you get those sorts of people to leave.

These efforts proved much more effective than the #AltFurry blockchain (which only made things easier for recruiters, as it forced impressionable people into close proximity with radicals that wanted to spread their violent desires). The same is true of the social intimidation tactics used to try to get people to leave; this only reliably works on people with little to no self-esteem. Even the doxing the anti-altfur people did to try to forcibly disband the group barely made a dent, and only served to convince those people that they were in the right thus strengthening their resolve.

Deo, Dogpatch, and the rest of the useless clout chasers on Twitter would do well to learn a thing or two from looking into the story of Daryl Davis if they want to understand how to genuinely combat this kind of problem. You don't have to bully, intimidate, or dehumanize people to make them see reason on a topic. You have to treat them with respect and talk to them as their friend. That means reaching out, speaking their language, and making an effort to understand. Stop caring about your image and start caring about the actual issue. The pair of you make me sick with all the damage you've done to this situation for your own self-benefit.

Does any of the above familiar? It should. Fairly early on in my involvement I released an article titled "I pretended to be a Nazi". Unbeknownst to basically everyone, I was being completely honest in that seemingly disingenuous shill-fest. Well, except for the part about no one wishing to radicalize others. As it turns out: not only is firing Chekhov's gun early on a great way to take peoples' minds off of it, but it's also essential to show these sorts of people a willingness to shill for them if you actually want them to be honest with you (and trust you).

This is doubly true when it comes to speaking their language and acting awful in public to "prove yourself". I do feel sorry for anyone that had to read any of the bigoted language I've had to peddle on social media for the last couple of years to this end, but I have no regrets for doing so because at the end of the day, it's important to make those uncomfortable connections and steer people away from violence whenever possible. You should always be willing to hurt someone's feelings if it meaning keeping them safe from physical harm.

Anyway, I've done my part. I've directed several people away from wanting to become Christchurch copycats. I took the largest group of furry racists down from hundreds to a few dozen at most. The people still remaining with these unconstructive mindsets are either too ineffectual to concern me or don't genuinely desire violence insofar as I've been able to tell. Where there was once talk of radicalization and grooming there is now nihilistic shitposters that are too incompetent to attract an audience. If they do gain any momentum, I'll just embarrass them all again.

In the end, I gave up on trying to reform what's left of Xanadu into something positive. It will always be known as that one racist chat. It will always attract unsavory types that have to be told that no, we don't casually dehumanize minorities in this room actually. It was time consuming and stressful to constantly police it. I would rather be doing other things at this point, like working on my YouTube channel.