How Effective Are Google Ads?

How Effective Are Google Ads?

Anderson Frank

The inherent paid aspect of publishing search, display or shopping ads online through Google raises an obvious question: is it worth it?

Marketers always need to ask this question when approaching any new potential channel or strategy. They have to weigh the costs against what the results are expected to be.

With Google Ads reporting tool, your costs are known because you control your ad budget. The difficult part is knowing what results will come from that ad spend and what sort of value PPC marketing will bring to your existing marketing strategy.

Let’s explore.

Strong ROI

ROI is often the benchmark metric used to determine the value of a new strategy or marketing campaign. ROI stands for return on investment. It is a measure of what is gained from your investment. With Google Ads, your investment is your time and ad budget.

On average, Google reports that businesses make approximately $2 for every $1 that is spent. This 2:1 ratio is a fair ROI. The ROI of your own Google Ads efforts will depend on how much time and attention you can dedicate towards managing your campaigns, as well as the type of business you operate.

Covers All Audiences

As a search engine, Google handles 3.5 billion searches every day and controls 92% of the market share. It is the most popular website on the Internet. And, the Google Ads network also includes YouTube, which is the next most visited site. So, no matter who your audience is, they are reachable through Google Ads.

The sheer size and popularity of Google also show what sort of reach your marketing messages can potentially have. It’s an opportunity to connect with lots of new and valuable audience segments. here you know you can get google ads promo code.

Zero In On The Ideal Customer

Despite billions of daily searches and hundreds of millions of users, Google does an exceptional job of offering marketers all of the targeting tools they need to find the niche audiences that are most likely to convert.

Often, marketing can feel like you’re casting a large net for just a few fish, but Google Ads is different. With proper keyword targeting and audience segmentation options, you can target very specific sets of users.

Faster Than SEO

You can't deny the importance of search marketing in the digital age. Search engines are where customers are constantly connecting with new solutions and products. If you aren’t diverting search traffic to your website, then you’re ignoring daily opportunities to generate more revenue.

That said, Google Ads is not the only search marketing path. SEO is an unpaid strategy that has the potential to achieve an even stronger ROI than Google Ads. Unfortunately, ranking organically on search engine results pages through SEO takes a very long time — and time is money.

Google Ads provides a fast-track route to the top of the search results pages, which means more value relative to the time spent.


Your company’s financial situation is bound to change. Hopefully, it changes for the better and your business grows. However, you may also hit a downturn that hurts your revenue. No matter which direction your business is headed, you want to utilize marketing strategies that scale to meet your needs today, not last week.

With Google Ads, adjusting your budget can be done quickly and at any time. You can increase your budget to capitalize on more advertising opportunities. Or, scale your spending back and allocate your ad budget elsewhere.

Ad Traffic Is Ready To Convert

Internet users that click on ad content or otherwise engage with it are considered more qualified than organic traffic to your website. In other words, they are more likely to convert. Thus, ad traffic is inherently more valuable than organic traffic. You can spend less time nurturing these leads because many are already at the end of the marketing funnel.

Ad traffic is particularly valuable when it comes to keywords with high intent to convert. For example, someone searching for “buy new shoes” is much closer to purchasing the product compared to another prospect that searches “new shoe styles.”

When you can target ads to people that are ready to make the desired conversion action, you can quickly generate new customers and revenue.


When it comes to the effectiveness of Google Ads, it really comes down to you, the marketer. When Google Ads are used well, the ROI can be overwhelmingly positive. And, the flexibility, speed, and convenience of Google Ads only adds value to this powerful marketing platform.

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