How Do You Remove Your Old Dirt Bike Graphics Prior To Installing New Graphics?

How Do You Remove Your Old Dirt Bike Graphics Prior To Installing New Graphics?

If you have been on your dirt bike for some time, there is a good chance, various things might happen. You might get bored with your old graphics, or find yourself needing new ones for your ride. Whatever the case you do, it's important to learn how to install dirt bike graphics. In case where you like to learn effective information on dirtbike graphics, you must sneak a peek here at website.

You recently bought the 150 Graphics Kit. Are you looking to make your bike a boost of energy? If so, then you've certainly taken a good decision. Before installing the new designs on your bike, make sure you get rid of any old ones.

If you think that it's easy to get rid of graphics, you are incorrect. It can be much more challenging than installing new graphics for some people. This section will show you how to remove graphics and stickers off your bicycle.

What is the reason it's so hard to remove the old bike graphics?

If the images on our bike remain exposed to the sun for long periods of time the material they're printed on tend to get cooked. This makes it almost impossible to remove the stickers from their edges. Now we have the problem of how to remove old images from the bike's surface. The answer to this question will be provided in greater detail in the following section.

How to get rid of old dirt bike images from bikes?

Step 1: Locate your hairdryer. If you don't use one, borrow one from your friend or buy a new one. A hairdryer is essential for the job.

Step 2: Switch on the dryer. Keeping it in high mode and a half inch above the graphics. The dryer can be used to heat the sticker up for around 30 seconds. Make sure that your old sticker is not getting too hot. This is because too much heat could cause the bike to soften its paint.

Step 3: Dispose of the credit card. The card can be used to cut off the edges of the sticker. Continue lifting the sticker until it is lifted off. Apply more heat to the area in case the sticker is not removed. Repeat the process using the card for another 30 minutes. You shouldn't have any difficulty peeling the sticker off.

Step 4: You will likely find glue on the bike's surface after removing the sticker. Get rid of the glue using a solution prepared by mixing alcohol and water. The area should be completely dry before you begin to apply the dirt bike graphic.

It is also possible to hire an expert to do the task if you think the steps mentioned above are too complicated. To give your bike a more distinct look The professional will apply the stickers.