How Do You Make Great Motion graphics in Your films?

How Do You Make Great Motion graphics in Your films?

There are a variety of methods to ensure that the motion graphics that you employ for your video are of the highest quality. Be sure that they're easy to understand and reflect your brand and have a purpose to achieve.

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Be sure that they are branded to reflect your brand

The first thing to remember is that your motion graphics must be in line with your branding. Branding is a crucial aspect of marketing. Like one would expect considering a brand, yours should have its own distinctive personality and characteristics that distinguish it from other companies.

To ensure that your motion graphics are consistent with your brand Use your standard colors as well as fonts and styles.

Heineken beer is doing this well in their advertising campaign that outlines the global story of their brand. Have a look at the image in the video. It reflects the classic red and green hues they usually use on their bottles. The map also shows that they're a worldwide brand that is loved by all over the globe. It is interesting to see how they display this instead of telling this.

The map of the globe with a variety of tiny bottles of Heineken set on the top

Simple is best.

In most cases, simple motion graphics are the most efficient. There's no need to make the next Marvel film, and it's not a good idea to let your motion graphics take over your content. They should be used as a supporting element.

Take a look back at the Google instance we discussed earlier. It gave you an outline of the services in a simple and understandable manner. You don't have to know about Google education offerings prior to be able to comprehend the video content and the video will tell you what you should learn to start. This is possible due to the ease of the motion images -they aren't distracting from the purpose that the content.

Set your sights on your goal

Every motion picture you make has a reason behind the design. We've highlighted motion graphics that can be used to show videos, promote specific products, increase brand awareness, or convince individuals to take action. To create effective motion graphics ensure that your objective is clearly defined and set in stone prior to beginning the design. However long or you make your motion graphics every frame must have a purpose in mind.

You can do this by planning ahead like you would with any other type of content. When you compose something for your blog you understand the purpose behind your work. The same is true for motion graphics.

Motion graphics can be a wonderful method to make your brand make an impression on the market. If they are used in the right way they can help your marketing efforts, boost your SEO, and improve an image for your profile on backlinks.

When designing motion graphics, be sure to make them easy that are brand-relevant and goal-oriented. You'll be on the way to creating something amazing. If you require help in the design of motion-based graphics Twine can help. They have graphic artists for hire who can transform your idea into something amazing.

How to Use Motion Graphics in Your Marketing

Motion graphics is a brand new marketing technique that gives you the advantages of videos as well as audio, infographics graphic design, and text content in one powerful video.

There are two methods to create motion graphics. It is possible, to begin with, animation by itself, or utilize flat graphic elements within your content library. You can then utilize software or a graphic editor to add animations and transitions.

Motion graphics is a great tool in a variety of ways to enhance your marketing strategy, for example:

Traditional TV ads or online advertisements

Explainer videos that explain the concepts and ideas behind and processes or provide tutorials

Social media posts that engage with your followers and boost the visibility of your brand

Social media advertisements

Promo videos for your brand to advertise your brand or business

Video marketing for culture to show your brand, its people values, and the cause

Motion Graphics Examples from Around the Web

Let's take a look at some amazing animation examples.

Alibaba Brand Overview

An excellent example of an explainer film that employs graphics, sound, and voiceovers to show the way Alibaba, one of the largest online e-commerce firms--is working to bring consumers and suppliers together.


This video reveals the brand spirit that is Freedom Outdoor Living. The video uses images, video clips along with graphic designs to produce moving images.

Sugar of the Day

A thought-provoking video shows the amount of sugar we consume every day and drives the message home with live-action footage as well as motion graphics overlays of text.


In this video, Charles Schwab uses a motion graphic video to communicate the emotional aspect of their customers. The explainer video tells a tale of the human condition and the perseverance of people who everyone can understand.

Dash of That

Katie is a blogger who promotes her blog with this fun and colorful animated motion graphics video.

Squirrel, How Does It Work?

A brief explanation video that explains how the Squirrel application works and how it can help you to keep an eye on your reward programs at various retail stores.

How to Bloody Mary

This quick and short motion graphics tutorial shows the audience how to prepare the classic Bloody Mary. There's no voice-over or music, only motion graphics.

Eighteen Things You Should Know About Genetics

This upbeat, fun educational video explains the basic principles of genetics. It also explains the complex subject with intriguing motion graphics.

Beautiful World

Motion graphics dominate the music video. In addition to the lyrics animated sequences convey the story to the lyrics.

Empowering girls and women

This video communicates a powerful compelling message, and it creates awareness of a crucial issue using motion graphics.

In Summary

Motion-based graphics are utilized to boost your marketing strategies. It is among the most popular types of videos utilized today for marketing due to its great level of engagement.

Motion graphics are simple to create, which results in lower costs of production for companies and a shorter time to produce breathtaking content.

With such a wealth of advantages, it's no surprise the use of motion graphics is fast becoming the most popular method of marketing for many businesses and brands around the world.

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