How Can You Collect High-Quality Text Data Collection For Machine Learning?

How Can You Collect High-Quality Text Data Collection For Machine Learning?

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How to Collect high-quality text data for AI Training Datasets?

Technology! Technology! Technology! How beautiful our lives have turned since the emergence of Artificial Intelligence. High-quality AI Training Dataset help machines learn effectively and efficiently. This data collection requires an expanded amount of text data. Text Data Collection is the most vital part of creating AI Training Datasets for your AI Projects. AI projects are absolutely a disguise with an inappropriate data set. To make our datasets effective, we need tons and tons of relevant text to put in.

Without much lag, we shall begin with the meaning of Text Dataset Collection.

What is Text Dataset Collection? 

In simple words, Text Dataset Collection is a process of collecting the text from multiple sources. This collection helps you develop technology that can easily understand human language in text form. Machines and applications require timely developments. That is why it needs to consume humongous quantities of text data. Your ability to get this type of data in sufficient quantities is the first vital level of handling and developing this type of application, software, or technology. Text data is essential to language-based machine learning.

Tips and Tricks for collecting text data for Machine Learning-

 Let us get to our main point. How to get Text Dataset Collection so that Our AI models possess no errors? It's quite simple! Let us go through the following bullets to understand AI Data Collection. 

• How to deal with larger datasets? -

It is really a big issue that machines face. Handling a larger data set can become a hard one for many. If the size our dataset is large(3 GB or more), then it gets hard to load and process with limited sources. So, how to deal with them? 

1. We can optimize the memory by reducing the size of some attributes. 

2. We can also use open-source book houses such as Dask to read and manipulate adata. It parallels computing and saves up memory space. 

3. I highly recommend the use of cudf. 

4. You can also convert data to parquet or feather format. Both will do you good. 

• How to handle small datasets and other external data? -

AH! Trouble! A large text dataset and a small one both create obstacles. So, what should be done to tackle this issue? We must increase the performance of our model by using some external data frame that contains some variables influencing the predicate variable. We can opt for the below-mentioned tactics- 

1. We can use squad when it's all about Question-Answer tasks.

2. Wikitext will help us with the long-term dependency language modeling dataset.

3. We must prepare a dictionary of commonly misspelled words and rectified words. 

4. Helper Datasets will help in cleaning and processing our AI Training Datasets. 

5. Using different data sampling methods is simple but effective. 

6. Pseudo Labeling is another method for adding confidently predicted text data to our training data. 

7. We must pursue text augmentation by Exchanging words with synonyms, noising in RNN, and translation to other languages and back. 

• Data Exploration-

Exploring quality data helps machines understand the data and gain insights from it. The competitors read or do a lot of exploring of data. This helps in the cleaning and processing of our textual data. We can take help of- 

1. Twitter data exploration methods.

2. EDA for tweets.

3. EDA for Quora Data will be helpful.

4. Completing EDA with stack exchange data. 

• Data Cleaning and Processing-

Here, we have the most vital and integral parts of the NLP problem. It will be odd if our text data isn't requiring processing. Textual Data always requires preprocessing and cleaning before getting into use. We can increase word coverage to get more trained word embeddings. Cleaning for pre-trained embeddings is a must. We can also detect and translate languages for multilingual tasks. 

• Text Representation-

Before jumping on to Neural Network or Machine Learning, the text input needs to be represented in an appropriate format. These representations decide the performance of the AI model to a large extend. Pertaining Glove, fast text, and word2vec vectors will increase the performance gradually. Combining pre-trained vectors can help in better representation of text. We must use USE to generate sentence-level attributes. 

• Modeling-

Opting for the right model architecture is another important task. It is important to develop a proper machine learning model with a proper sequence of LSTMs, GRUs. Stacking 2 layers of LSTM/GRU networks is a common approach. We can compile up model ensembling in the architecture technique. We can't touch the peak without ensembling. Selecting the most appropriate stacking method is vital to get the maximum performance out of your models. Some o the proper ensembling techniques are weighted average ensemble, stacked generalization ensemble, out of folds predictions, blending with linear regression, use of optuna to determine blending weight, power average ensemble, and power blending strategy. 

• Runtime tricks-

We can perform some other tricks to decrease runtime like sequencing bucketing to save runtime and increase performance. Using the GPU efficiently, saving and loading models save runtime, not saving embedding in RNN Solutions, and loading word2vec vectors without key vectors are some other tricks.

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