How Can Online Therapy Assist Councillors to Avoid Patient Suicides?

How Can Online Therapy Assist Councillors to Avoid Patient Suicides?

Suicide is an uncomfortable and untoward topic for any discussion, but here we have to responsibility to discuss it regarding all possible ways to prevent it. By sharing with people of any or all the methods of preventing such an instance, we can spread awareness among the mental health professionals and counselors to save lives.

Individuals who catch up with suicidal idealization need such close and frequent care to ensure that they don't reach to the point where the idealization turns into a real attempt to suicide. Online therapy is now found to be very effective in preventing death by offering close care based on the therapist testimonies and clinical research studies.

The effects of online therapy

With its imminence and instant global reach, online therapy is now found to be so practical regarding working on suicidal patients where such decision is more impulsive. The daily contact also is very essential for suicidal clients, which is made easier through online therapy. To recover from this, there is a need to set incremental goals, which made more manageable through online.

While a therapist treats suicidal clients, he or she may ask the client to agree not to consider or attempt suicide until the completion of next session, which is found to be very effective. They repeat this process of getting promises until the treatment starts working well to eliminate the suicidal idealization completion.

On trying this, it can be difficulty though for the clients to stick to this goal on a weekly or fortnightly basis. On the other hand, it becomes much easier for them to get committed for one day at a time and then repeat the same thing next day too. This is difficult during contact sessions as the therapists may have focused on a greater number of patients, but this can work at the best through online therapy sessions.

Other benefits of online therapy

Some specific advanced online therapy sessions have another advantage too as to help the clients with suicidal ideation to accurately record and revisit the rational thoughts, reasons to live, and facts during the time when their brain linger negativity and suicidal compulsion.

Online therapist specialist E-therapy told us from a therapist point of view, online therapy is much more flexible and efficient as they can be in touch with the clients much easier and a prompt manner. Usually, while consumers use the online treatment facility, they share a chat room with their therapist. Effective interaction through this can fill their space with motivating messages, inspirational thoughts, records, and images, which may help them to get through the pain.


An ideal chat room with a therapist will act as a place of hope for those who struggle with depression and suicidal thoughts. Anytime accessibility and instant response facility also make it possible for the suicidal clients to get a feel that they are protected and closely connected to support. However, frequent communication from conventional therapists is not that easy or can be expensive. So, in every possible way, online therapy assists both the therapists and the patients to enjoy a better outcome.