Houston, all systems go!

Houston, all systems go!

Nimbus Community

We want to share with you an exciting update, one which many of you may have already noticed.

We’ve had a change in the crew, and Spock has the Conn. Andrea Zanon and the entire crew are pleased and excited to welcome and also introduce to the Nimbus community Fernando Martinho - Co-Founder and CTO of Naoris as the CEO of Nimbus, starting on September 7th! A serial innovator with a track record of delivering profit-driven technology innovation and solutions.

Fernando is immersed and fluent in all Nimbus’s processes. With his technical expertise, he’s going to lead the development of the company from tech and business processes from this point forward.

Our new captain is eager to get to know the passengers on Enterprise, and very soon, we will invite you all to a special conference on zoom!

We want to take this opportunity to thank Andrea, who is a wonderful colleague and leader. Since Andrea’s interests and expertise lay in traditional finance and the banking industry, he is moving up to a higher global regulated phase. He will develop our new products that we will soon present to you all!

We’re excited to share more news in the coming days and weeks.

“Now, when Nimbus has already reached stable functionality and develops many sub-projects in the fintech area on its basis, it's time to grow the foundation of Nimbus tech-stack and further functionality by involving a person with excellent background in IT lifecycle management in the nexus of digital finance In Fernando Martinho, I am pleased that after much search Nimbus is found an excellent candidate to take the helm of the leadership" - AZ

About Fernando:

Fernando is Co-Founder and CTO of Naoris, a distributed cybersecurity ecosystem that re-engineers the way cybersecurity is thought about and delivered.

Cybersecurity, Blockchain, AI, and Data are Fernando's passion for many years, he is always experimenting with new technologies and is an early adopter as well.

He has extensive expertise in Information Technology, Strategy and Roadmaps, Software Development, Infrastructure and Operations, Strategic Planning, R&D, Product Development and Quality control.

We hope you’re excited as we’re on for this leg of the journey; and looking forward to meet you at the Zoom meeting with Fernando and the rest of the team.

We will announce the date and time of the webinar soon.