Hot Candidates

Hot Candidates

 1. $900 Junior Data Engineer #Data_Engineer #Odessa

Experience 1 year

📌Preferred location: #Odessa

📌Preferred schedule: #Full_time

🥋Skills: Python (for data analysis), Scala(Spark, Coursera specialization sertificates), Good functional programming skills, familiar with SQL

Mathematics Solid math skills(Linear algebra, calculus, differential equations e.t.c)

ML and Data Analysis Supervised/unsupervised learning algoritms, neural networks. Took part in Kaggle competitions, no prize places unfortunately.

Algoritms Good algorithmic skills. Took part in ACM ICPC competitions.

Languages English(IELTS 6.5 before staging in UK), Russian(native),Ukrainian(native)

Other Experience with GIT, experience with Google Cloud Platform, confident Linux user

📍Markets: #UA #EU 

⚡️Languages: English - Advanced

⚡️Russian Native speaker

⚡️Ukrainian Native speaker

2. $1000 Junior Data engineer #Odessa

General experience 2 years

📌Preferred location: #Odessa

📌Preferred schedule: #full_time

🥋Skills:• Java: Java Core; 

• Java: J2EE Frameworks: Spring Framework, Spring Boot, Spring MVC, Spring Data, Spring Security; 

• Java: Application Servers: Apache Tomcat; 

• Java: Building Tools: Apache Maven; 

• Java: Java Database Connectivity (JDBC), Hibernate; 

• Java: Integrated Development Environments: Eclipse IDE, IntelliJ IDEA; 

• Miscellaneous Software Engineering Tools and Methods: Operating Systems: Linux, MS Windows; 

• Miscellaneous Software Engineering Tools and Methods: Docker, Lombok; 

• Office Software: MS Excel, MS Word, PowerPoint; 

• Software Configuration Management: Version Control Systems: Git, GitHub; 

• Software Construction: Programming Languages: Java, Python Basics; 

• Software Construction: Scripting Languages: JavaScript; 

• Software Construction: Construction Languages: SQL, HQL; 

• Software Design: Software Structure and Architecture: Design patterns; 

• Testing: Automated Testing: Junit; 

• Web development: HTML5, CSS3, React JS, Redux;

📍Markets: #UA #EU

⚡️Languages: English – intermediate

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