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Watching pornography is often accompanied by masturbation. These activities are also connected by the fact that many people are ashamed to talk about them. Our grandparents and parents had come up with all sorts of ideas about masturbation, and these days they talk similarly about pornography. Psychologists disagree with that and reveal the whole truth about pornography.

1 myth. Only marginalists and perverts watch pornography

The worldwide turnover of porn production is up to $ 57 billion. Every year, Americans buy or rent 800 million copies of porn movies. Pornographic websites account for 12% of all websites and a quarter of visitors search for them on search engines. The main users are males (70% aged 18 to 24) who visit pornography sites at least once a month. According to these statistics, it would turn out that either our society is made up entirely of marginalists and perverts, or the opinion about pornography is greatly exaggerated. Test adult chat at

2 myths. Pornography is a criminal activity

Pornography is legalized in many parts of the world. And even in countries where it is banned, it is still often promoted under the guise of an image of art or eroticism.

3 myths. In pornography, a woman is portrayed as an object of sex

In fact, the women we see in pornographic films are filmed voluntarily, no one is forcing them. The heroine of a standard pornographic film boldly expresses the pleasure that sex gives her and demonstratively enjoys it. By the way, the cult film "Deep Throat" (1972), one of the few that has fallen on the cinema screens, tells about how a woman experiences extraterrestrial pleasure while making a mention to a man. It will seem strange to many, but pornographic films show that live sex at causes no less joy to a woman than it does to a man.

4 myths. Pornography is a cause of increased rape and other sexual crimes

The origin of this myth is the huge collections of pornography magazines and videos that police officers find after searching the homes of sex offenders. However, this is not entirely true. Todd Kendal, a professor of economics at the University of Washington, has conducted research that shows that watching pornographic movies just reduces the number of rapes. According to him, some watch pornographic movies instead of not committing sexual crimes. It is a pity that these "medicines" cannot cure all rapists.

5 myths. Pornography is monotonous

If you think so too, then you know nothing about pornography. The porn industry has many genres like mature, drunk, bizarre, amateur, femdom, and so on. True, there is a huge difference between European, American, and Japanese pornographic films. For example, in the film "cha dashiki" (love for teeth) you will not see a naked body - only wide-profile shots of how to eat, brush your teeth and the dentist examines your mouth. And "Kitana kutzuzita" (mud under shoes) - girls rub their feet with white sweaters in the mud. You say no myfreewebcam porn here at And the Japanese, watching such videos, masturbate and experience an indescribable pleasure.

6 myths. Pornography is addictive

Look around: there will definitely be smokers, alcoholics, or women among your friends who can’t do without sweets for a single day. And do you know a lot of acquaintances who depend on pornography?

7 myths. Porn is immoral

If this is true, then it should be acknowledged that sex is immoral, because in pornography we only see sex scenes. Those who are very eager to find at least some harmful thing in pornography may not survive. Maybe they will calm them down a bit, like that pornography can actually cause complexes. Few men can boast a 25-centimeter-long penis, and far from all women can make a "deep" cue. By the way, if we’re already talking about centimeters, the standard 90-60-90, which has nothing to do with pornography, has done a lot more harm. Too much interest in pornography to revive extinct sexual relationships will certainly not help. After a while, Stripchat pornography on will disappear and become ineffective, and the problems will remain unsolved.

The benefits of pornography

1. If you have sex, turn on a porn movie - it will help you get more excited and have more pleasure.

2. Masturbating porn movies help not feel so lonely. Also, is good to test chatrubate at

3. There is a lot to be learned in porn movies, such as new sex poses. Innovation has not hurt anyone yet.

4. Pornography broadens your horizons and raises your overall erudition - where do you learn more about different sex toys and what do people do in bed if not in porn movies?

5. Don’t be surprised if pornography makes you laugh. The actors filming in porn films try to express passion and pleasure with various and rather funny facial grimaces. Not only will you laugh, but you will also experience a pleasure.

6. When watching pornographic movies, you can increase the volume and drive an angry neighbor crazy - let them think that you have a fun sex life and are jealous :)

Sex - 6 false beliefs

No matter how unfortunate it is, we all live in a world of stereotypes and superstitions. And they touch us in any sphere of life. Many of them are also about sex. In this article, you’ll find the most common misconceptions about sex and advice from psychologists on how to avoid them.

Sex requires being completely honest

When you meet someone, you’re probably trying to hide some of your flaws. If you have acne, mask them with powder. If you are bothered by bad breath - chew mint chewing gum. When two people start meeting, they gradually reveal their true faces. This process is needed in building relationships. But here are the pitfalls. You have to be careful that this process does not go too far. For example, when you love something but think his nose is too big, don’t repeat it to him over and over again ... It’s better not to say anything at all! When you’re in love, you can imagine you’re in the arms of Sharon Stone or Richard Gere, but you don’t have to tell your partner about it. Having said that, you will only hurt him. Or you imagine you have sex in a circus arena and your partner is very timid. It is not advisable to tell him about such your fantasies as you can damage your relationship. Of course, you need to be honest with your partner as often as possible, especially if you are married. But honesty isn’t the best idea if it hurts the person you love. More about it and film porno at

It is necessary to compare partners in sex

It is normal to sometimes need to compare some things. If you compare, for example, two restaurants and conclude that one of them is better, it is natural that the next time you go to the one that is sweeter to the heart. You can also compare the resorts where you are vacationing or a few pairs of shoes that are more comfortable. However, when comparing sex partners, you can get very burned. This is not about comparing two people to choose for later life. Psychologists keep in mind the case when you made an acquaintance with someone, you got along well and became lovers. Va is in danger here. If you start comparing an existing partnership with a former one, you can greatly damage the relationship. Never compare partners and focus on a relationship that is now developing nicely.

When you have sex, think more

It is often the case that sexual desire between two people is very strong. It's good. But on the other hand, it is also a very fragile feeling. For example, if a man is afraid of an impending election, likely, he will not be able to experience it. If a woman thinks about orgasm during sex, then she will not experience it completely. According to psychologists, you think that your sexual feelings are concentrated in the abdomen and knees, and in fact, they are located at the very top of your body - in the head. If you start comparing, for example, that your new lover is even better than the former, you will greatly reduce the chances of experiencing pleasure. During sex, you only have to think about your current partner. Just throw any extraneous thoughts out of your head and enjoy the pleasures of porno italiano sex at

I will not be able to experience success in sex

If you’ve ever read biographies of famous people — professional athletes, famous actors, or artists — you know they’ve only achieved all of this by working hard. Of course, if a person is born with exceptional talent, it is in another language. But the most important thing in life is to reach the heights yourself, to realize dreams on your own. The more effort you put in, the more you will achieve. The same rule applies to sex. Everyone can become the best lover. Some difficulties can be easily overcome. Men often ask what to do with premature ejaculation. Psychologists respond because it is the result of a lack of experience, any man who is very willing to solve this problem. If he solves it together with his partner - it will achieve the result much easier and faster. The main sexual concern of women is the inability to have an orgasm. Many women face this unpleasant problem. They can also solve it and demonstrate the newly learned "tricks" to their partner. Check this on porntube by

Lovers are like two Siamese twins

He loves chocolate, she likes vanilla ice cream. She adores fish, and he adores burgers. She loves opera, and he falls asleep in a chair at the time. Of course, you and your partner’s tastes may match, but not everywhere and not always. It cannot be otherwise. All this has to do with sex. No one doubts that you both like orgasms, and there are many different ways to achieve it. Of course, you will not compromise on sex without compromise. You will have to learn to satisfy your partner, even if you don’t want to make love on your own or can’t reach orgasm. It’s easy to learn, and it will help improve your relationship. Only when you expect something unreal can you experience difficulty. Don’t expect your partner to become your Siamese twin.

My time is up

Many of our abilities weaken as we age. But nothing we give up as easily as sex. If your eyes are weak, you don't stop reading and watching TV, you go to the ophthalmologist and ask for prescription glasses. So why don’t you do anything when your sexual abilities weaken? Of course, it’s natural that sexual activity declines with age, but that doesn’t mean you need to stop making love. As we age, certain changes take place in the human body. They are different for men and women. Men lose the ability to have a psychogenic erection, so they need to stimulate the penis. Female genitals do not emit enough moisture, so lubricants should be used. If the glasses don’t stop you from reading books, then live sex on shouldn’t become an obstacle or an extracurricular activity that you think is only for young people. Don’t refuse to do the most enjoyable thing in life. Make love until you are physically fit. It will bring joy and variety to your life.

5 sex toys - a must-have for every woman

Sex toys brighten the sexual life of a woman and a man. This article introduces five basic sex toys that any woman is must-have, even if she is living an active sex life.


Vibrators are divided into three types: phallus simulator, vibrator, and "external" vibrator. Fall simulator. In fact, it is not correct to call them vibrators because they do not vibrate. However, it is perfect if a woman wants to feel penetration and experience frictional movements. Vibrators have several levels of intensity: from light shakes to punch movements. It is a versatile thing, because when the vibration mode is turned on, it is possible to stimulate the clitoris, and when it is turned off, it can be used as a normal dildo. The "external" vibrator stimulates only the clitoris. The most popular vibrator of this type is the "butterfly" with straps that attach to the legs and waist, much like panties. Check this live on chaturbate by

There are many types of vibrators: vaginal, anal, special shapes - for G-spot stimulation, finger-operated, mobile phone call-resistant, water-resistant, etc. Which one to choose is an individual choice for each woman. From the outside, the vibrators can look like a real penis or look like toys. By the way, the more similar a vibrator is to a toy, the more it is accepted by men (there is an opinion that they are jealous). If we’ve already mentioned men, be sure to try a vibrator together during sex, as it will give you both new sensations and diversify your cam4 sex life on The biggest mistake for newbies is waiting for a miracle. After all, if a man inserts his penis into the vagina and does nothing, you will not feel anything. The same goes for the vibrator - you need to set it up and prepare before you can use it.


The advantage of these balls is that they can be used unnoticed in public places, such as during work, walking, housekeeping. All the women who have used vaginal balls unanimously agree that they experience not only physical pleasure but also sharp sensations when they know that no one is aware of what is happening now. Using balls is not only fun but also advisable - they train the vaginal muscles. And such trained muscles work wonders, for example, providing an opportunity to experience a vaginal orgasm for those women who can’t experience it in any way. When choosing balls, the most important thing is to make sure that they do not scatter inside you. Otherwise, you will not be able to use them in public places. Test sex pažintys at


Without lubricant from anywhere. No one is saying you have to buy all kinds of lubricants, but at least one or two types must be in every woman’s bedroom. Lubricants come in three types: oil, silicone, and water-based. Lubricants made from oil break down latex and silicone, so they cannot be used with condoms and sex toys. Silicone lubricants are difficult to wash off and incompatible with silicone toys. Therefore, water-based lubricants are the most optimal option. Lubricants differ not only in their composition but also in shape (thick and liquid), as well as in taste, smell, color, and purpose. For example, lubricants for anal sex may contain substances such as lidocaine or benzocaine that have analgesic effects. These substances reduce pain and relax muscles. Antiseptic lubricants additionally protect against sexually transmitted diseases, help heal wounds and cracks, reduce irritability. Thanks to warming lubricants with pepper and cinnamon, blood enters the mucous membrane, which increases sensitivity. However, such lubricants can cause burning and discomfort. More info about sex pažintys on


Role-playing games can be tried to bring innovation to your sex life. It is not necessary to buy the whole suite of a nurse or maid, it is enough to buy only a few accessories. For example, a handcuff or a wig. What’s more, sexy lingerie has to be in a woman’s wardrobe without any tongues.


If porn videos make you laugh, watch erotic movies. They have less openness, but more tenderness. For example, Tinto Brass’s film genre is great for girls. But it may not be the case for you. Then look for erotic stories.