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This mod adds a penis for the horse and mommoth in skyrim. It is just something to use until SexLab nude creatures includes a horse penis he likes. I made this because i've seen a few request for a horse penis its nothing fancy just something to use untill something better comes along. It is just a penis mesh that gets added to the horse not a full replacer of the horse/mammoth mesh so it should be compatible with most mods and will not change the way the horse/mammoth looks other than a big penis.
Just drop the data folder in the skyrim directory and enable the esp. I have also included a "Semi-Erect" file as a replacer for the erect version in the main mod if you want to see what that version looks like.
Important note when using with SexLab Nude Creatures:
The mesh that comes with this mod is not a full Horse nif. replacement. So if your using SexLab Nude Creatures with this mod Do not enable Horses in the MCM for SexLab Nude Creatures and Do not use this mesh as a replacer in the custom folder for Sexlab Nude Creatures or your Horses will be invisble during Sex. You can run both mods together as long as you don't check the horse toggle in the SexLab Nude Creature MCM.
Uncheck the esp remove the CreatureArmor folder found in skyrim/data/meshes and remove the Rx file found in skyrim/data/textures.
I did not make the meshes and textures for this mod nor do I have the abilty to change them they are as is I think the erect version is decent but there is some clipping issues with the player because of the realistic size also I think it needs some UV tweaking or something.
The penis is equipped all of the time so there are no scripts just the esp,meshes and textures with this mod. I decided to do it like this so you can run it in your game now and when SexLab Nude Creatures includes horses you can disable this mod without leaving trash in your savegame.
If you do anything with the meshes or textures and post it you must give credit to Raflod he is the one who did the modeling. You can find the original post here he has been afk since march 2013 and seems to have abondoned the project if for any reason he wishes for me to remove this mod I will do so without notice or hesitation although I think that is unlikely by reading his post.
Raflod: For making the meshes/textures
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