Hope and Gavin Pt. 01

Hope and Gavin Pt. 01

A guy and I wrote this together a few years ago through email and I just decided to post it. Hope you like it.


Hope and I have an ordinary life. With two kids and hectic jobs, we hardly have time for ourselves. We have not had a date for months and are trying to make multiple things happen to keep our 'active' kids engaged in different activities. Between soccer, ballet, and school, we spend much of our weekends (and some nights) running them to and from multiple events. Thankfully, we planned out the weekend schedules before Sat to avoid last-minute cancellations or surprises.

The alarm clock that often can wake up the dead went off promptly at 8:30 am on Sat. I rubbed my eyes awake to get myself ready for another busy Saturday. I turned on my phone and went through the schedule mentally.

"No surprises here", I said to my sleeping wife of 15 years. Hope kept trying to avoid the inevitable wake up from their kids or dog. I knew that one of the morning risers was on their way to get mommy up. Sometimes, both kids and dogs jumped on the bed before the alarm went off which denied us any hope of early morning pleasure-something we tried but gave up after being so frustrated.

I went downstairs alone and started pouring cereal for everyone and making eggs for anyone wanting something new. The rest of the family eventually joined me. We went through the Saturday schedule. It didn't take long for Hope and I to get upset at one of the kids for not sitting long or playing around with their breakfast. Having a dog helped them with much of the excess mess left on the floor.

After getting dressed and ready, we went our separate ways. We stayed in touch with each other until we returned home for lunch. The kids were too old for naps, so Hope and I put on a movie to give everyone quiet time.

"Quite a busy Saturday we have going", Hope told me.

"Yes, we have our fair share of those it seems." I responded. "I was thinking of an evening out tonight but the challenge is finding a last-minute babysitter.


I started thinking of what one of my coworkers suggested for an activity to spice up their bedroom time. She told me about pretending to act out someone else and gave me some suggestions and clothing options to try out. I laughed at Paige for the silly idea until she thought about that some more.

"Gavin, I will see what I can do with finding a sitter. But with the last-minute situation it might be hard to do", I said and was thinking along the lines of asking their neighbor, Vada, that I was talking to the other day in passing that her daughter, Eve, was wanting to try to earn some money but did not know how to go about asking people. So I called Vada and asked her if she could talk to Eve about babysitting for them in the evening.

While I was waiting for Eve to come to the phone, I was still thinking about the suggestion of pretending to be someone and dressing up for it. If we did that then there was shopping to do to find the appropriate clothes for the occasion. Eve came on the line and said, "Hello Mrs. H. How are you?"

I said, "I am fine Eve. How are you and was wanting to know if you would like to earn some money tonight? My husband and I were wanting to get out for a little while for some alone time and we needed a babysitter. We can pay you the going babysitting rate."

Eve said, "I am fine and I would love to babysit your children for you and earn the money too. I love children and this will help me not only make some money but learn how to care for small children and make me a better person. Plus will help me when I have children of my own one day but hope that will be far off."

I said, "Ok Eve, hang on just a minute and I will let you know what time for you to be here." So I walked in the living room where I thought Gavin went but he was not in there, then walked into the bedroom but he was not in there either. I was thinking, 'Where can he be?' I went into the kitchen and still could not find him. Now this is getting weird. All of a sudden I felt 2 hands go around me and I screamed. Gavin started laughing and hugged me. He had been hiding.

Gavin said, "I am so sorry, Honey, but could not resist sneaking up on you. Were you looking for me? Did you find a babysitter yet."

I said, "Yes babe, I did and I needed to find out what time she needed to be here? And you are going to regret sneaking up on me and I will get you back. Revenge is going to come around whenever you least expect it."

Gavin then said, "How about her coming over at 7 tonight so we can get to know her a little bit and go over a few things with her and show her around so she knows where everything is?"

I said, "Good idea. I will go tell her and you need to make the reservations at the restaurant of your choice since you are the man of the house." Hope went back to the phone and told Eve to be over here at 7 pm so they can give her the tour of where everything is and the layout of the house so she does not get lost.

After hanging up the phone, I started thinking more about what wicked ideas my coworker gave the adventurous things to try. The more my mind wandered, the wetter I felt through my panties. This feeling was something I sorely missed after having two kids and the associated errands, chores, and lack of primary attention. Screams and cries from the kids returned me back to reality.

Running toward the commotion, brought me into the dining room where the two kids were chasing each other around playing tag. I stood in the middle of the room with a stern face. The kids knew that 'mommy' was not happy with them, so they stopped in their tracks waiting for my stern-face to dispense with the punishment.

"Now that I have your attention," I began with a harsh voice, "help me clean up your toys and we can have lunch." All three cleaned up the mess left in the dining room and kitchen. The scene was quite common for me, who saw nothing but a messy house that would never be clean.

"I guess this is what happens when you have kids" I told myself. Without waiting for an answer, I took the children into the family room and had them coloring and playing with different blocks. With their attention focused elsewhere, I started getting lunch ready.


Hope returned to a slightly cleaner kitchen. I started pulling out bread, peanut butter, and strawberry jelly. The kids loved this, especially with 'daddy' making it extra gooey. Hope told me about the babysitting arrangements. After getting tired of hearing, Hope reminded me to make reservations, so I pulled out my phone and called the Gray Pelican for a table.

After lunch and a few more errands, I took the kids to a nearby playground. This gave Hope some much needed quiet time. Normally she would have spent the time doing laundry or some other errand, but today she decided to get some much needed alone time. She put on the computer and started letting her mind guide the searching into different ways couples tried spicing up a marriage.


I stumbled upon some erotic sites that gave me plenty of ideas. They talked about many of the things that I got from my coworker. The thought of trying many of the topics got me more aroused. I started feeling the urge to take off my clothes and play with myself as I used to before kids, in front of an open window or while many previous lovers drove me home.

Seeing that I had 20 minutes before everyone arrived home, I quickly got undressed and started watching a video of a woman shaving her pussy and putting on a wig to surprise a lover. I got so aroused from that and started imagining myself doing that. I felt my body sexually transform into the actress. I put two fingers inside my hairy pussy as the woman was getting pleasured orally from the guy.

I started pounding myself with my fingers until I was moaning uncontrollably. It didn't take long before I enjoyed a series of orgasms and saw I had enough time to start getting ready. That included hopping in the shower and doing something the actress did.

Taking a bag into the bathroom, I turned on the shower and put some items in the bag along the bathroom counter I thought I would need for tonight. A text came in from Gavin saying that everyone is having fun and will arrive back home in 20 minutes. Before responding, I said out loud, "Now I can enjoy the shower and start putting on what I came up with along with some things I've not worn in awhile.

While Gavin took the children out and while I was looking for ways to spice up our marriage, I also found shops that you could order things online and could be delivered within 30 minutes from the time you ordered them online. When the items showed up as soon as Gavin texted me, I took my shower and put on makeup and came up with an outfit that I thought would work that will make the role play I have in mind to spice up our marriage. I hope Gavin loves it when he gets back home and sees me. Thanks to me also for never throwing out my sexy lingerie that I could still wear.

I found a dress online as well as some jewelry and shoes. My teddy, that I still have, will stay here for when we come back from the restaurant. I am glad the items I got online were cheap but elegant too. I got myself ready and within 20 minutes of getting ready then Gavin and the children were home.

Gavin had stopped by the children's favorite place to eat and got them their dinner for tonight plus a movie for them to watch with Eve. That way they could be happy when we finally went out together and leaving them with a babysitter which we don't do very often.

I could hear Gavin downstairs getting them settled when I heard the doorbell ring and knew Eve was there. So I came out of our room and walked down the hall to the living room before Gavin could get hallway across the living room to the door and he stopped dead in his tracks when he saw me and I could see his jaw drop and a lust come over his face but he finally snapped out of it when he heard the doorbell again.


I focused back on the current situation and welcomed Eve to the house. I took her to the family room where the kids were playing before dinner. All three of them started getting reacquainted and soon played some board games and other toys. While they were busy, I finished putting out their dinner.

"Would you like anything to eat?" I asked Eve.

"Thanks for offering, that's very kind of you but I already ate." Eve responded with a smile.

With dinner out and ready, I told Eve about some of the bedtime procedures for getting the kids ready. I spent little time doing that to have more time with my sexy wife. Hope was finishing getting herself ready in the powder room and walked toward the kitchen with her shoes clicking loudly.

We kissed the kids good night and thanked Eve again. Walking out together, we shut the door and started driving off to the restaurant. The place was quite crowded. We were shown to our table and soon thereafter greeted by a young and attractive waitress.

She told us the specials and appeared to covertly flirt with Hope by complimenting her shoes. I rolled my eyes, that the women were now discussing shoes, over helping satisfy my appetite. The server apologized with a flirty giggle and returned to talking about the dinner.

After putting in our order, I asked to look at the wine menu. I soon picked out a bottle that was served before our appetizers arrived. We clinked glasses for an enjoyable evening. Then started talking about ourselves with minimal discussion about kids. I excused myself to visit the bathroom as the appetizers arrived.


One of my coworkers suggested surprising him in the bathroom. This idea got me incredibly aroused. Taking my purse, I walked to the bathroom and peeked inside. Seeing no one else there, I slowly walked in and surprised my husband.

"Y-y-you can't be in here" he stated with some confusion.

"Let me clarify a few things." I responded. Kneeling down, I pulled out a small foiled package from my purse. "I'm going to have my own appetizer here" I announced before unzipping Gavin's pants and tearing into the package to put the tip of the strawberry flavored condom to my mouth.

After I told Gavin I was going to have my own appetizer, he looked down at me tearing into the foiled package and rolling the strawberry flavored condom over his cock with my mouth. He gasped and moaned. He was fully hard because of his piss boner and I could not resist walking him backwards into a stall and having him sit on the toilet.. I got on my knees and started sucking on the condom covered cock of my husband and he started moaning and forgot he had to take a leak. I licked and sucked him in the way he loved until he was bucking his hips up and down on the toilet.

We heard the restroom door open and without us making a sound, I started licking his balls and took one of his balls into my mouth and started sucking on it as it rolled around in my mouth. Gavin gasped and we heard a guy saying, "You ok in there?"

Gavin tried to get me to stop but I was not having none of that and just kept sucking his balls and licking them. He told the guy he was fine that he had a twinge in his back but will be ok.

I kept licking his balls and then his shaft and I stood up and lowered myself onto his hard cock and sat on him. I was so wet that his cock slid all the way in without a problem and since I was facing him I put my hand over his mouth so he would not make a sound. He grabbed me by my hips and I started doing leg pumps while his cock would go in and out of my pussy and then it was his turn to clamp his hand over my mouth when I got this glazed look that he knows I get when I am fixing to scream I was cumming. I exploded and he brought my face toward him and we kissed so we would not make any noise.

Gavin had to grit his teeth to keep from cumming with me and then we heard the door open and shut when the man left. Gavin looked at me and said, "Get on your knees you beautiful slut of mine and let me cum in your mouth."

So I got on my knees and he stroked his cock till I could see the head of his cock turn bright red and he looked down at me with the look of pure lust. His cock swelled and exploded and the first shot hit the back of my throat and I leaned forward and took his cock into my mouth and he exploded a couple of more times then it was just a drizzle after that.

I got up and told him, "I am going back to our table and I will see you in a little bit." I walked to the door and looked out to see if anyone was around. It was clear and I walked back to our table with a big grin on my face.