Honeypod: Providing Advance Security for the Internet

Honeypod: Providing Advance Security for the Internet


As the web has to a great extent turned into a key piece of our regular day to day existences, all that we do is winding up progressively attached to the innovation. There is no denying the way this has improved a wide exhibit of exercises that would have appeared to be overwhelming. 

Anyway essential the web may be to us, there is definitely no chance we can deny how powerless this innovation abandons us. Lion's share of the sites we disparage today has promotion based following frameworks which are introduced for the sole reason for checking client movement. We would have had the capacity to live with that on the off chance that it was the entire story. These extensive greedy associations make it a stride further by attempting to adapt our information so as to advance their own pockets. Another significant concern comes in the type of malware assaults because of the concealed contents frequently added to pages without our insight. 

I am of the assessment that the time has wanted clients of the web to have sole responsibility for information with the privileges of deciding when and how to share it. 


Honeypod is a palm-sized brilliant equipment gadget which is associated with your web switch so as to capture undesirable information, demands, and contents from going into your web association. Honeypod means to be the center point that associates every one of the gadgets in your prompt condition with the objective of giving your information (life) over to you. For a begin, Honeypod will concentrate for the most part on speed, security and installment exchanges with plans in progress to grow day by day ease of use and organizations after some time. 

Honeypod can likewise be characterized as a system that is set up to identify, redirect and check endeavored unapproved access to your gadgets. 

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You may begin seeing the presentation of tokens on a few stages as ending up progressively buzzword. Be that as it may, the tokens inside Honeypod biological system has genuine use cases. A portion of these applications incorporate; 

Exchanging: The tokens offer a sheltered and secure technique to buy and buy into administrations that can be used once a day. 

Online installments: Shopping on the web on the stage with the utilization of the tokens will decrease the rate of character and charge card robbery as clients will have no compelling reason to unveil individual data. 

Credit to clients: Users have the alternative to watch promotions for a potential HNY remunerate. This reward can be spent on the stage however the client picks. 

Credit from promoters: Advertising systems that join forces with Honeypod need to buy tokens on the open market so as to compensate clients to survey their advertisements. 

Tokenomics and ICO subtleties 

The Honeypod token has the ticker "HNY" with a unit cost of $0.05. The token clearance of HNY will begin on Monday, 25th March, 2019 and will close either when the hardcap income to ($2 million) or when the token deal time frame arrives at an end. 

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Token: HNY

Platform: Stellar

Type: Stellar

PreICO price: 1 HNY = 0.0375 USD

The cost in ICO: 0.0500 USD

Min. investment: 1,500 USD

Accepting: BTC, ETH, XLM

Appropriated in ICO: 20%

Delicate cap: 2,000,000 USD

Hard cap: 10,000,000 USD


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In conclusion, because of the way in which we have being tore of our information and being left helpless, the market was constantly open for a task which has the limit of disposing of our feelings of trepidation and giving us absolute control of the totality of the information we produce. Honeypod can possibly be the arrangement we've all been sitting tight for.

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