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Honeypod is very serious about preparing ICO implementation. In response to ICO investors' questions, Honeypod has focused on building communities on Telegram so people can quickly update information and ask about the project. You can also answer any questions quickly when joining this community https://t.me/honeypod

Honeypod – Changing Your Internet Forever

Honeypod is privacy focusing device connected to your router to remove the ads and tracking systems from all over your home network while also rewarding you for browsing the web. The view of the Internet as we know it today is built entirely around the hidden services that have the intention of tracking and monitoring a person’s every move, who they are, what they see, and who they hang out with no acknowledgment or approval. Honeypod change that not only gives you the freedom to control who and what has access to your internet connection, but also benefit you to browse the internet.

What is Honeypod project?

SECURITY THROUGH BLOCKCHAIN: Using Byzantine consensus algorithm, your data and payment transactions are secured and confirmed to prevent intermediate attacks, identity theft, credit card theft and loss personal information.

MONITORING FULL DATA: Monitoring all access rights of all data requests and third parties trying to access your device allows you to understand real-time about blocked people, the number of times They tried to access you and on any device.

INTEGRATION VPN: For those who want to have complete and anonymous security of their data packets and internet connection, Honeypod is fully integrated with OpenVPN and DNSCrypt through Honeypod control panel.

SIMPLE INSTALLATION: Honeypod is built to be a complete plug & play hardware system. Whether you are a newcomer or technology expert, the Honeypod has a simple intention to give you more or less configurations that you feel comfortable with. Simple, easy, ready to use.

QUICK INTERNET SPEED: Unsolicited tracking, advertising and third-party services create internet latency, increase website loading time and generally increase the amount of bandwidth needed to use the internet. Honeypod eliminates these "blockers" to speed up your internet service and save your bandwidth by 40%.

AUTHORITY: Honeypod is capable of being used as an authentication system to both receive tokens and buy online services in electronic currency. No longer will you need to withdraw your wallet every time you need to buy a service, but instead, your Honeypod is your authenticator connected to your wallet or identity.

TRACKER BLOCK: Tracking services often carry legitimate services that force internet users to accidentally disclose sensitive personal information that internet users will not be provided for free. This personal information is then usually sold to other services and companies.

ADVERTISING: Unfortunately, ads are increasingly being forced by internet users to become spam causing heavy bandwidth usage, long page load times and dangerous malware attacks. be user.

MAKE MONEY: Through the use of Honeypod, all users receive an electronic money token in the same form to exploit based on their use of Honeypod. Through advertising partners that are connected to Honeypod, users will also receive a token.

The internet is a complex system structure that is closely related to the use of TCP / IP information through various types of media. This network trading system includes private systems, state-owned companies, scientific and government institutions related to technology that is managed, wireless, and optical fiber. The terms web and World Wide Web are regularly used differently, but they are not the same thing; The network refers to the system of correspondence throughout the world, including equipment and infrastructure, while the network is one of the administrations sent via the Internet.

When processing is managed, distributed correspondence (P2P) is gradually delivered and enhanced. Since the 1990s, networks have greatly influenced and changed the administration of systems to meet worldwide standards. Billions of web clients depend on the progress of applications and management systems, including:  

IP (Internet Protocol)  is an important segment of the Internet and correspondence. Because the network contains a layer of hardware and programming, the standard IP correspondence is used to process and compare interesting related devices. Leading IP observations are used for exchanges that incorporate forms of Internet Protocol (IPv4) and adaptation to Internet Protocol 6 (IPv6). 

Communication is Network - this is the most financially literate strategy on the planet, where administration and it is in the blink of the eye, for example, email, instant messaging, social networking, online purchases, and so on. 

The honeypod  is a privacy-oriented device that connects your router to delete advertisements and tracks the structure of your entire home network, and is also useful for surfing the Internet. Panorama of the Internet, as we know it today, is a built-in hidden proposals aimed at tracking and monitoring the movements of everyone, who they are and what they are without confirmation or approval. Honeypod changes this with help, which no longer gives you the freedom to control who is included in your internet connection, but it is also useful for working on the Internet.



Through the use of Honeypod, all customers receive a similar form of mining to mining, mainly based on the amount of usage in their Honeypod.


Unfortunately, online advertising is increasingly becoming unwanted mail, which leads to intensive bandwidth usage, increased page load times and threats to malicious programs that attack people's gadgets.

The Honeypod gives you complete online privacy, faster internet speed, and your appreciation for surfing the web. Thanks for the use of Honeybox, all users receive their cryptocurrency in a similar form to mining. Through advertising partners related to Honeypod, users will also receive tokens.

The Honeypod works on any device connected to the Internet, from your mobile to your smart TV. One Honeypod for all devices in your home.

The honeypod can be used as an authentication system to get tokens and buy online services using cryptocurrency. There is no need to pull your wallet every time you need to buy a service, but a Honeypod is your authenticator that is related to your wallet or person.


Information Token

  • TokenHNY

  • PeronStellar

  • Star print

  • The price of PreICO1 HNY = 0.0375 dollars

  • Price in ICO0.0500 USD

  • Tokens sell for 200 million

Investment Information

  • Minimum investment starts at 1500 USD

  • Accept BTC, ETH, XLM

  • Distributed in ICO20%

  • Paperback: 2,000,000 USD

  • Helmets of 10 million dollars

Token Allocation:

Token Funds:

HNY Competition:

1. Join GIF HoneyPod Competition


The Gif can be about anything related to HoneyPod, think of the goals, vision, airdrop, the community, the fun! GIFS should be sent to the Special Competition group, see rules!

The Rules for the GIF competition:

1. The Gif should be sent in the special HoneyPod competition channel. 


2. U can submit your GIF in the group till FRIDAY 1 February - UTC TIME 23:00

3. Winners will be selected in 2-3 days after the competition closed

4. Everyone can participate to win HNY, also 3rd times winners. 

5. 10-15 Winners will be selected, depending on the amounts of participants.

2. Join HoneyPod Bounty:

Check all the information here. 


Pre-order Sale is open

It's time for the second Pre-order run from HoneyPod. Order your HoneyPod now!

For More information here: 

website: https://honeypod.org/preorder/

3. Join HoneyPod airdrop:

How do I participate in the airdrop? 

1. Register an account here. (https://airdrop.honeypod.org/)

2. Join this telegram channel (https://t.me/honeypod)

3. Confirm your E-mail

4. Login in your dashboard, and write down your PUBLIC CODE.

5. Keep checking this telegram chat, to see when a list of codes drops.

6. If your Public code matches one of the codes on the list, reply to the message with your

PUBLIC CODE:: CONFIRMATION CODE before the time ends. 

7. Wait for the admin to confirm your win! 

4. Airdrop info

- A list of codes drops at random moments a day. 

- List of codes can drop one or more times a day.

- Everyone can win max 3 times (max 15.000 HNY).

- Relog your dashboard if u don't see a confirmation code.

- Invite your friends to the airdrop, with the affiliate program to earn more HNY.


November 1, 2018

  • Private sales begin.

March 2, 2019

  • Total sales begin

3. April 2019

  • Token distribution;

  • Supply of Honeybox Beta equipment;

  • GSM hardware;

  • Honeybox partnerships are broadcast live on Honeybox devices.

4.Mei 2019

  • Child / Family Access Control;

  • Share the Cache Cache DNS File.

5. July 2019

  • Share files between devices;

  • Wireless router equipment.

6. July 2019

  • Authentication login;

7. October 2019

  • Direction for expansion: sales at retail outlets.



To get more relevant details from the Honeypod project or join social media and sales crowds, please follow some sources for the following references:

WEBSITE: http://honeypod.org/

WHITEPAPER: https://docsend.com/view/6w2kpua

FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/gethoneypod

TWITTER: https://twitter.com/gethoneypod

TELEGRAM: https://t.me/honeypod

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