Honeypod - changing the internet with Blockchain

Honeypod - changing the internet with Blockchain



Today, clearly, I have an incredibly cool undertaking for you. Not in the scarcest degree like most ICO undertakings, an undertaking will make its very own unique remarkable gadget and use cryptocurrency. In actuality, OK state you are set up to find a few solutions concerning the undertaking? We should begin.

We begin with the undertaking, be that as it may. The purpose behind the endeavor's contemplations is to utilize the most recent blockchain improvements and make a vital contraption to ensure your Internet. As we in all likelihood realize the Internet is relentlessly pushing covering a normally growing number of territories. We participate, make our pages in social affiliations and store our private data. Is our information safe? I can't avoid conjecturing that there isn't in light of the way that I work each day in the field of cryptocurrency and I see a great deal of data about different hacks. Which lead to the fall of cryptocurrency, data deception, and another hundred issues.

We search for in the wake of publicizing, we are always observed by different affiliations. The endeavor that we are considering is endeavoring to confirm our very own space of the Internet. The undertaking is called HONEYPOD and now I will reveal to you what it does.


An errand with an immediate thought, yet an enamoring game-plan. The course of action to stay in the cover in the nutria Web. Thing HONEYPOD contraption that enables you to spare all your private data. HONEYPOD is a gadget that accomplices with your switch and make a verified space inside the Internet. It can stop harmful assignments, square deplorable propelling., Watching particular data, enables you to enliven made by the Internet by impeding each undesirable thing. Everything considered, what inconclusive quality without a characteristic VPN - plainly, use on success. Everything is satisfactorily arranged from your very own record.

Expect this is a contraption for your home and office that will enable you to diminish the danger to engineer strikes and square an enormous measure of appalling materials. The contraption interfaces with the switch so you don't need to stress over it, it will associate with the majority of your gadgets.


On the undertaking site, I found an incredibly interesting note. This note is as indicated by going with. Every client of the HONEYPOD system will get experience tokens. Something like mining, get assurance and cash. The dazzling game-plan from the undertaking planners.


I think the undertaking fashioners picked the correct thought. Eventually, we need reliable standard assurance. Expect what number of instances of hacking webcams on PCs. What number of stolen information. By at that point, they are utilized in the nutria Web to trap or take your cash.

HONEYPOD Focal focuses

• The outside contraption (I imagine that the thing displayed legitimately on the PC can be avoided)

• Work on all contraptions. (essential in light of the way that dependably there are a reliably growing number of gadgets)

• Square ads (eventually publicizing on each favorable position)

• VPN - worked in. Positively.

• Extraordinary gadget security.

These are only a few of interest that are clear at first look. In any case, as we likely know after use, we will probably find new focal core interests. On the off chance that you are enthused about headway how it limits, you can consider the errand narratives yourself. Affiliations will be in the outline.



Token Subtleties

Token: HNY

Stage: Excellent

Type: Excellent

PreICO esteem: 1 HNY = 0.0375 USD

The cost in ICO: 0.0500 USD

Min. adventure: 1,500 USD

Enduring: BTC, ETH, XLM

Appropriated in ICO: 20%

Delicate top: 2,000,000 USD

Hard top: 10,000,000 USD


I got a kick out of this errand. He has an unprecedented opportunity to enter the headway pitch well. Since we are wrapped by PCs, maybe we will see HONEYPOD in each office. Remaining in the cover in the nutria engineer is the decision of everybody. I bolster such an undertaking since he contemplates our security. We should see when the gadget will be open. How levelheaded it will be to utilize. An essential issue is the joint exertion of HONEYPOD with all gadgets. Everything considered, in the event that you can not interface a tablet or PDA, it will be an oversight.

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Website : https://honeypod.org

Whitepaper: https://docsend.com/view/6w2kpua

Bitcointalk ANN: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=5101474.msg49392175#msg49392175

Twitter: https://twitter.com/gethoneypod

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