HoneyPod: Changing Your Internet Forever

HoneyPod: Changing Your Internet Forever


Hello everyone here, in this my post I will discuss Honeypod project which was created to protect internet users from all sort of abuses and insecurities on the world wide web. 

About HoneyPod

The project's name is HoneyPod. You can become acquainted with progressively about it here . Its fundamental goal is to guarantee that our gadgets are safely connected to the internet. 

The adaptability of this project is that Honeypod is a little gadget that interfaces with our home switch and self-checks all the data stream, sift through malevolent applications, different infection data, spam promotions, and different disturbances that may unfavorably influence our internet connectivity. Along these lines, Honeypod screens the connectivities of all gadgets associated with the system in a protected way, and furthermore quickens the correspondence procedures and builds the data exchange rate twice the its rate before . 


Honeypod gives total online security and quicker internet correspondence. It additionally compensates you to browse the web. With the utilization of Honeybox, all clients get a token secret key based on the use measure of their Honeypods. Through limited time partners who interface with Honeypod, clients will likewise get a token. From your telephone to your smart TV, you'll have the capacity to chip away at any gadget associated with the Internet. 

A Honeypod For All Home Gadgets

Honeypod can be utilized as a verification system to purchase the two tokens and to buy online services utilizing the digital currency. You don't have to expel your wallet each time you need to get service, HoneyPod is paying for you rapidly and securely. 

The Honeypod system has actualized a system that enables you to watch your developments on the system and give most extreme insurance. Honeypod interfaces with a client's modem with a USB gadget and gives assurance in the meantime. With the VPN highlight offered by the system, clients can shroud their personality by entering blocked sites in their nation. Spontaneous promotions won't be appeared to clients by the impromptu system created by the Honeypod system itself. With high system speed and internet data transfer capacity, clients can surf the Internet efficiently. 

Honeypod System Features

The Honeypod system does not require any download or application. Intended to adjust to all PCs and gadgets with Plug and Play. Indeed, even individuals with no PC learning can undoubtedly utilize this system. 

Clients entering the Honeypod system can make any close to home setting. With the multi-layer security structure of the Honeypod system, clients can enter their own client sheets. Here, clients who control the momentary status of the system can meddle with issues, for example, arrange traffic. 

Clients can boycotts by blocking sites they don't need. By sifting the content that will not be good for kids to go through, their separating systems give most extreme assurance to clients. 

With Honeypod, which has a private mining system, clients can gain money for their reliability. Clients can gain money by going through the promotions publicized by Honeypod partners as they peruse the web. 

Clients entering individual recognizable proof and charge card data in the Honeypod system's very own settings keep this data from being utilized by outsider programming. At the point when any site or application endeavors to get to clients' data, Honeypod advises clients by notice. 

With the moment following of the Honeypod system, you can see individuals and sites that are endeavoring to get to your system from the client board. Along these lines, you can see which sites or programmers are attempting to influence your PCs. 

The Honeypod system isn't only for a PC or gadget. The system that interfaces with the modem just averts outside access to all gadgets from your PC to the mobile telephone. Clients can keep youngsters from entering undesirable destinations by adding a kid lock to different sites. 

The internet data and treats of all clients are gathered by different organizations and sold to expansive publicizing focuses. Honeypod keeps these data from being gathered and empowers clients to ensure their own data. 

Details of ICO

The project is a decentralized system where malevolent programming, sites and other outsiders will be blocked. You are utilizing HNY tokens to trade on this platform and purchase items. The ICO cost will initially be dispensed to 1 billion token of US $ 0.05 per 1 HNY. In the meantime, there will be a few sales stages where the expense of tokens will diminish essentially because of the limits offered and different advancements. The end date of sales isn't known in light of the fact that sales will end following gathering a hardcap of US $ 10 million. 


The Internet today has affected for our entire lives, at such a period the Honeypod project has been made as a project that empowers individuals to get to the Internet securely. I think an incredible thought has been changed into a wonderful project and the accessibility is high. I think each home and office needs an insurance bundle that gives this sort of security.

Check any of the following links below for information about the project:

Website: http://honeypod.org

Telegram: https://t.me/honeypod

Whitepaper: https://docsend.com/view/6w2kpua

Twitter: https://twitter.com/gethoneypod

BTT Username: Peruvyn

BTT Link: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=2535205