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Initially the site was online at GreenCharter.com from February 2000 until some years ago, when it went offline for some years and may still face some technical problems.

In the event GreenCharter.com is not working the content can also be found at either bit.ly/greenvirus or bitly.com/greenvirus

The idea of the "Green Virus" is an old one dating from around the year 2000. The idea was that this Green Virus (the Green Charter and The Green Book) infects the mind.

This virus makes politicians, psychopaths and the global satanic elite very weak, in fact, it is deadly for them. Yet it empowers and strengthens good people the world over.

The "Green Virus" was therefore also initially, back in the days of floppy disks, able to be stored on a floppy disk, or later, USB drive, and sent to anyone as a ZIP file.

Currently that file is not available, however, if we make it available it'll be stored in the @GreenCharter Telegram channel in the Files area.

The Introduction was written sometime late 1999. Reading it many years later, it is prescient, and absolutely as valid today as back then. Indeed it warned us of now.

Some of those reading that today may be surprised by its accuracy, but it came from timeless truths which, because they've not been acted upon, led us to today's misery.

Yet, the resources of the "Green Virus" give us hope, because, if humanity is to survive, and we know that finally it will, it'll be on the basis of these principles.

This is not to mention the spiritual dimension of the Truth (ThiRd Universal THeory).

From the Revelations from the Creator, we know we are promised Victory.

However, even those who don't believe but are willing to follow customs and traditions, and accept the truth of matters concerning power, economy, and society, will benefit.

For those with a keen knowledge of history and who have followed world events more closely, you may be aware that the original location of the Great Green Charter for Human Rights in the Era of the Masses, was proclaimed in the Libyan Jamahiriya.

On 12th June 1988 after the deliberations of thousands of People's Conferences around Libya, Africa and even some abroad such as in Paris, where the masses freely deliberated on what their human rights are and should be, the result was proclaimed.

The Great Green Charter of Human Rights in the Era of the Masses was the most democratic document ever in the modern history of human rights, because of the sheer number of people participating and deciding on their rights from the grass-roots level.

It was proclaimed at the General People's Congress in the Great Socialist People's Libyan Arab Jamahiriya on 12th June, 1988 in the city of Al-Baida.

Some of us who had been aware of it all those years and wanted to see those same rights in our own nations, got together on 12th June 1999 in London, and formed the Green Charter International, declaring the International Green Charter.

The Preamble was thus changed to reflect those circumstances, compared to the Preamble of the original Great Green Charter of 12th June 1988, however, all the articles remained exactly the same, except for a translation of the word Jamahiriya.

While we love this word, which means "self-governing State of the Masses", we felt it may be better understood and loosely translated as "civil society". However, in 2020, the author of the Introduction suddenly had a flash of an idea: it is a Freepublic.

In Libya, where the free people of the Jamahiriya back in 1988 had deliberated on human rights, Arabic is spoken. The original Arabic word for Republic is "Jumhuriya" and Mu'ammar Qaddafi, leader of the Revolutionary Committees coined "Jamahiriya".

The Brother Leader of the Revolution, as we was affectionately called, proposed this new word to describe a new situation, since with the birth of the self-governing masses society after 2nd March 1977, Libya was no longer a republic but a State of the Masses.

Thus the era of the Republics came to a close and the Era of the Masses began. However, around the world, we can say that due to the policies of the monopolies holding power, we entered into the Era of the Idiots and a long period of ignorance.

In spite of all the technology at our disposal, books are no longer read, truthful studies motivated by nothing other than the desire to arrive at the truth of all things, are rare.

Yet, now with the globalist elite progressing along their evil plans for control of everything and determined to reduce the world's population and consume more of its resources for themselves, they have also brought about a renewed "Great Awakening".

We thus may be finally entering a New Era if Light wins the Fight between Right and Wrong, Truth and Falsehood. It seems suitable to coin a new word in the English language to describe the fall of the Republics and the rise of the Freepublics.

Thus, a good translation of the word Jamahiriya, could be Freepublic or Frepublic.

The Green Charter makes the "United Nations" so-called Declaration of Human Rights from 1949, look like the slavery and top-down document of conspiring colonial powers that it was: even from its preamble it accept the rights of colonial powers to territories.

Those territories would thus not even have the right to the basic national freedom and independence! And all the not-so-obvious "gate-keeper" establishment human rights organizations such as Amnesty (Amnesia) International are based upon it.

Green Charter International was initially an amazing and promising organization with plans in the area of human rights that would have made Amnesia International redundant, and threatened the globalist elite and their plans to turn people into cattle.

Thus, a story was planted in the London Sunday Telegraph Newspaper owned by so-called neo-cons at the time, declaring the author of the Introduction and the Founder of Green Charter International, as someone going to overthrow "all the governments".

Few, these days, would say that this aim would be a bad thing. Governments have long lost credibility around the world, and no longer even can pretend to represent the interests of their national citizens and not be gate-keepers for the globalist elite.

With the pressures of a court case, which was won at the Royal Courts of Justice in London, and secret intelligence services threatening off others, the wonderful diverse leadership around the world but also in their backgrounds, lost communications.

Thus it was decided, to leave the formation of Green Charter International with specialized committees based on each of the Articles of the Green Charter, for the future, and instead to simply encourage a leaderless Green Charter Movement.

This was the purpose of the "Green Virus" and it's time has come, as a real and only virus that can jump from computer to (wo)man and which will compete with all the fake new viruses created in biology for the benefit of the master of computer viruses.

We know that master of computer viruses as an ugly individual who rubs his hands with glee at the opportunity to microchip everyone and force his vaccines, and those of his elite friends, upon humanity to weaken, sterilize and destroy freedom of choice.

We also know that our Green Virus is much more powerful when studies by anyone with both a Heart and half a Brain. We know that the Truth shall set us free, and that the Righteous shall inherit the Earth.

The "Green Virus" of The Green Book which explains how to achieve a free happy freepublic and the Green Charter which proclaims the Rights and Freedoms that will bring about, and which we proclaim as our own, are tools for us to achieve Victory.

If we now compare these Rights and Freedoms of the Green Charter with what we actually have today in most Western countries, we see that almost none of these rights remain, and we are almost completely devoid of freedom, compared to long ago.

It is up to you and everyone with a conscience, to stand up and demand these rights and freedoms and to study the means to achieve them: which means seizing power back into the hands of the free people where it belongs, not the slave masters.

Please therefore devote your time and efforts to this noble historic mission to ensure a free and happy future for humanity and all those under our guardianship, nature and the many other kingdoms such as flora and fauna, nature and wildlife.

We are responsible for our environment as well as our own individual and collective social entities and can not leave this in the hands of those who have committed massive crimes against humanity and the world environment as a whole.

The "Green" in The Green Book and the Green Charter, derives not from a limited environmental understanding, but, from Nature and Natural Law, from Life itself.

P.S. While GreenCharter.com was offline, we used bit.ly/greenvirus to divert to the content. Note that the .ly domain belongs to Libya. Although under occupation after massive invasion and a year long war against the free Libyan people, it is a nice "coincidence" that the famous URL shortener, uses the Libyan web domain .LY.

The word Libya also derives from the word Liberty. Thus it was also very suitable that the greatest concepts of Liberty (Freedom) were born out of the Libyan desert, in that African, Arab and Muslim country, all three of which were long despised in the West.

The enlightened people of today know that all humanity comes from one source, beats with one heart, and all face the same ultimate fate in this life, and that we should learn not from the usual few "prescribed" nations, but from all of humanity the world over.