Website: https://www.hirego.io

Telegram: https://t.me/hirego

Description: Decentralised car sharing platform

Date of Token Pre-Sale: 

2018-05-01 - 2018-05-31

About the project:

Car sharing is a growing industry which offers the convenience and freedom of car ownership without the burden of expensive purchasing and maintenance costs.

The HireGo decentralised application will make car hire and sharing more accessible, safe and convenient than ever before, being the first to create a working car hire DApp on the Ethereum testnet


The HireGo app will allow users with little or no knowledge of blockchain technology to seamlessly access the HireGo rental platform from anywhere in the world and begin listing vehicles or searching for available cars to hire.

The HGO tokens and smart contracts will be used for all transactions. Users can convert from and to other currencies within the application.



Using blockchain based user identity solutions provides assurances that users of the platform are genuine and trustworthy. Everything will be stored on the blockchain, creating an indisputable record of a user’s conduct


HireGo allows people and businesses to create communities within the app so that they can decide who to share their car with

Smart Contracts

The use of smart contracts, contractual code running on the Ethereum network, removes the necessity for a middleman and allows users to conduct trustless rental transactions

IoT Ready

When cars become IoT ready future versions of the HireGo contract will allow physical access to the vehicles to be governed by ownership of the requisite tokens

MVP and Partners:

The project already has the MVP: http://demo.hirego.io

A working web DApp and is now developing iOS app which will be piloted in car sharing network of partners.

Among industry partners there are Mobiq (the leading specialist consultancy on smart mobility and on-demand ground transport in Europe) and AutoDelen(carsharing in Belgium) - services, who will be piloting application in their networks

And Two technology partners - Origin and Hacken

Token Sale:

Token: HGO

Hardcap: 15000 ETH

Price 1 ETH = 5,400 HGO

Accept: ETH