Hindi Return To The Batcave The Misadventures Of Adam And Burt

Hindi Return To The Batcave The Misadventures Of Adam And Burt


Hindi Return To The Batcave: The Misadventures Of Adam And Burt


Adam West and Burt Ward are taken on a crazy adventure when the Batmobile is stolen from a car museum and they must track down the thief and return it. After solving a puzzle, they realize that the clues to finding the fiend who stole the Batmobile are hidden in their past. During the search, they flashback to their three seasons in tights, including their many sexual escapades. Ultimately they find the Batmobile, but get caught in the villain's lair. Tied to dynamite, will Adam and Burt get out in time? Tune in next time...same bat time...same bat channel!!
When the Batmobile is stolen, Adam West and Burt Ward search for it while remembering their days as the stars of the Batman live action series.
Beside the low production values (maybe an intentional tribute to the original series) and the simplistic script, this surprisingly entertaining television movie deters from the very childish humor of its first half to a collection of sexual references and boob jokes. Especially noteworthy is the allusion to Burt Ward&#39;s &quot;too much junk on the thighs&quot; problem and the portrait of Adam West in a three-way.<br/><br/>With a PG-15 classification, the target audience for this movie seems a little unclear. Too child oriented for the older ones who saw the original series, too ludicrous for a 15-25 public and overtly sexual for a younger audience.<br/><br/>Anyway, is funny enough to enjoy it.
A strangely enjoyable effort, combining an appropriately far-fetched plot involving Adam and Burt and flashbacks to the original TV series. Most of the flashback scenes were lifted directly from Burt Ward&#39;s book &quot;Boy Wonder: My Life in Tights&quot; and I imagine his book was the inspiration for making this movie. Like the book, it left fans of the original series hungering for more.<br/><br/> If you missed this broadcast, it is definitely worth the effort to borrow a tape from a friend who may have recorded it. I&#39;m making a copy for my kids right now.