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Rudy is a down-on-his-luck martial arts teacher who is only in teaching of his students, Milton, Jerry, and Eddie. Things begin to turn around for him when he meets Jack, a young, but very good martial artist, who has a connection with famous martial arts movie star, Bobby Wasabi. Jack agrees to help win back the dojo in a tournament against a rival dojo, the Black Dragons. While on many crazy adventures, Jack and the gang stick together with the Bobby Wasabi code, while working with former Black Dragon trainee, Kim
Set at the Bobby Wasabi Martial Arts Academy, a strip mall martial arts studio and worst dojo in the under-performing nationwide Bobby Wasabi chain. Revolves around a ragtag crew of lovable misfits who welcome a hotshot skateboarder named Jack who will teach them about life, karate, and how to just plain kick it.
We are a family who loves karate and Disney, so this show was made for us really, but we also like the story lines and the kids are fun and there is a lot of humor in the show. It seems that Disney XD is aimed at boys OR kids who like Karate, cartoons, etc and the regular Disney channel is aimed at more general family programming, so we are really enjoying this newer show.<br/><br/>The fact that some of the kids featured really do know karate just makes it a lot more fun to watch the fight scenes, and we love that the brother from Hannah Montana gets to play his real age finally instead of pretending to be just out of high school.<br/><br/>We highly recommend this for all families to watch - good clean fun!
what an horrible show. Guess my summary already said that. The thins is full of clichés. Every character is a cliché, the female counterpart that is fated to be the useless girlfriend of the protagonist, she is friggin hot, but she is independent and wants to be the best in what she does, guess what, that&#39;s never gonna happen cuz the protagonist is the best, and you my little one, no matter how hot or good you are, you are destined to be second place. The group of geek/nerds guy are simply insulting, I always was considered one and I kicked ass of any bully who tried to intimidate me almost getting expelled for letting some of them crying. what&#39;s wrong with Disney and stereotypes ? The protagonist ? oh dear god .... no men, I don&#39;t care with who you train with, I don&#39;t care if he was the friggin Mister Miyagi, you can&#39;t be even better than teachers in your short life !. The only reason they make him so perfect, is because they wanted him to be an idol, and example to follow, they wanted to every kid to relate themselves with Jack-ass, he is the hero and the protagonist, and even when kids might like that, it bores me to death.<br/><br/>The comedy ? oh dear god why, I don&#39;t know if I have seen another show abuse so much of the resource of CL, literally, is canned laugh every 5 seconds the characters talk, its like the producers are right behind you, screaming to your ears &#39;&#39; Laugh ! Laugh !!! Laugh!!!!!!!!!&#39;&#39; If you are 6 years old or can get related to any of the characters you are possible giving this a 8. If you don&#39;t, you are possible hating this. I don&#39;t think this deserves more than 3 stars, the things is, that this series have such score as 6.1, and I can&#39;t tolerate that. So i give it 1, in order to get the true score it deserves. 6 Its way too much for this.

Its A Laugh Productions and Poor Soul Productions are casting new recurring roles for the third season of the hit Disney XD live-action multi-camera comedy &quot;Kickin&#39; It&quot;. Taping on the show will resume in January, 2013 in Los Angeles. In addition to the recurring roles, the Disney casting directors will be casting guest starring and day player roles throughout the season which will continue taping through Spring, 2013. The extras will also be cast on an ongoing basis throughout the season. &quot;Kickin&#39; It&quot; was given a third season order by Disney on on November 5, 2012.<br/><br/>Details Here:<br/><br/>Disney Casting Season Three of &quot;Kickin&#39; It&quot;<br/><br/>http://www.filmtelevisionauditions.com/2012/12/disney-xd-casting-actors-and-extras-for.html<br/><br/>2013 Actors Resource Guide eBooks<br/><br/>http://www.ActorsResourceGuides.com No. Seaford is a fictional city. Because it is located on the Coast of California, it is actually a parody of West Hollywood, California (where Kickin&#39; It is filmed at Hollywood Center Studios, at 1040 N. Las Palmas Ave, in Hollywood, Los Angeles area, California.) Alex Christian Jones (who plays Eddie Jones) did not reprise his role as Eddie in Season 3 or 4. In the last episode, Oh Christmas Nuts, it is implied that he quit the dojo or he got kicked off the dojo by Rudy because he had low karate ratings and wasn&#39;t as flexible and ultimately left. Alex actually left because he was busy studying for high school and wanted to focus more on his personal and family life. Alex wanted to live with take care of his grandparents back at Birmingham, Alabama (where he is from). He was NOT kicked off the show!! Prior to his departure, he thanked the cast and crew for having such a wonderful time at Kickin&#39; It. Since his departure, the script was then rewritten for Season 3 to remove Eddie&#39;s character from the story. No replacements were selected to replace him. The main reason why they don&#39;t mention his disappearance and pretend he never existed (i.e. &quot;Too bad Eddie moved out&quot; or &quot;I wish Eddie would come back to the dojo&quot; the fact that they just NEVER mention him, remains unknown. <br/><br/>Olivia Holt left the show to star in another sitcom called &quot;I Didn&#39;t Do It&quot;. (she wanted to focus on other shows and move on). The story was rewritten again and the theme song as also changed. It has been confirmed by Olivia Holt that Kim will not be returning for the beginning of Season 4, due to the filming of her new show, I Didn&#39;t Do It, but she made a guest appearance in Seaford Hustle and the series finale: The Grandmaster. I think they must&#39;ve thought Rudy was leaving town for a few years. Either that or they were originally ending the series. It depends. If you watch the action scenes in slow motion, you can often tell if it&#39;s the actor or a stunt double. Leo Howard seems to do a lot of his own fight scenes and acrobatics while many of the fights and flips by other characters are done by doubles; although occasionally Olivia Holt will perform a simple flip or fight. No, it has not been explained where Eddie went; the characters don&#39;t even mention him.<br/><br/>Just kidding. Alex Jones said that he became busy overtime with his family life such as taking care of his grandparents and his school studies that unfortunately, he could not do both so he chose to leave the show. Following this, the screenplay was rewritten to remove Eddie&#39;s character from the story. The new plot had it that Eddie left the dojo, moved out of Seaford and moved back to England where he is from to take care of his ill grandparents. If you noticed, Kim was not sitting with the Black Dragons, so it&#39;s safe to assume that she didn&#39;t approve of their bullying tactics. She also flashed Jack a smile during the fight, as if to say &quot;Keep going. You&#39;re doing great&quot; so it&#39;s pretty obvious she had no interest in getting involved. Besides, it&#39;s none of her business and it&#39;s also implied that she has a crush on Jack. There are plenty of seeds all over his chest. a5c7b9f00b