Hey, sexy!

Hey, sexy!

billy wilson

I was coming out of the tiny shower of the suite at 11:45, rushing in the hopes Tom Edwards, the First Officer, might be hanging around the hallway outside “just in case”. Without bothering with underwear, I slip on the summer dress I had worn previously, sandals, and quickly brushed my hair. I opened the door to find Tom nervously pacing just down the hall from my suite.

I leaned against the door frame as he tentatively approached. He was out of uniform, wearing nice shorts and pull-over shirt with sandals. “Hi, I was thinking about you.”

He looked at me curiously, “About me? No offense, but I’ve seen the number of men coming and going. Why would you be thinking about me?”

I chuckled, “Many of them were nice but they were all part of an expectation. You’re different. You’re a choice.” He smiled and visibly relaxed. With him at my side, I turned to gaze into my room. It was a disaster. It looked like some college guys had partied in it for a weekend. I apologized as I indicated the torn up bed. What he couldn’t see, but probably could imagine, was the cum stained condition of the sheets.

He pulled out a radio clipped to his belt (always on duty as First Officer) and asked House Keeping to come to my suite for a quick cleaning and bedding change. He winked at me. Ending the conversation and replacing the radio on his belt, he took my hand and led me up onto the open deck explaining that he knew of a spot that would be secluded, if I was interested. I told him I was very interested.

He wound us through passageways toward the stern of the ship and through doors marked, ‘Crew Only’. We were at the rear of the ship and encountered a solid steel door at the end of the passageway. He smiled, turned to a keypad next to the door and entered a passcode. I heard an audible click when the lock released and he held the door for me. A small room opened to an area overlooking the back of the ship where guests would never be able to get to. It was a beautiful location. The rest of the ship protected it from the breeze of the moving ship and the night sky opened up above with a clarity that was amazing and only possible when there was no ambient lighting to diffuse the light of the stars above. I stood at the railing and gazed at the dark water below and the night sky full of stars above.

I felt his tentative presence close behind me, still the ship officer with a guest. I turned and stepped into him, my body pressing into his. As my arms went around his neck, his wound around me and we kissed. He was a good kisser and I felt his arousal in the stiffening cock pressing into my abdomen.

I pulled at his shirt, releasing it from his shorts. I broke the kiss, “Are you okay with this?” He nodded and took my lips with his.

I pulled his shirt up his body, which forced us to break the kiss, again. As my fingers worked on his belt and zipper, his fingers were working on the zipper of my dress. We were both naked in moments. He pressed his hard cock against me and I sensed his unwillingness to be the aggressor with a guest, even one like me.

I turned and leaned against the railing and spread my legs. With an invitation like that, he didn’t hesitate further. He stepped up to me and stroked my pussy. It was very wet, of course, and a groan escaped my lips in anticipation. I felt his cock head being moved up and down my slit, then stopping at my open hole. I wiggled my ass for encouragement and he pressed forward, his cock sinking into my hole. I pressed back at the same time indicating my desire for fucking without concerns. I had been well-used already; my pussy and ass were loose and ready. He thrust into me, driving his cock deep. His hand moved around to a breast, which he fondled, pinching the nipple, occasionally.

I felt him throb inside me, but he pulled out. A moan of frustration escaped my throat. He turned me and applied pressure to my shoulders. I smiled and sank to my knees on the hard steel surface and took his hard, juice-coated cock into my mouth. I fucked his cock with my mouth, taking it into my throat. He gasped and groaned, then he began fucking my mouth and throat, his hands on the sides of my head.

He pulled out and looked around us. He found the life-rings stacked against the wall and pulled me to them. He sat down. He indicated he wanted my ass and I nodded with a smile. I figured he was lubricated sufficiently from my pussy. His hands on my hips guided me back, then down onto his cock at my puckered hole. He held his cock and I pressed down until his cock had succeeded in stretching my sphincter and entering my anus. I gasped out as he did. With his hands on my breast and nipples and my fingers working my clit as I rose and fell on his cock, we both came shortly after, our cries of orgasm lost in the receding wind of the ship.

* * * * *

I kissed him as we were parting directions, he toward the crew quarters level and me to guest room level.

“By the way,” he said, “I ran into your two female friends. They wanted me to let you know they would be up late.”

“They knew I was meeting you?” He shrugged. I wasn’t going to get much sleep.

I knocked softly on the door. One peeked her head from around the door, seeing me she pulled the door open enough for me to enter while she stayed behind it. They were both naked. I looked at them surprised.

“We were hoping you would come by. We were drinking and trying to work up the courage to do something even if you didn’t show up.”

“I thought you said you had never been with a woman.”

The one who had been speaking lowered her eyes, “Well, that was her. I just didn’t say anything. Truth is, as I admitted to her only moments ago, my boyfriend and I have done some swinging with other couples. There always seems to be some girl-on-girl at some point in those things.” She blushed.

They handed me a glass of wine and we talked, mostly about my eventful evening. That seemed to get the three of us in the right frame of mind for trying a female three-some. I had stripped out of my single garment after seeing them naked.

We were about to form a small daisy-chain of pussy munching when I remembered Tom. “I should warn you, our good First Officer probably made a mess of my ass.”

The woman who had done some swinging piped right up, “No problem. One thing about swinging and girl-on-girl is encountering cum.” We all laughed.

I knelt to begin eating the other woman and I felt my ass cheeks being spread. When her tongue probed my ass, licking and driving into my puckered opening, I groaned deeply. I’d found a woman who really seemed to enjoy asshole sucking and licking, even with cum leaking from it. It was a very worthwhile experience for me.

* * * * *

I showed up for a late breakfast, just before the buffet was about to shut down. I received a lot of knowing smiles and smirks wherever I went. Although I hadn’t paid much attention to all the guys who had joined me in my bed, there was no question in their minds who they had been with.

When I went up to the pool deck, there was still about four hours before docking in Miami. I was encircled by a bunch of the guys in the pool and as I climbed out of it I felt hands on my body as the cool water ran off my nearly naked body. I stepped onto the deck in front of the rest of the guys and from the look in their eyes, I just had to look down at my obscenely small suit. I was right about it. The material clung to my pussy lips and nipples and all but became non-existent as a covering.

I spotted numerous hard cocks forming under the wet swim trunks around me. There was still between three and four hours to docking. I looked at the suits tented by arousal and took the hand of the nearest man and led him off the pool deck to the stairs leading below. As we did the 180-degree turn on the stairs, I look up and found a long line of men following. I walked directly to my suite, walked to the center of the room while I untied the scraps of transparent cloth and sank to my knees in front of them.

Once I had two of the men hard, I move to the bed on my back. One knelt between my legs while the other presented his cock to my face. Both of them were fucking me hard. I relaxed my mouth and throat and allowed it to happen.

After the first two, I was encouraged onto my knees. One took me from behind and another sat in front of me. The next was a group of three. I sat on one guy up my pussy, another took my ass, and the third my mouth.

It went on like this for the next several hours. I think we all lost track of the time. It wasn’t until the in-room speaker announced that docking would be in 30 minutes and all guests should be preparing to disembark. The last two finished what they had started before I was left sprawled on my cum stained bed … again.

* * * * *

“Hey, sexy!”

I knew that sexy, female voice. I was making my way through the cruise ship terminal when I heard the words. It could have been directed at someone else but for the familiarity of the voice. I turned in search of the source, but why would she be here? A smile spread across my face as I took in the sight of the woman rushing toward me in a short sundress, sunglasses in her hair, and heels clicking on the tile floor. Her braless breasts were jiggling with each step. I dropped my bag and took her into my arms while other guests from the ship parted around us.

“Mary!” I kissed her passionately as the two women employees walked by giving me approving nods. I smiled back. “What are you doing here?”

“YOU. You’re what I am doing here. I took a couple day off and told Charles you needed some time off, too, especially after what you just did for the firm.” I looked at her and kissed her, again. She beamed back at me as she took my hand and led the way to the departure door where a taxi was waiting. “I booked us into a hotel on the beach. I hope you have a sexy bikini in that case.”

I smiled. “Just wait until you see it!”











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