Liquidity Providing

Liquidity Providing

Nimbus Platform

Hey Nimbus Community,

We’re sure you’ve run across the «Pool» and «LP Staking» functionality of the Nimbus Platform. But what you might not know is that those are the true gems of the Platform! You should definitely try them out - here’s why:

Both sections enable Liquidity Providing - one of the core pillars that keeps the entire ecosystem running. In particular, they help users to get NBU with the lowest degree of slippage and volatility.

But here’s why liquidity providing is beneficial not only for the entire Platform, but for Liquidity Providers themselves:

1) By providing your liquidity in the «Pool» section, you get your portion from the Platform transaction fees. As a reference, today’s transaction volume is almost $250,000 - and we’re just starting! As the dApps and other tokens go live, the picture can change drastically.  

2) Moreover, by staking liquidity in the «LP Staking» section, Liquidity Providers can receive 100% APY. This is a unique opportunity that nobody would want to miss!😉

Our complete guide on Liquidity Providing will be ready soon and in the mean time, make sure to check it out yourself - the interface is really simple and intuitive. Don’t forget: the early bird gets the worm😎

More to come soon, 

Your Nimbus Team