Here's how to earn income (BTC) from Jarvis without a subscription, you can start today!

Here's how to earn income (BTC) from Jarvis without a subscription, you can start today!

Jarvis Labs

We are stepping up our efforts to make Jarvis more accessible to everyone. 

Through our affiliate program, you can start earning income starting today and use that income to purchase your own subscription to Jarvis tomorrow.

The affiliate program lets anybody earn income by sharing their custom link. If the link gets used to purchase a subscription, 10% goes to you.

That means if you share the link to a friend who signs up for a lifetime membership, you'll get $1,000 sent to your BTC address within seven days... no questions asked. Annual membership, that's $250 coming your way.

The only caveat is the purchaser cannot cancel their subscription in that seven-day window. That's it. Everything is automatic.

To get started, send a message to our bot on Telegram:

Type in "/affiliate" and send it to the bot. 

You'll receive this reply:

The message is telling you the commission for each subscription purchased using your affiliate link is 10%. The minimum payout is actually $25 for a monthly subscription, not $20... And the maximum is $1,000 for a lifetime purchase. We pay you the commission in seven days. 

To help us pay you the commission please enter a valid BTC address by clicking "Set BTC address". Once you've entered the address select send.

That's it! Your affiliate link is displayed in the red box below along with your BTC address below:

Now all you need to do is share the link with friends and family. 

If you have any questions along the way feel free to message the bot. The messages get sent to our team and we can reply directly in the chat. 

You can also email us at or chat with Ben on telegram

Thank you for taking part in making Jarvis Labs accessible to everyone.

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