Here With Me

Here With Me


Im imagining you laying here next to me on my soft satin sheets. Youre wearing your favorite green top with the spaghetti straps and the matching skirt. We start to kiss, small timid kisses at first then growing to deep open mouthed kisses as our hands roam all over each others bodies. Your hand finds my cock and begins to stroke it through the thin material of my slacks. My hand slides between your thighs as my tongue slips into your mouth. Our tongues entwine around each other as we search each others mouths. Finally, I cant take any more and I need to move on.

My mouth leaves your mouth and I begin to cover your neck with little kisses. You moan and press yourself against me. I suck hard on your neck, your body tenses and you groan, pressing harder against me. I lick gently behind your ear and I hear you sigh softly. I slowly kiss my way back down the side of your neck as I slide the strap of your top off your shoulder. I kiss my way down your shoulder as I slide your other strap down. I kiss every inch of your other shoulder and then return to your mouth.

I straddle your waist and lay on top of you as we start to kiss passionately, our tongues again searching each others mouths. Your hands caress my back as we continue to kiss. Your hands rubbing my back through my silk shirt feels amazing as I try to return the pleasure by kissing you more and more passionately. I start to slowly move my way down your body by again covering your neck with kisses and licks. I kiss your upper chest as I slowly pull your top down to your waist. Youre wearing a lacy, strapless bra that barely covers your breast. I kiss my way down between your breasts all the way down to your navel. I want so much to go down lower but I want to make this last.

I tease your navel with my tongue as my hands reach up to massage your breasts through the thin material of your bra. You fingers run through my hair as you start to moan loudly. I kiss my way down to the skin just above the waist of your skirt and then kiss my way back up to your breast. I reach behind you and unhook your bra revealing your beautiful breasts. I avoid your nipples but cover every other inch of your breasts with small kisses as my hands caress your sides. You press your crotch hard against my stomach wanting me to touch you so badly. I smile to myself knowing that this is going to be very good for you. I slowly run my tongue all around your nipples and then I take one of them into my mouth. I flick my tongue over your nipple as I suck on your nipple, then I do the same to your other nipple. After a few minutes of alternating between your nipples your start to push down on my shoulders and I know you are ready for more.

I kiss my way back down your body. When I reach your skirt I go down to your legs, raise your skirt a little and start to kiss and lick your thighs paying particular attention to the inside of your thighs. As I continue to move up your thighs I raise your skirt higher and higher. When I reach the top of your thigh, I roll you over onto your stomach and unbutton your skirt. I slip your top off over your head and then your skirt down and off to see that you are wearing my favorite lace thong. I cover your buttocks with kisses, licks and tiny bites. I tug gently on your thong so it presses hard against your clitoris, vagina and anus which makes you moan, and then I slip your thong off. I pull your buttocks apart and then lay kisses from your tailbone all the way down to your anus. When my lips meet your anus you push up against me and I push my tongue hard against your opening. You moan loudly as my tongue pushes into you and then swirls around your opening.

After a few moments of pushing my tongue into you and teasing your anus you push yourself up on to your knees. I lick all around your outer and then your inner lips. I slip my tongue inside your vagina to taste your wonderful wetness. You gasp as my tongue first slides into you and you push back against me, wanting me in deeper. I slide my tongue in and out of you until your wetness flows out of you. I pull back and see that your clitoris is fully erect and pushing out of its hood. I gently touch it with just the tip of my tongue and you cry out. I suck your clitoris into my mouth as I slide two fingers inside your vagina and one into your anus. I curl my fingers inside your vagina to press against your g-spot as I continue to lick and suck on your clitoris. The combined stimulation of your clitoris, g-spot and anus brings you to the point of orgasm very quickly. Your moans keep getting higher in pitch and I feel your vagina and anus tighten around my fingers. I know you are at the edge so I suck hard on your clitoris as I press down and rub your g-spot hard. You explode, your body jerking and pushing hard against me. You cry out and I feel your wetness against my face as I lick and suck on your clitoris. Your body shakes until you collapse down on to the bed. I push your legs apart and lick up all of your wetness as I rub your back.

I slowly move up your body kissing your buttocks, back and shoulders. You turn your head to kiss me as you push your buttocks against my crotch. You moan in frustration and say, Hey, I think youre a little overdressed for this party Baby.

With a giggle you roll over under me and then push me onto my back. You lay down on top of me, you completely naked and I still fully dressed. I reach up to touch you but you grab my wrist and pin me down onto the bed. No, Baby, you inform me. Now, its my turn.

With that you start to kiss me deeply, your tongue pushing deep into my mouth. Then you start to kiss the side of my neck as I tilt my head back so you can cover my neck with kisses. As you continue kissing my neck you very slowly start to unbutton my shirt. When my shirt is completely unbuttoned you sit up, kneeling over me, place your hands on my stomach and slowly slide them up my chest causing my shirt to fall away on both sides. You look at my exposed chest and abdomen for a few moments and then greedily move down to suck and lick my nipples. You lustfully suck and lick my nipples as you unbutton and unzip my slacks. You lick and kiss your way down my body as you pull my pants off of me. You then start to kiss and lick the inside of my thighs as you rub my cock through my boxer shorts with both hands.

Finally, both of us able to take anymore you slip off my boxers and quickly take me into your mouth. You take as much of me into your mouth as you can while you stroke my cock with your hand. With your free hand you massage my scrotum for a few moments before you slide your hand under me. Your tongue teases my cock as one hand strokes my shaft and the other hand squeezes my buttocks. Your hand moves from my buttocks and I feel you place a finger against my anus. You rub and massage it gently as I push against your finger, letting you know how much I want it in me. You pull your finger away and slide it up inside you to wet it and then return it to my eager opening. You stop stroking and sucking my cock for a moment. You just hold me in your mouth as your finger eases inside of me. You know that if you had continued to suck on me I would have exploded in your mouth as you slide your finger inside me. You press down on my prostate and I moan loudly. You go back to sucking and stroking my cock as you continue to massage my prostate.

After a few moments I feel my orgasm start to grow and you stop what you are doing to let me relax for a few moments. Then when you feel I am ready to start again you go back to what you are doing. You do this to me two more times, bringing me right to the point of orgasm and then stopping. The last time you even bring me right to the brink and you have to squeeze my shaft hard to keep me from going over the edge. After that you realize thats enough teasing and you move up my body to kiss me hard on the mouth again. Our mouths open and our tongues begin to explore each others mouths.

You reach down and grab my hard shaft pushing it against your opening. We continue kissing as you lower yourself slowly down my cock. When Im buried completely in you, you give me one long hard kiss and then you push yourself up to kneel over me once again. You slowly start to ride up and down on me as I watch your beautiful body. I reach between your legs and start to rub your hard clitoris. You moan and your breathing starts to come in gasps. I reach up to massage your breasts and tease your nipples as your pace starts to quicken. Pretty quickly I have to stop playing with your breasts and grasp the base of my cock because Im afraid I may explode and fill you with my seed as you quickly bounce up and down on me. I watch your head tilt back and you start moaning as I quicken my pace rubbing your clitoris. You finally cry out and I feel your wetness run all over my cock, scrotum and thighs. Your body shakes hard as you lay down on top of me wrapping your arms around me tightly. I hold you as your body slowly stops shaking and your orgasm subsides.

You rest for a little while and then you push yourself up to kiss me gently. You slide up off of me as my cock slips out of and you climb over to the edge of the bed. You reach into my nightstand and pull out a bottle of lubricant. You squirt some on to your fingers and smile at me for a moment. You turn around and bend over giving me a nice view of your ass. You slowly slip two fingers inside your anus as you gasp loudly. You finger yourself for a little while letting me enjoy the show before you turn back around to face me. You squirt more lube into the palm of your hand and then place your hand against my hard cock. I feel the generous amount of lube squish between your hand and my cock as you wrap your fingers around my shaft. You start to stroke me from the tip of my cock all the way down to the base covering me with the lube. You kneel over me again this time facing away from me. You know how much it turns me on to watch my cock slide in and out of your ass.

You place the head of my cock against your anus and hold it there for a moment. Normally we use a vibrator to loosen you up so I know this is going to be a little painful for you. I want to tell you that you dont have to do this but I want it too bad to say anything. You turn your head back to look at me and I can tell by the look in your eye that you want it too so I dont try to stop you. After looking at me for a second you smile and then push yourself down onto me. You cry out as the head starts to penetrate you, the cries getting louder until the entire head slides into you. You wait a few moments trying to catch your breath and letting the pain subside. Then you push all the way down my cock until it is completely buried inside of you. Im shocked because youve never done that before. Usually you take only an inch at a time, but I realize that you wanted the pain to be over quickly so the pleasure can begin. You kneel there for a while with my cock deep inside your anus as the pain subsides. I watch you reach up and start to massage your breasts. I rub your back and buttocks as you begin to moan.

Slowly you begin to move back up my cock only to slide back down taking me back into you entirely. You ride up and down on my cock slowly quickening your pace. I watch my cock slide in and out of your tight anus and my breathing quickens. You realize my orgasm is close and you lay back against me. I wrap my arms around you as I feel your back and buttocks slide against me, our sweat causing just the right amount of friction. You turn your head and whisper in my ear, Cum inside my ass, please Baby, I want to feel your hot cum fill my ass!

Those words push me over the edge and I feel my cock start to throb in your tight opening. I reach down and grab your mound pushing you against me as my first shot of cum shoots deep inside you. You moan loudly and then the second shot shoots inside you. My body shakes as my fingernails press into your flesh and I release my load inside of you. I push into you with one last thrust as the last of my cum is released inside of you. You kiss me gently as you feel my cock slowly grow soft inside of you. After a few moments of kissing and caressing each other, we both fall asleep with you laying on top of me and my cock still inside you...well, we sleep for a little while until you wake to find my cock fully hard and still deep inside of you.

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