Her First Time_(4)

Her First Time_(4)


I admit I was curious. How did it feel? Was it better? Would I be hooked after I did it? I wasnt thinking about drugs or alcohol. I was thinking about sex with another woman.

I have had my share of encounters with men. Some of them were wonderful, others were best forgotten. But never in my live had I tried it with another woman. I had talked about it with past male lovers. I had not had the interest to try and ruin a good thing by bringing another woman to bed for them. but this was for me, and I was unsure of what to do. So I decided to go to a local lesbian bar and see if I could get lucky.

I had decided against dressing conservative. opting for more of a carefree if not totally slutty look. I wore a black leather vest that barely contained My DD breasts, no bra, mid thigh black leather mini skirt with zippers up both sides and open up to the hips. black thigh high boots that stopped about three inches short of the flaps of the skirt. I decided against the leather undies and opted for the totally bare feeling.

There were all types of women here. The full range of sizes. anorexic, slender, athletic, volumptuous, heavy, short, medium, tall. all kinds of looks. stunning, butch, cute, ugly.

I saw Her at the bar, or more acurately, them. the Lady was Auburn haired. Beautiful, stylishly decked out in black leather bustier that contrasted wonderfully with her pale white skin and large breasts, black mini skirt, fishnet stockings and tall black stillettos. She looked sure of herself and confident in her actions. What caught My attention also was the other girl with her.

The other girl was was a honey colored blonde with the an even tan and wearing stillettos too, but other than that she was wearing the smallest bikini I had ever seen. the top was black and did nothing to cover the darker skin of her areolas other than the hard nipples that tried to rip through the small patches of fabric. add to it the fact the the girl was almost as large up top as the Lady. The bottom was a thong that clung tight to the skin of the girl, clearly showing the cleft of her vulva beneath and disappearing in between the cheeks of her firm ass. the only other things she wore was a leather collar and a leash. a leash that the Lady had draped over Her wrist.

The Lady looked me directly in the eye and smiled. purposely, she lifted the leash and pulled the girl close. talking directly into her ear and looking back to me. the girl was almost shivering. but I didnt know it was from arousal and not fear or cold. the girl in turn looked to the Lady, bowed at the waist and kissed the soft pale skin of the Ladys breasts before stepping away from Her and walking through the croud and tables to stand before me.

Pardon Miss? the voice was soft and dulcet like silk the accent sounding possibly french.

Yes? I replied. Trying not to drool over the delicate exposed beauty.

Ello Miss. My name is Cunnie. Mistress has ordered Cunnie to bring you to Her. Would you please follow Cunnie, Miss? the girls eyes were almost ice blue, and they sparkled with lust. I could see that the small tight patch of the thong was soaked through and the girls thighs were wet as well. the leash having slipped down to just over the low waist band of her thong.

Mistress? I asked. Unsure of how to react to the word. although my body decided for me as My own slit started to get wet.

Yes, Miss. Mistress owns cunnie. Will you please follow Cunnie to Mistress, Miss?

I was curious and arroused. I nodded and stood to follow the girl back to the Lady. watching that beautiful little ass flex with every step back to Cunnies Mistress. Cunnie stopped to the right of the red headed Lady in leather and spoke softly but clearly to Her.

Mistress. cunnie has returned with the one you wanted. cunnie hopes you are pleased. Cunnie stayed where she was awaiting a response.

Thank you, My pretty cunnie the Ladys hand reached out to the hanging leash and stayed there, rubbing against the barely covered mound and causing Cunnie to moan softly My cunnie did very well, I am pleased. you may use your hungry little tongue on My pussy, My cunnie The Lady turned and parted Her legs exposing Her smooth lips to cunnie and in part to me. they glistened with wetness.

cunnie leaned in and again kissed the swell of Her creamy breasts. cunnie thanks you, Mistress. Then cunnie knealt and proceeded to lap hungrily at the offered treat.

All of this was done without a look to me. As cunnie knealt, The Lady turned to look at me. Far away she was beautiful, up close she was a Goddess. Her hand reached out slowly to caress My cheek. It was a warm, sensual, apprasing touch.

Hello, I am Lady Katherine. You have already met My little cunnie-girl she reached down with the other hand to stroke the blonde head between her legs. What is your name, honey?

I watched the scene before me. My mind clouded with lust and perhaps a bit of envy at the two women. My own mind wondered who I wanted to be. Lady Katherine or cunnie. I...Im... my name is Sherry. its nice to meet you both.... I was unsure of how she wanted to be addressed.

You may call me, Kat...for now. I love the taste of a good sherry, and so does cunnie. Do you taste good, Sherry? Kat smiled and licked her lips.

I like to think I do, Kat. Are you wanting to find out?

The hand on My cheek slid back behind My head and pulled me in for a deep passionate kiss. My hands reached out for support, one finding Kats bare lower back. The other finding cunnies golden tresses. We moaned deeply into each others mouths and I slid the hand at Her back lower over Her leather clad ass. Kat pulled away from the kiss and licked Her lips again as her hand slid down my back.Mmmmm, you do taste good, Sherry. I think cunnie would like to taste you too. Kat pulled up the leash and cunnie. Would My little cunnie like a taste of Sherry?

cunnie stood and licked her lips clean, smiling Cunnie would, Mistress. If Mistress and Miss permits.

What do you say, Sherry? Can My little cunnie taste you?

My mind was still fogged from Kats kiss and I nodded not thinking clearly.

I caught a faint scent of pussy as cunnie leaned in close to me and lowered her head to My chest, kissing my cleavage as her hands pulled me to her by my waist. Her hands slid lower, feeling the openings at the side of My skirt and slipped under to cup My bare ass and then around to rub My wet slit. I tangled My fingers in her hair and moaned at the touches before she pulled back.

She lifting the finger to her lips and licked it slowly while looking Me in the eye and moaning softly Mmmm, Miss does taste good, Mistress she took the wet finger and offered it to Kat.

Kat opened her mouth, Her tongue coming out for a moment before the blood red lips of Her mouth closed around the offered finger and sucked it clean. Mmmm good girl, My cunnie. Sherry has a delightful taste. Now, Sherry would you like to taste Us? Kat pulled her hand from my back and held it in front of me.

I licked my lips and placed my hand in hers as I nodded. Not entirely sure of myself.Am I ready to do this? I asked myself oh, hell! why not. I answered back.

Taste My cunnie first. Kat said. guiding My hand down to cunnies wet thong as I pulled cunnie into a deep kiss of my own. cunnie moaned and shuddered as My lips and fingers made contact with her. I threw caution to the wind and pulled back only to place a hand on the almost naked breast and looking at cunnie.

Cunnie turned her head to Kat, who smiled and nodded after I looked to Her too. cunnie then reached up and took My hand to pull the little patch of cloth to the side and exposing her large, hard and pierced nipple to Me.

I smiled and opened my mouth to kiss the long thick nipple. My hand caressed cunnies slit from the outside before pulling up and slipping into them to touch the source of that wetness.

Cunnie gasped deeply and moaned out a question to Kat. Mistress, may Your cunnie cum for Miss. Please, Mistress?

I glanced up to see Kat nod as I felt Her hand slipping under my skirt and between My legs to rub My now dripping pussy. I shuddered against cunnies throbbing nipple as she quaked against my hand, soaking it in her juices. I in turn came all over Kats hand, and moaned against cunnies hard nipple. I pulled back and lifted my wet fingers to my mouth while looking at cunnie and licked My fingers clean. Mmmmm, I like how cunnie tastes. I said, smiling broadly.

As do I. Now would you like to taste Me? Kat smiled and parted her legs again as she opened her arms to me. Her hands made their way back under the flap of My skirt and gripped my ass.

I stepped into her embrace, one hand seeking out her smooth slit and pushing two fingers into it easily. Our lips touched and My senses reeled as She moaned into my mouth. Kats lips tasted of strawberries. My hands slid up from her waist to cup the leather bustier and all that it held. I suckled on her tongue and then kissed down her throat to the pale mounds of flesh of her heaving breasts. I again looked up to Her and whispered softly Mistress, may sherry worship your breasts?

Lady Katherine smiled and nodded Her assent and I popped two buttons on the leather top and made love to Kats large breasts. Her nipples were not pierced, but each had a silver ring tight around the base of it. They were about longer than cunnies nipples. Close to 3/4 and about half an inch in diameter. I was really wet now and I felt the back of My skirt being lifted and what I secretly hoped was cunnies long tounge part My folds and lap at My clit. I exploded onto her tongue, to which she eagerly lapped up the juices. Cunnie finally relented her  assault on my pussy and I stumbled back against her. I opened my eyes to Kat and her heavy breasts and swollen wet nipples hanging out for all to see. I almost forgot about My wet hand covered in her juices and lifted it to suck it clean of her delicious nectar. Mmmmm, thank you, Mistress.

Do you wish to join My little cunnie in serving Me, little sherry I felt the implications in the words. To clarify, this is only for tonight. not long term, unless you offer yourself to Me at a later time.

What about cunnie? I asked Kat.

My cunnie, you may answer Kat directed.

Cunnie looked to her Owner and smiled Yes, Mistress. thank You, Mistress she then turned to me Mistress made the offer, so cunnie has no say in it. Cunnie is Mistresss slave for life. cunnie hesitated and glanced to Lady Katherine then continued. But Cunnie would love you as a sister-slave for as long as you wish. Miss Sherry. should you accept.

I looked back to Lady Katherine I have never done anything like that, this is even my first time with another woman. I would love to try it out for tonight. so, Yes Mistress, I would love to serve you with cunnie for tonight

Good, little sherry. just remember I am not here to force you to do anything you dont really want to do. if you dont want to do something, say so and well talk about it. understand?

Yes, Mistress I replied quickly.

Lady Katherine looked to cunnie. cunnie, go get the limo and meet Us out front.

cunnie glided over to her Mistress and kisses the still uncovered breasts Yes, Mistress. May cunnie kiss sherrys breasts as a goodbye?

Yes, you may. horny little slut Lady Katherine chided playfully.

thank you, Mistress and cunnie opened my top enough to get at My nipples and kissed one then the other. she then stood and kissed me on the lips, I could still taste Katherine on them. she pulled back and smiled to me. see you at the car, sister sherry. she said as she turned toward the back of the bar and dissappeared into the croud.

Lady Katherine reached out to caress my hard nipples gently, making me moan and and squirm a bit Mmmm, very yummy looking breasts. she then leaned down and licked them slowly. Mmmm, taste yummy too. now little sherry, time to button Me up then yourself.

Yes, Mistress I lovingly lifted her breasts back into the lather top and snapped it closed. I then reached into each cup and adjusted them to look as they were before. is that good, Mistress? I asked Her.

Yes, little sherry. That is perfect. Now do yours Lady Katherine directed

I did as I was told and lifted both of my super sensitive breasts back into the leather vest and nearly came as the nipples rubbed across the inside as I was buttoning it into place.

Good girl, sherry. now cunnie should be out front in a moment. we should make Our way out She slid off the stool, smoothed her skirt down and blew a kiss to the hot female bartender before making her way to the front door.

I followed and could not pull my eyes off her tight little bottom all the way to the door. I followed her out the door to the limo. she stood at the door of the car and I stepped around to open it. She smiled and caressed my cheek again before stepping into the darkness of the limo. I followed her in and closed the door. ready to explore a new world under Her guidance.











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