Her Dick's Bigger than Mine Pt. 02

Her Dick's Bigger than Mine Pt. 02

I woke up to feel a warm emptiness next to me in my bed where Chloe had slept with me, after the hot sex we had last night. I could hear the shower running, obviously Chloe had gotten up before me, which was standard on a Sunday morning.

I dragged myself out of bed and grabbed my towel, wrapping it around me as I approached the bathroom. I waited at the door for a moment before the noise of the shower went silent, another moment passed and the door opened. Chloe came out of the bathroom with one towel wrapped around her hair, and another covering her from her knees up to her boobs.

"Morning." I yawned, stealing a glance to see that her cleavage was on show.

"Hiya Grey." She smiled, "I may have touched myself in the shower thinking about yesterday."

My face went red hot. "D-did you?" I asked quietly, she smirked as if she had gotten the reaction she wanted.

Then her smirk turned into a grin, her tongue tracing her lips and her eyes looking me up and down. "You can touch yourself to it too if you want Grey, though only if you wear what I choose for you to wear today. That is if you want to do it again of course?"

"I'd like that," I answered softly. "Also that seems like an easy and fair trade Chloe."

"Good boy, now go get yourself showered." She patted my head and went into her bedroom to dry off.

I couldn't help but obey, since that was what I was going to do anyway. I turned on the shower and let my towel fall to the floor. I was naked in here, and would have no objection to Chloe interrupting. I got in the shower and let the hot water wash away yesterday's sweat, running my hands up and down my smooth body until I got to my dick. It was already hard and, looking down on it, I couldn't help but think of Chloe's. I slowly rubbed myself thinking about how big and hard it was, and the fact it was inside me. There was a slight psychological factor too. I would have likely found myself in this situation this morning, but the fact Chloe gave me permission to only made it hotter, and soon I had a rocking orgasm, shooting a big load of cum all over the glass of the shower cubicle. I continued to wash myself off and when I was done and about to turn the shower off, I saw that a lot of my cum was still on the glass. 'I should clean it off' I thought. But instead of wiping it away with my hands, I dropped to my knees and licked at the glass until it was clean, imagining it was Chloe's cum. I swallowed and a voice in my mind said 'Thank you Misstress.' I blushed hard at what I was thinking about and turned off the shower.

I got myself dry quickly and brushed my teeth before leaving the bathroom for my bedroom. When I was at my door, I started to have butterflies in my stomach. I had an idea that Chloe would leave her choice of clothing for me on her bed but I wondered what it would be. A pair of tight jeans? Just underwear? Some of her clothes? That last option made me blush yet again and I decided to go in my room rather than let anticipation mess with my head.

I entered my room and there were no clothes on my bed. Just a black leather collar with a metal ring in the middle of it. It looked fresh, like no one had ever used it. I gulped as I picked up the collar and slowly wrapped it around my neck. I clicked it shut and shivered with nerves, sure I had been the bottom last night but now it looked like Chloe wanted to go full Domme. I decided I would walk into the living room where she would be and find out.

Chloe was sat on the sofa in a black lace bra and matching panties which struggled to hold her dick, even though it was soft. I came in naked except a collar and the bulge in her panties twitched as she looked at me. "Aren't you just adorable Grey." She grinned at me, I went to sit next to her but a look from her stopped me. "Do good pups sit up on the sofa?" Her tone was more commanding, but still soft.

"No Chloe, they don't." I replied, bowing my head. She patted the front of the sofa next to her and I sat on the floor, looking up at her.

"There's a good boy!" She ruffled my hair gently, making me blush. "Such a good boy for your Mistress. If you'll have me as your Mistress of course?"

I leaned forward and kissed her thigh before nervously smiling up at her. "Yes Mistress, I want you to be my Mistress." I went back to softly kissing at her thigh. I felt her hand on my head which guided my face to her panties.

I licked at the now massive bulge in her lace panties and found they were already soaked with precum. I looked up at her and she stared back down at me. "Well go on pup, pull my panties down."

"Yes Mistress." I replied. I thought about using my hands but then had a better idea. I moved my head to the top of her panties and grabbed them with my teeth.

"Good boy, I didn't even need to tell you how to do it." Mistress ruffled my hair again and lightly scratched behind my ear. My whole body tingled and my dick was throbbing hard now. I pulled at the panties in my mouth and they came off enough to free her much bigger hard on. I didn't need to be told what to do next.

I put my mouth over Mistresses dick and started sucking on it. Her hand on the back of my head gripped at my hair and pushed me down to the base. It wasn't until I gagged before she let me go, I took a gasp for air and quickly got her dick back in my mouth. I could feel Mistress getting even harder with each time I bobbed my head down on her dick, and we both twitched each time I deepthroated her.

"That's enough sucking pup." Mistress told me and I let her dick fall out of my mouth, still connected by a few lines of spit. "Good pups get bred, and you're a good pup aren't you?" She asked down to me.

"Yes Mistress, I'm a good pup." I answered, looking up to her with glazed over eyes. I gulped, knowing the massive girl dick in front of me was going to go all the way in my ass again.

"Good boy, turn around, face down ass up." Mistress commanded me. I obeyed, turning myself around and presenting my ass. "Good boy!" She said, which made me wiggle my ass excitedly. I was only stopped by her hand holding my ass, and the cold of lube on my hole.

I took a deep breath when I felt the head of her dick pushing against my entrance. It seemed to work as half of her 8 inch dick pushed into me at once. I yelped in surprise, but there was very little pain so I pushed back on her further.

"Someone wants the whole thing." Mistress giggled. "Who knew it would be so easy to make you my fuck toy?"

I whimpered into the carpet, my face literally burning from how much I was blushing. Mistress gave me a reassuring pat on the head, and then made me whimper again by pushing the rest of her dick inside me.

"Please Mistress, fuck me!" I groaned, wiggling my ass again with her dick inside me.

"Aww, you know I can't say no to you pup." She replied, smacking my ass. She pulled away slowly but then thrust back in hard and started fucking me that way. Long, deep thrusts. The kind only someone with a dick like hers could pull off. I gripped on the carpet for some sort of leverage while her powerful hips literally rocked my body with how she was fucking me. I caught myself drooling at how good it felt and my own dick, while neglected, was throbbing.

Mistress picked up the pace, now fucking my fast and hard. She still made sure she got all the way inside me with each thrust. She moaned more and more each time I took her all the way.

Her thrusts started getting more uneven and I knew she was getting close. She leaned down to my ear and growled. "I'm gonna cum inside you pup, Mistress is gonna breed you for being a good boy!" That made my mind go fuzzy and warm. Soon I felt her dick spasm and shoot a massive load of warm cum inside me. She came so much I was sure my ass was full of it.

The way Mistress fucked me took it's toll and my knees gave out. Her dick slipped out of my ass as I flopped to the floor. I heard her back hit the front of the sofa gently and then all that could be heard from either of us was panting.

"Pup, come to me when you're ready." Mistress sighed. I took a few more moments then rolled over and sat up. She was sat in front of the sofa and I instantly noticed that she had taken her bra off. "You've been a good boy Grey, I think you deserve to cum yourself."

"Do I?" I replied, my mind working a lot slower than it did earlier.

"Yes you do, I want you to cum on my tits pup." She said, running her hands over her nipples. "Though only if you lick it off after."

"Okay Mistress, I can do that." I got myself to my feet and stood over her. She gave a nod and I started rubbing my dick. The fucking I had just gotten put me so on edge I didn't last long, and soon I shot a big load of cum all over Mistresses tits. She hummed happily when my cum shot onto her.

"Good boy, you came so much! Now come clean me up." Mistress smiled up at me. I sank to my knees and put my head against her tits. I licked up my load and she pulled me in for a kiss after, taking some of my cum out of my mouth.

"You're a very good pup, Grey, we should do this again some time." Mistress told me, wrapping her arms around my exhausted body and placing my head between her breasts, now damp with my saliva and some of my cum.

I nuzzled into her and softly replied. "You're a great Mistress, Chloe, I meant what I said when I said I wanted you to be my Mistress." That was met with her holding me even tighter and kissing my head.