Her City

Her City


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With a mysterious crawl, the cigarette smoke slowly worked its way up toward the ceiling, floating about, making patterns and designs in the rooms tranquil air. Seated all by herself upon the livingroom sofa, Kim leaned back somewhat and took another drag, exhaling afterward, sending another cloud into the air.

Alone, Kimberly just sat there, dressed in blue jeans, a black T-shirt, and a pair of black high-heeled boots covering her feet, the pants cuffs going over the footwears upper part. With her dark mane raised to the top of her classic looking head, beautiful Kim listened on and on as her stereo played a piece from Wagner, the prelude to Parsifal, an opera that turned her on; Wagners music especially doing something for her, its notes and measures having a gothic like quiescence, something which went well with her arcane and mysterious disposition.

While the stereo filled her lonely apartment with the sound of the masterpiece, sexy Kim was about to reach forward and take up a magazine when all of a sudden the phone in the kitchen rang. Making a sigh, the foxy brunette nevertheless raised her terrific ass from the couch and strolled into the adjoining room where she picked up the receiver and asked,Yes?

Hi..., are you Kim...the lady whos got that website advertising herself as a..., well, you know..., a mistress?

Yea, thats me...what can I do for you?

My names Rob..., I was wondering if we could have a session tomorrow at seven or so?

Eight would be better...is that ok with you?

Ok..., thats fine..., but theres one other thing.

Whats that?

Well..., ah..., I...

Looking at her watch, Kim made another sigh and listened on, hearing,Well..., you see...I want you to...

Rob..., dont worry...just say it...Im sure Ive done it all...Ive been in this business for over two years now.

Ok..., its just that I want you to defecate in my face.

I see..., well..., I must admit thats something I never did before..., its gonna be a new experience for me..., but hey...no problem.

So youll do it?

Shit in your face?


Yea..., like I said, no problem...as long as you pay.

Its two hundred..., right?

You got it.

Ok..., Ill be at your place at eight..., its the same address that youve got posted on the site..., correct?

Thats it...thats the place...just be here on time.


After she hung up the phone, Kim took a deep breath and said to herself,Sure takes all kinds..., doesnt it..., oh well..., who cares...its his face, not mine.

Back in the livingroom, the sexy young lady parked her ass back on the sofa and continued listening to Wagners music as she lit up a fresh cigarette and took in more of the measures.

The day went by quickly and Kim eventually turned in for the night. When she got up the following morning, she put on similar clothes, this time a dark-blue T-shirt instead of the black one. Her hairs raised to her heads top and the same boots on again, good looking Kimberly decided to leave her apartment and head to the hardware store where she purchased a large plastic tarp, wishing to use it for her upcoming session, obviously wanting to keep her livingroom floor clean.

At home again, Kim fired up and turned on the stereo, playing more of Wagner, her favorite composer. Finally, after eating something and reading most of the day away, Kim realized it was fast approaching eight in the evening, seeing seven thirty on the livingrooms clock. She went back to her bedroom and dressed herself in her spectacular leather outfit, thigh high boots, long gloves, and a single waist cincher around her abdomen, leaving her tits, cunt, and ass completely exposed!

It didnt take much longer and the apartments buzzer rang.

Who is it?, asked the dominatrix.

Its me..., Rob..., Im here for the eight oclock session.

Ok..., come right up.

After she buzzed the guy in, he went upstairs to the forth floor of the complex and finally stood before her apartment. Kim heard a knock and went over, opening the entrance. Before her stood a middle aged guy in blue jeans, a flannel shirt, and black shoes.

Come in., said the lady.


When he stepped inside, she asked,Got the money?

Sure..., right here.

Rob gave the leather clad lady two hundred bucks as she said,Good..., now take off all your clothes!

Undressing, he asked with some caution in his voice,Do you have to go..., I mean, you know...?

Yea..., Ive really gotta do it...been holding it back all day.

While Rob took the last pieces of his clothing off, Kim stretched the tarp over the livingrooms floor, in front of the sofa.

When he was finally all naked, the man went to his knees and pushed his face right into her ass, kissing away at her perfect curvaceous butt!

What are you doing?

Kissing your ass, maam..., Ive gotta worship your butt before you crap on me.

I see..., well..., make it fast..., I really gotta go!

Not answering her, the guy continued to kiss, over and over!

After two minutes went by, Kim turned her head back and ordered,All right..., you can lay down on your back now..., cmon...do it!

Yes mistress!

When the pervert had his face aimed at the ceiling, the sexy brunette slowly squatted next to the right side of his head, hanging her beautiful butt over his eyes.

Here it comes..., oh man does that feel great..., oh yea...man do I gotta take a shit!

Reaching for his cock, Rob started playing with himself as she felt her crap leave her system. Out from her asshole came a nice and long smelly piece of shit, dropping straight down on the mans head! Looking over, she saw his hand go up and down, the sick stuff really turning the weirdo on. Again, she crapped, shitting out another piece!

Rubbing the side of her smooth backside, Kim remarked,I must admit...this isnt as bad as I though it would be...kind of feels good to shit on someone...gives me a sense of power..., and most of all..., it just feels good to empty myself!

Kim shit out three more smaller chunks of the brown stuff. Finished with her business, she got up and strolled to the bathroom where she parked her ass to the toilet and wiped her butt clean, flushing away the paper afterward. Done, she raised her ass from the fixture and returned to the livingroom, finding him still on the floor, playing away with his dick, trying to cum.

The woman simply placed her hands on her hips and just watched him for a few moments, shaking her head, mumbling to herself,Men..., all pervs...all of ‘em...but hey..., I make money off the fools...thats all that counts.

Her fresh warm shit still piled on his face, Rob continued to beat off, doing it faster and faster. At last, the guy came, spraying his white stuff up into the air a few inches until it came down on his waist. Out of breath, he just laid there, slowly drifting off into a light sleep, not in the least aggravated by the gross material laying on top of him.

Glancing to the side for a moment, Kim took note of his slacks laying on the couch. Curiosity taking hold, the lady strolled over and went for his wallet, opening the thing and peering inside.

Nice..., this guys got money...look at that, over a thousand bucks in here...cant believe that., whispered Kim to her own ears.

Also, she took note of a few pictures in the same wallet, photos of a woman together with some little brats.

Well, well..., the bastards married..., motherfucker, hes got a wife and kids, but he comes here and asks me to shit in his face..., whats wrong, doesnt he like the smell of her crap...or wont she do that kind of stuff with him?

Her mind working, Kim decided to venture over to the guy. Lightly, she kicked him in the shoulder with her left black stiletto masterpiece, saying,Hey shit face..., wake up..., I wanna tell you something!

His eyes slowly opening, the guy suddenly realized what she had in her hand, saying,What are you doing with my wallet...I didnt say...

Dont give me any of that garbage..., just get up and go over into my bathroom..., its that way, down that short hall past the kitchen, shower yourself..., then come back...I wanna talk.

Reluctantly, the man replied,Ok.

As he raised himself, Kims shit fell from his face and struck the tarp below. When he was out of the room, Kim quickly placed his wallet to the livingrooms table and bent down, rolling up the plastic thing, covering up her own crap. Finally, she carried it to the kitchen where she stuffed it into the waste basket.

Upon her return to the livingroom, the lady parked her ass to the sofa, lit up a cigarette, and just sat there, waiting for the guy to finish up with his shower. Another seven minutes went by and the man returned, totally naked, but clean and dry. Looking up at him, she said,Here..., take a seat, next to me. When he sat down, she took up his wallet again and spoke on,Ok..., time for business...

What business...I already paid you.

Yea, but you see..., my silence is worth something too.

What are you saying...that youll tell someone about this encounter of ours if I dont pay you more money...is this blackmail or something?

You got it.

For a moment, the guy didnt say anything. However, after twenty seconds of silence, he said,Ok..., now you get this, bitch..., you dont know me...it aint smart fucking around with people you dont know...

In a smart ass way, she answered, ‘ We didnt fuck..., I only took a shit..., remember?

Ha, ha...very funny, you know what I mean..., howd you like to end up in some shit yourself..., lady?

Fuck you, you perverted asshole..., I got your number from when you called yesterday..., give me five hundred bucks now and I wont dial that number again...if you know what I mean!

Go to hell, whore..., I aint paying you shit..., you got your fucken two hundred..., now get out of my face!, yelled Rob, getting up and reaching for his underwear, wishing to dress himself and leave.

Determined, Kim was about to reach into his wallet and remove some additional money when he grabbed it away from her and continued to put his clothes back on.

Im gonna call her...your wife...let her know what kind of pervert shes married to.

You dont make any fucken sense..., dont you want me to come back again..., you can make more money off of me that way...!

You wont come back..., I know your type...they never come back...youre a one timer...you just wanted to try this out..., my instincts are pretty good when it comes to reading men.

I aint coming back after this bullshit...thats for sure!

Im still gonna call her.

Just standing there in silence for a short while, Rob then replied,You aint serious about this..., are you?

I am.

Making a sigh, he said,You really mean if I dont give you five hundred, youll call my wife?


What if I call the cops on you for being a whore?

You wont...you just wont.

Thinking about everything for a short while, Rob finally answered,Ok..., heres the money.

Reaching into his wallet, he removed five hundred dollars and gave it to her, hearing,All right..., thanks..., you can give me that much once a month..., thatll pay for my silence.

Once a month!, exclaimed Rob,I thought this is a one time thing!

Nope..., once a month.

Fuck you, you slut..., theres another way to keep you silent...silent for good!

You aint got what it takes..., shit head!

Infuriated, Rob reached out for her throat, yelling,You fucken bitch..., Ill kill you..., you piece of trash..., whore!

His hands around her neck, Kim leaned back in the sofa, struggling for air. In desperation, she kicked forth with her right knee, forcing it into his stomach. It worked, the guy released his grip and fell backwards. Quickly, the dominatrix got up and ran to the kitchen, over to the counter. He went after her, like a mad man, determined to get the woman!

Wasting no time, the pretty leather clad brunette opened one of the drawers and removed a steak knife. The thing in hand, she ran toward him as fast as she could. Caught off guard, Rob froze. Into his chest went the blade, piercing his heart! Slowly, he sank to his knees, holding his chest while the lady just stood there before him, her legs slightly apart and her hands on her hips. In a matter of seconds, his face finally went forward, landing itself directly on her boots left toe!

Overwhelmed by a moment of power and victory, Kim exclaimed to the corpse,There..., thats it..., die motherfucker, die!

However, her elation was short lived when everything dawned on her, causing her to yell out,Fuck..., shit..., now what am I gonna do...damn!

Confused, her brain went into overdrive as she paced back and forth upon the linoleum, fear and anxiety going through her veins!

Getting herself back together, Kim said to the air,Ok..., all right..., heres what Ive gotta do..., its the only way... She turned around and again reached into the kitchen drawer, this time removing a long sharp butcher knife. Slowly, she squatted before his dead frame, raised the knife, and cautiously cut off all his clothes. When dead Rob was all naked, the sexy woman began hacking away at him, starting with his right arm, removing the thing, cutting it off! The limb finally detached, she got up, produced a large black garbage bag, and put the bloody thing into it. Se did the same with his left arm, cutting it off and placing it into the same plastic bag.

Still wearing her long black gloves, the dominatrix spent the next hour cutting up the man. At last, she had his detached body parts placed in four different bags. She sealed up the plastic things and then cleaned up the floor, removing all the blood with a mop and soap solution. Afterward, she washed off the knifes and her gloves, putting the sharp objects back into the drawer from which they came. All through, she left the bags in the kitchen and entered the livingroom, parking her beautiful ass to the sofa.

Her nerves raced on and off, causing her to light up another cigarette and smoke the next half hour away, listening to another CD, taking in the notes of Gotterdammerung, the dark eulogy to the fallen gods, a piece quite appropriate for the present occasion.

What amazed her more than anything else is that she actually did it, actually killed someone, another human being. In her lonely livingroom, the lady only sat there, thinking of what to do next.

After the CD was finished playing, Kim got up. Back in the kitchen, she bent down and removed his keys from his cut up pants. Quickly, she went into her bedroom, took off her leather outfit, and went back into her regular jeans, boots, and shirt. All dressed, sexy Kim took up his keys again, looked them over, and remarked,Ok..., a Ford..., lets see what model it is...

Pretending like nothing happened, Kim left her suite and went down the dreary hall over to the old elevators. After she stepped inside, she went down to the street and came to a halt at the curb, looking around. Finally, she saw a blue car to her left, causing her to go over and trie the keys; they worked.

Happy, Kim returned up to her apartment and took up two of the plastic bags containing his body parts. She went with them downstairs and placed the bags onto the back seat of the car. Going upstairs again, the brunette did the same with the remaining two. Her own keys on her person as well, Kim started the engine and slowly pulled away from the curb, driving as cautiously as possible, trying not to get anyones attention.

Twenty five minutes of driving brought her to the outskirts of town. Driving around, she finally found herself before the entrance of a state park, a place she visited a few times before. Driving through the entrance, Kim took the car up a road flanked by trees on each side. At last, she turned into a dirt road which lead up to the primitive camp area.

I hope no ones here..., remarked the young lady to herself in the darkness as she entered a small clearing.

Seeing no one around, she mumbled,Perfect. The place was secluded, exactly the way she wanted it to be.

Her ass raised, Kim removed the bags from the vehicle and one by one carried them over to a nearby latrine, the place obviously smelling like shit, causing her to say,Good...this is so fitting..., into the shit you go..., asshole!

Inside the dilapidated structure, sexy Kim stood before the fixture sitting over a hole, the opening leading down into the ten foot deep pit. She opened the first bag and reached into it, slowly grabbing his detached head by its hairs, holding it before her face, and saying,Ok..., shit head..., you like shit so much, well..., here you go...! Splash! His head hit the filthy water below, rolling and bobbing around a few times before coming to a halt.

Doing the same with the rest of his body parts, Kim finally had him all disposed of. However, before she left, the lady said down into the pit,Here fuckehead..., heres a little something extra...! Turning around, the woman lowered her pants and panties, parking her ass to the seat afterward. With a gush, her piss spayed forth from her cunt, down to the water below, striking pieces of his severed frame on occasion.Yea..., that feels great..., piss on you..., you motherfucken piece of shit!

Done peeing, she stood up, raised her attire, and grabbed the plastic bags, leaving the latrine with them and going over to a real junky looking fire place where she tossed the things in and set them on fire with her cigarette lighter. In seconds, the bags melted away.

Content, she strolled back to the car and got in, parking her ass behind the wheel. Just sitting there in the dark, listening to the nighttime forest sounds, she asked herself,Ok..., so what about this car...what am I gonna do with it...?

After she started the engine and drove off, her mind continued to work away at the problem. Eventually, the woman got an idea. A half hour later, the sexy dark-haired lady was back in town. However, she didnt go back to her place. Instead, Kim drove over to the bad side of the small city, the place where all the losers and bums hang out, the scum of the earth. An evil smile on her face, Kim pulled into the front parking lot of an old run down bar, a second home for all the jerks in the neighborhood. She placed the vehicle in one of the vacant spaces and simply moved the shifter into the park position, leaving the engine running, the keys obviously stuck in the ignition. Reaching back down behind her ass, she removed a tissue from her rear pocket and wiped off the steering wheel and whatever else she happened to touch. After that, Kim simply got out of the thing and strolled across the street, over to an adult book store.

Inside the retail establishment, she went over to a magazine rack located before the stores front glass window. There, Kim pretend to look at some of the martial while actually keeping her eye on the glass, watching the bars entrance across the street. Sure enough, three minutes later, two guys came out and where going to leave, walking over to their car. However, one of the guys noticed the ford, hearing the engine run with no one inside. Watching everything, Kim was happy to see the jerk stroll over and check out Robs car, finally getting into it and driving off, followed by the other fool in his own car.

There..., stupid fucks..., now youll get charged with Robs disappearance once they find you with his car...Im sure he didnt tell his wife he came to see me...

A few seconds later, Kim bought a femdom mag and left, taking the bus home.

Inside her apartment, she tossed his clothes into the wastebasket, kept his wallet and the money, parked her ass on the livingrooms sofa, lit a cigarette, turned on the stereo, and simply took in the measures, confident she got away with it.

The End











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