Heated Argument

Heated Argument


God Damn It Karen! I am so fucking tired of this shit! He screamed at me again. Why every time I go anywhere on business…… no, anywhere, do I have to deal with this shit when I come home?!

Just tell me what you did while you were there! I screamed back at him.

I told you. We worked. He said.

I dont give a fuck about that! I want to know what you did when you were not working. I said knowing he knew what I wanted to hear.

I dont know Karen. I worked, I ate, and I went to Fucking sleep! He screamed at me with his hands in his hair.

He was so close I could feel his breath as he yelled at me. His eyes were green, and I swear they would get lighter when he was mad. I could smell him now. I am not sure if he always smelled like this, but I could always smell him when we got in these arguments. I always daydreamed that I could smell his testosterone. I know its silly, but it is a neat thought that maybe I have some animalistic power to smell men when they are at a heightened point.

What else do you fucking want!? He said staring directly at me with horrible confusion and frustration on his face.

I came back from my daydream fast and said, So youre telling me that you didnt talk to anyone, or go to any bars or anything while you were out there? I started walking around the kitchen as I was accusing him.

OH, OK Here We Fucking Go with this again. For the last time, I didnt fucking cheat on you. I went out with my friends and they had girls they were with………… He kept yelling.

I was pretty sure that John had never cheated on me before, but I had been cheated on in the past and this is just where my mind goes. It is like my default setting to accuse the person Im with before actually using logical thought. And besides, if I didnt do this, then I wouldnt get to see this John. Usually he is pretty mild tempered and doesnt really raise his voice. He is pretty hot, but nothing gets me going more than watching this passionate man lose himself in yelling at me. I would be fine watching him yell at someone else, but I dont know how to make that happen. I do know how to make him yell at me though.

Hello!?! He screamed at me in a booming voice.

What!?! I screamed back at him trying to match his decibels.

I asked you a fucking question! He yelled as he threw his hands in the air. Are you even listening to me?

I have no idea what he asked, and I dont care because it doesnt matter. You didnt ask me anything, that I need to answer. I said as I was still pacing around the kitchen.

Stop!!! He bellowed.

I dont have to stop anything, if youre going to keep lying to me. I said in a very matter of fact bitchy voice.

Youre really pissing me off with this shit now Karen! He said shaking his head in frustration. I am so fucking tired of getting back from a trip and wanting to see you and then you start a fucking fight. Why do we……….. He continued to yell.

I didnt know it, but I had stopped walking around when he yelled ‘stop a second ago. I was up against the counter as he was now pacing back and forth. It reminded me of when a tiger would pace in front of the glass at the zoo and you just knew that he was wishing he could attack you. That pure animalistic feeling of aggression and furry.

He started to yell louder and walk right up to me. I always had trouble hearing what he was saying because whenever I was getting yelled at, I would just tone the words out and watch the person yelling. His shoulders were up and a bit forward. His head was pushed towards me whenever he was close, and his hands were up at his shoulder height and thrusting at me as he talked. He has never hit me before, but I feel if he doesnt break up with me soon, he is going to. I honestly wouldnt blame him if he did. I do this every single time he comes back from a trip, and that is like twice a month.

I do not advocate hitting women and I am a supporter of womens rights, but I am not talking about women. I am talking about me. I have always dreamed of what it would be like to be taken by force. Saying the word rape scares me and it is a horrible thing, so I dont want to call it that. I am talking about being forcefully fucked by someone you trust. It is a weird thing to try to ask for and I am not sure if I can, in fear of being called weird or fucked up. In reality though, it is all I think about when he is yelling at me.

Hey!!! He screamed at the top of his lungs. Where the fuck do you go?

What the fuck are you talking about. I said giving him a very disgusted look.

When I am talking to you, where do you go in that fucking head of yours. He said pointing at my head insensitively.

Just trying to figure out why you are lying me all the time. I said knowing that I was just repeating myself and starting this whole fight again.

Fuck!!! I get nowhere with you! He screamed as he slammed his hand down on the counter.

Watching his hand impact with the granite countertop sent a chill up my spine. The sheer force was impressive. Watching the muscles in his forearm tighten and bounce because of the impact was hot. The SLAP noise that reverberated in the kitchen was scary. I knew that it had to hurt his hand. I, right away was curious if it would have hurt me. Would I have been able to take a hit like that. Could I stay conscious after being hit by this man. The fear and arousal that I felt was probably not healthy, but it was inside me and I couldnt control it.

Hello!!!!!?!!!!!! He screamed at me only inches from my face. What the fuck is the point of this if you are not going to listen!!!!!?!!!!!............ He yelled getting closer to me.

I felt his saliva fly from his lips and onto my face. This was the most intense it had ever gotten. I just stared at his lips as he continued to yell at me. Whenever he said a word with an f or a t or any hard consonant I would watch the spit come from his mouth and onto my face. I was lost in it, just hoping he would say those syllables again and again.

As I was being showered, I felt something that I had never felt before. His palms on either side of my head. He had never touched me in an argument before, so this caught me very much off guard. He squeezed my head hard and shook me.

Are you listening!? He screamed.

I was immediately sad that he didnt say the F word because I was expecting more spit. The shaking was disorienting, and it took me a second to get my bearings. My eyes must have been very wide because I could see his facial expression change into concern, and his grip on my head loosened.

Nooooooo! I thought to myself. I didnt want to lose this passion. I was still too scared to ask him for what I really wanted so I had to think fast. I just grabbed his hands and pushed them back hard on my head and I spit into his face. I couldnt believe what I did. As soon as I did it, I was scared for myself, but so turned on that it happened.

I had never seen him look at me like this, but I liked what I saw. His brow furrowed and his lips thinned. I started to get scared because I did not know what was going through his head, but I was so turned on, it was insane. He shook my head back and forward hard, as I took a sharp gasp in. I spit in his face again and he flinched as it hit him. He shook my head again harder this time, as now the look on his face had changed and I knew that we were finally on the same page.

After a bit of a pause, I decided to see what else I could get away with. I raised my hand and slapped him against the face. His eyes closed tight as he turned his head away, with the direction of the slap. Slowly he turned his face back to meet mine. With a few long seconds of waiting we both stare into each others eyes. He licked his lips as he looked like he was contemplating what to do now. I did not want there to be any question, so I raised my chin high and clenched my jaw, and closed my eyes.

He slapped me on the left side of my face, but it was not as hard as I wanted, so I kept my eyes closed and just shook my head. With my chin still high he slapped me again. The sting was what I wanted but for some reason I felt I needed to see what he had in him. Also, in some weird way, this was a way for me to feel a little better about putting him through hell, if I let him punish me a bit. I shook my head again and pushed my chin as far into the air as I could.

He took his left hand and grabbed a huge handful of my hair and pulled my head all the way back and…..


I felt the impact first which made my knees a bit weak, and then I felt the stinging. My cheek was burning, and I knew that it must have been red. It only took a second before I felt the heat coming off my face. I knew that was all I could take for now, so I just opened my eyes and wrapped my hands around his head and neck and threw my lips into his.

If there was any question of what was going on in his head before, there shouldnt be now. I am single handedly changing my sex life with this man from vanilla to BDSM in one day.

Our lips slid and massaged against each others, as our tongues pressed hard and fought inside our mouths. Our hands were rubbing hard everywhere on top of and under clothing. He had one of my legs jacked up to his side. I slid my hand down his jeans and felt that he was rock hard.

Oh, Thank God for that!!!

I grabbed the base of his cock and squeezed as hard as I could. He reached around me and gripped my ass tight with his strong hands. After a second he slid my pants down off my ass. With our lips still pushing into each other hard I felt a sting and heard a SLAP.

Oooooh. I breathed into his mouth.

He hit my ass Hard with his palm and left it there squeezing my cheek. It burned but it is what I deserved and what I needed.

Again. I said.


Yes. I begged


Oh Fuck. I moaned as I slid down his body to my knees.

As I slid down him, I wrapped my fingers into his belt line and his pants came down with me. His cock came bouncing out of his jeans and hit me in the face. I gripped it and slapped it into my lips a few times before biting the tip a bit.

MMMmmmm he let out as both his hands grabbed my head the same way he had me earlier.

I just looked up and locked eyes with him. As I wrapped my arms behind my back, I opened my mouth and stuck my tongue out. He did not miss his que at all. He had a strong grip on my head, holding me perfectly still, as he pushed his hips forward.

I felt his bouncing cock slide down my tongue and into my mouth. He was looking me directly in the eyes as he penetrated me. I was giving him as angry of eyes as I could give him so as to make sure that he did not go easy. His hips just continued to go forward, inch after inch, without stopping. I felt his large head push against the opening to my throat. He did not stop pushing in, but there was a pause as pressure needed to build up. As I felt the pressure build his head popped into my throat.

I had never actually taken a penis into my throat before. I had done a few toys but never the real thing. His penis was larger than my toys but more comfortable because the head formed comfortably to the contours of my throat.

I did not feel his pubic hair yet, so I knew there was at least another half inch to an inch to go. I pushed forward hard and fast and felt his pubic mound hit my upper lip. He almost lost his grip when I pushed forward, but he adjusted his hands and held me there. I started to buck as I began to gag.

With two very tight handfuls of my hair he pulled my head back violently off his cock. I had enough time to take a breath and then he pulled me all the way down all at once. There was no time to feel every inch this time. I just felt my face slam into his body and his cock push against my throat. After a second or two I started to gag again, and he did the same thing.

Over and over he pulled me off and slammed me back down. After a while I was starting to build up quite a bit of saliva that was dripping down my chin. I took one of my hands from behind my back and got some of my slippery liquid and pushed my hand down into my pants and panties.

My hand was cold on my fiery pussy. There was so much heat coming off me. I started to slide my hand back and forth on my clit which was already tingling before I got there. I right away started to feel that sweet beginning of an orgasm.

A wave of warmth started at my clit and went into my belly. My back started to shake, and my knees tingled as I convulsed with his cock fucking my mouth. My whole body felt warm like a wave of energy had swept over me. I moaned onto his cock seeing as he was now giving me almost no time to breath in between thrusts. His head was looking up and the ceiling as he pumped away.

All in one motion he stopped, crouched down in front of me and without warning slapped my cheek again. The sting was hard to describe other than, fueling. My whole body was already warm from my orgasm and the slap just added to it.

He pulled my hair back and pushed my chest. I fell back to the floor. I felt my pants get jerked down. I was wearing shoes so they could not come off, but it didnt seem to matter to him. When I looked he was crouched over me. Somehow, he had pulled his pants and shoes off. And now crouched over me holding his cock at the base and aiming it at my pussy. As he was guiding it in, I raised my hips up to him.

His cock was strong, hard, and relentless as he threw his hips forward and our pelvises met with a collision.

Oooooooh God!!! I let out as his cock put ridiculous pressure against my G Spot and our bodies squeezed my swollen clit.

MMMM Yes. He growled at me. That voice was new, but I wanted it.

My legs were strait and bound by my pants and he grabbed both my arms and held them above my head, firmly against the ground. He started thrusting hard into me. I could feel our bones colliding and my body being slammed into the hard kitchen floor. I was sliding a little with every thrust. He must have been scooting up because he was just as deep if not deeper with every thrust.

Slam after slam into my clit was doing all the right things and being held down was doing everything else. Here we go again. Warm wave after warm wave started at the center of my body and worked its way out as I felt overcome with extasy.

F… F… F… Fuuuuuuck!!!!! I screamed as I jerked around under this man.

Thats right bitch. Whos is it? I heard come from his mouth but had to open my eyes to see if it was still him. He had never spoke to me like that. His voice was low and husky as if I would have chosen it myself.

Maybe I did not answer quick enough, but he took his hands off my arms and slapped me again across the face. The pain was bearable but barely.

Aaaahhhhh. I let out, as he without warning pushed two fingers into my mouth along my tongue. His other hand firmly gripped my throat. He wasnt cutting off my air way, but I did start to get lightheaded because of the pressure he was applying down.

Pumping much harder into me now than he ever had before, he leaned in and growled into my ear and said, Whos …… is it? His words were almost threatening but I couldnt get enough of them.

Yours. Its all yours. I said pushing the words past his palm and slurring as his fingers fucked my mouth.

He pushed his cock deep into me and just grinded on me as he did the same with his fingers. His fingertips were into my throat and I could feel his cock sliding and slamming against every available surface inside my pussy. It felt amazing.

He pulled his cock and fingers out of me and released his grip on my throat, all at the same time. I had my eyes closed so I did not know what he was doing but I wasnt going to move a muscle. No time at all passed and I felt nothing but his cock enter my mouth. He had stood and turned around and was still crouching above me. He had a foot on either side of my head, and he started fucking my face.

I could feel him going deeper than I had ever taken a man before, and then I felt his palm collide with my inner thigh. It stung and I felt it reverberate through my whole leg. Then the other thigh. Even if I wanted to stop it, I was not sure what I was to do seeing the position I was in. But I didnt want him to stop at all. I wanted it harder. I wanted to know what I could take. I deserved this and wanted it even more. I started pushing my face up into his pelvis as he was fucking down my throat and occasionally holding it there.

When he would hold my head down with his hips I could not breath because his balls would lay on my nose. It was terrifying but at the same time, the hottest fucking thing I had ever done. I do not know how long we were there but if I was still there today, I would not be mad.

My thighs were on fire as he turned his assault to my pussy. He slapped my pussy directly with the pads of his fingers. It wasnt as hard, but it didnt need to be. My clit was swollen, to the point it was out of my pussy lips so the impact sent me into a wave of pain and extasy that was new, but welcome.

After a few more slaps and dozens more thrusts down my throat, he leaned his head down to my clit and sucked. That was it!

Oooooooh My God!!!!! I thought and muffled screaming came out around his cock as I bucked and twisted all over the kitchen floor feeling the most intense orgasm yet. It almost felt like I was being shocked from the inside out. It last over 30 seconds at least. He never let up on his lip lock. He just kept sucking and I kept cuming.

After my body calmed down, he pulled his cock from my throat. I kept my eyes closed still, and just enjoyed the moment. He must have stepped back putting him above my arms because I felt my shirt come up over my tits and around my arms.

I couldnt see anything and now my arms were pinned above my head and my legs pinned together by my pants. I felt his hands firmly grip my side and flip me over so that I was now bound by my clothing and face down on the kitchen floor.

His hands wrapped around the front of my hips and pulled them up just a bit and I heard his voice right beside my ear. Your fucking right its all mine. He said in that same low husky voice that made me wet before.

I held my hips up where he had put them, and I felt his palm on my ass spreading me to one side and then he spit on my ass. He ran two fingers deep into my pussy real fast and then I felt nothing but his palm for a second or two.

As I was waiting, and wanting to go searching for him using my body, I felt him spit on me again and then rub it around with what I think was his cock. Then I felt a soft but firm pressure against my ass hole. He was pushing in and out little by little but wasnt penetrating my ass. My body was fighting him without asking me what I wanted at all. But it did not matter because he was going to get what he wanted, and it just so happened that is what I wanted too.

Right when I thought he was going to make it in he paused, and I felt warm liquid slap against my butt hole which made me flex a bit. He had spit one more time and paused for it to lubricate all the possible areas.

I felt both his palms spread my wide open as he started to drop his weight down. His cock inch by inch penetrated my ass. Once he was all the way in, he held it there for a while and I got used to his girth. He was impressive.

He started to pump up and down slowly but dropping his weight hard on me when he got as deep as he could go. His hands were spreading my ass hard enough that there was a little pain like he was going to tear me apart down the middle. There was no way for me to let him know though because I was bound, and he could not see my face. I wouldnt dare stop him though.

He was now fucking my ass as hard as he could, and it was mixed pain and pleasure until I felt him slap my ass.


Aaahhhhh! I cried out.

SLAP, SLAP, SLAP, SLAP………. On and on he went from one cheek to the other. He was slapping with his fingertips and then coming back and slapping on the backstroke as well. My ass was tingling and burning as I got what I wanted and needed but almost couldnt take.

As I started to reach my limit, I began to shake on the ground under him. I had my eyes wide open but could see nothing accept light coming through the fabric of my shirt. He slapped me a few more times and then pushed all his pressure down on my back, holding me to the kitchen floor.

As soon as I stopped squirming, he released his vice on me and grabbed my bra strap and pulled back hard. He dropped to his knees straddling my ass tight. I was still held down but just now, it was his body weight and cock that had be bound to the floor.

He started thrusting his hips into my ass very hard as he pulled back on my bra using it for leverage. He was burying himself to the limit in my ass as I started to hear my bra tear.

Ooooooh Fuck!!! He screamed louder than I had ever heard him as he started to pump into me. I could feel his warm cum in my ass. Spray after spray he was releasing all that he had to offer into me. He dropped his forearms down to my back and held his body weight onto me as he convulsed and emptied himself.

I lay there happier than I had been in a very long time with his cock still holding my ass hole open, and being full of cum. I was sore, raw, confused, and content. I had never really felt this many emotions after sex or any event in my life but I knew we had set the bar high. It was going to take quite the fight to top this.

And I was just the girl to do it. God I cant wait!











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