Healthy Low Cholesterol Food List

Healthy Low Cholesterol Food List

Every successful diet starts with coming up with an individual low cholesterol food list. Everyone should pattern the food list to cater not only to the food limitations but also to his tastes and wants. This way, he would also enjoy his food and not feel totally deprived despite the restrictions. Dieters who enjoy their food are more likely to stick with it resulting to successful diets.

Your low cholesterol food list could serve different diet purposes. If you want to lose weight, foods that contain low cholesterol naturally helps the body shed excess pounds. Taking in the minimum caloric requirement will force the body to use up stored fat. A low cholesterol diet can also prevent Type 2 diabetes. One of the basic causes of diabetes is obesity and fibrous foods are natural fat sweepers that will facilitate weight loss. Here are some tips to help you come up with the best low cholesterol diet;

1. Know your diet purpose - Do you simply want to lose weight or do you need to? Casual dieters can include a few "sinful" choices like red meat, seafood and milk. When taken occasionally, these high cholesterol foods can also be healthy. These can be accommodated during cheat days and can eliminate the feeling of deprivation; anyway you can always burn it out in exercises. For strict dieters, like for cases of borderline diabetes, your low cholesterol food list should contain nothing but healthy foods.

2. Pattern it to your lifestyle - Do you have time to cook? Can you pack a lunch and eat it too? Do you exercise regularly? Are you sporty? Active people can accommodate more sinful foods to their diet. Not only that they burn the calories, they need it too. If you are somebody who hasn't the time to cook and sit down to eat, steamed fish might not be a very viable choice. Learn good alternatives.

3. Individual tastes - If you have a sweet tooth, you can opt for an oat cookie snack instead of salty nuts. Can't get away from meat? Then stop planning a meatless diet, unless your doctor prohibits meat. You can eat one sumptuous meaty meal a week, just favor lean meat.

4. Food preparation - Another natural way on how to control cholesterol is in knowing how to prepare them. Stay away from frying, rich sauces and decadence. There is a big difference in cholesterol content between a fried chicken and steamed chicken. If you have to have a sauce, go for the reds rather than the whites. Red are tomato based while the whites are cream based. Foods are always best when eaten fresh or raw.

Dieting could be an imposition, but if we know how to control cholesterol intake early on, we can avoid forced diets and deprivation of our comfort foods. Learning how to love the tastes of good and healthy foods might not come instantaneous, but once we acquired the taste, you'll come to appreciate their individual tastes, and the way that they are affording you many entries in your low cholesterol food list and to eat ice cream, steak and fries, once in a while.