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Source Changelog:

  • Merged AOSP r25 tag (January Security Patch)
  • Added Lineage Touch HAL support for gestures
  • Added toggle to disable Notifications vibration
  • Added Sensor block per-package
  • Added Square and cylinder icon shapes
  • Added Sync QS Tile
  • Added toggle to hide pill in full gestural nav mode
  • Added App version on apk installation dialog
  • Added gradient subs theme support for QS tiles
  • Allowed Lockscreen art blur to be set to 0
  • Removed Date and weather from Text clock
  • Fixed Text clock translations
  • Fixed lock icon stuck in AOD
  • Improved Power button flashlight toggle
  • Improved brightness slider layout
  • Improved ColorPicker layout
  • Replaced AOSP keyboard with GBoard
  • Updated some Prebuilt Apps
  • Other fixes and improvements

Device Changelog:

  • Added missing fast capture flag to audio policy
  • Added missing lineage overlays
  • Added hw keys overlays
  • Added backlight customization overlays
  • Overall sepolicy changes to use with sepolicy-legacy-um
  • WiFi and Carrier configs updated from CAF
  • Logs spamming from ims.apk are killed from now
  • Implemented TouchHAL
  • Hacked ims.apk to remove that silent HD notification
  • Removed Smart Pixels
  • Added back DT2W Policies since we have TouchHAL (dt2w will now work without root from gestures settings)
  • Move to PowerHAL from legacy PowerHAL
  • Added WFD HDCP service
  • Removed WiFi stats node ask (since our module dont support it).