Hard Brick Fix For Realme C2

Hard Brick Fix For Realme C2



Extracted OFP Sourceforge or AndroidFileHost


C2 Keep restarting from download mode to keep c2 in download mode run brom.bat then connect device holding volume up, down & power after that install drivers (you can install driver from windows 10 optional update)


1) Run Python Installer

You need to do as in the screenshot (Add python to path)

2) Run CMD

3) Enter command

pip install pyusb pyserial json5

4) Exit CMD

5) Go to bypass folder & run brom.bat

Now you will see waiting for bootrom now connect device in download mode holding volume up

6) Go to the Driver folder and right-click on the cdc-acm.inf file, then click Install or install driver via optional update

7) Now Install libusb and run

9) Select Install device filter & Click Next

10) Select Port and click install

11) Now disconnect device &

12) Go to the Bypass folder & Launch brom.bat

13) connect device with holding Vol+ & power

14) output should be same

15) now open FlashTool.exe

16) After selecting the Scatter file from the images folder in the line Scatter-loading File and click Download (make sure it is in Download only)

After flashing green checkmark will appears then hold power key

Special Thanks to Dinolek and team for the brom exploit