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We're a website with social channels (listed below). Get involved! 🙌

We have Reddit ...


Our subreddit is a public space for the Happening London community.

Post meet-ups, photos and engage with the Happening London community on Reddit.


We're not a hub, the @HappeningLondon insta' posts mainly original London related content. The happening London community on instagram is all about our community hashtag.

👇 Our community hashtag! 👇

🙌 🙌 #HappeningLondon 🙌 🙌

Please note: commercial accounts do not swamp the community hashtag, doing so will make you unpopular.


Follow @HappeningLDN for updates on new articles, meet-ups etc.

Join the London Twitter Community.

We also curate a lot of London topics for our Live London pages: food, music, comedy and much more!

Telegram - Channels and groups

Telegram is visually similar to What'sApp but better for engaging with people outside of your circle of friends as it doesn't give your phone number away to other users, plus it has a host of additional features like public channels.


The meet-ups channel. It supports community meet-ups made in our Reddit community. There is a linked private discussion group, where channel post are forwarded and pinned.

Meet-up channel posts, amplify community meet-up posts. They are made visible on the Happening London site and calendar.


This channel shares London related photos. If you are a London based photographer and would like to share images there see this article for details.

South Bank, London - Geo Chat

There are a growing number of geo London chats which you can find on Telegram. Happening London is involved in the "South Bank, London" chat only at the moment: details are here.

Google Maps

Follow, add happening London images, write a review etc on Google Maps.