Hacken Weekly Update #10 APR 8-12

Hacken Weekly Update #10 APR 8-12


Hi everyone, last few months I was concentrating my energy on some strategic things and I would like to share some important direction that we will work into for next few months.

A few words about the Hacken Token, last week we made a significant step into the token migration process and signed a MOU. As you know we started to talk about it last summer and we had a few proposals but we never proceeded, the time was bad unfortunately, there were big concerns in the market, everybody was obsessed with the idea of private chains and masternodes and right now we see that all those coins, that were moving to the side chains, almost don't have developers and/or users.

And we talked with many teams who have their own chains and I feel quite bad for them, instead of focusing on business development they spent thousands of hours fixing bugs and fighting with hackers. The main reason for a migration is to give additional incentives to the token holders, and this became the black hole and kind of a disease, that probably will kill all these good ideas and projects.

Last autumn we made the strategic decision to focus on enterprise sales, as you already know, we have quite a few big wins such as AirAsia some few Asian Banks?, that will allow us to bring cash flow to the company for the next years. I'm sure we made the right decision to postpone the migration process until now and I'm absolutely sure that right now is a good time to come back to these questions again. I'm happy to do an AMA session and want to hear your ideas.

CER, our main goal was to gather big players and act together to fight the scam and faking crypto exchange industry, we have signed cooperation agreements with Etherscan and Bitfury Crystal Analytics and I'm very proud about it. But it's not enough, we need major partners and some data analytic platforms and this is our main focus right now.

And after speaking with them, we agreed that we need to create something above CER, and so that this ‘agency’ called Alliance works on the framework where other partners will bring their motion research in order to act as a one strong power and to be like, I don't like the word regulation, but some sort of base regulation.

I like the words Crypto Fairplay something like the Crypto Fairplay Alliance, I want to know your ideas if you like it or not. CER will focus on mainly on the blockchain balance ranking, we are working on the blockchain balance ranking to become the number one ranking for exchanges and for it to be shown on the main data analytic platform like CMC or Coingecko alike.

And this is our focus, so once again thank you for support and trust, have good weekend!

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