HOW TO dead drops

HOW TO dead drops
Cache tubes. Preform containers. Best to get from geocaching stores.

In Germany they use geocaching containers called preform containers or cache tubes. They are made from PET and are the basis for plastic bottles. They have mostly a FTF closure which makes the audible popping or knacking sound if the container is opened for the first time.

Each container contains a paper with a number, maybe a QR code and something referring to Ingress. In the picture above is it the Ingress logo and the logo of the respective mission day.

Prices can be biocards, passcodes if available, pins, patches and also giveaways from local businesses or sponsors.

Hidden dead drop

Hide the containers at interesting places which everybody should see while visiting your city. You can announce the places with pictures and hints. Think about possible places in advance and prepare pictures in daylight. Mission day missions go mostly online at night sometimes even before midnight the day before. Consider if you want to drop them at night (when fewer agents are around to spy on you) or in broad daylight.

Examples for dead drop announcements in telegram

Best to award each agent with maximal one price regardless how many dead drops he found. This helps (if announced upfront) that more agents can join the fun.

Agents will bring the found dead drop(s) to the registration. MD orga will award them with their prices in exchange for the tubes.

Be aware though, that many agents will be busy doing the missions and won't follow the announcements via chat. So it might be an alternative to announce the dead drops (atleast the written hints) in faction comms as well.

More information regarding dead drops via @berndorin in telegram.