Hey Friends, Today I talk about HoneyPod platform. As you can see, the internet has become an indispensable place in our lives. The world is surrounded by virtual networks. Now, every transaction can be done on the internet quickly and simply. How safe are these transactions? How confidential is our personal information? We are constantly confronted with malicious software on the sites we have visited. Thanks to these bad intentions, we can keep track of what we are doing by watching our constantly watching in the virtual network. Here HoneyPod is a block-chain-based system to ensure that our personal information is kept secret.

HoneyPod is a decentralized platform and is a system that will change users' internet habits. HoneyPod, which does not allow ads that permanently infringe on their privacy for people to collect data, malicious code, and malicious software placed on websites, will bring a new breath to the built-in sector.

The Internet is full of people and organizations that want to put malware on your computer or phone. They impose ads on users, leak bad software onto their computers, and make sure that users visit their sites, share them, as well as daily activity information. You will then use this information to view advertisements and advertisements over the areas of your interest. They will show you these ads with your footprint and will try to sell you on this page.

People are constantly being bombarded with advertisements, annoying pop-ups, video ads for a few seconds during the stream, or just too many sparkling banners. There are plenty of spam and illegal software that take control of user systems. Governments, ISPs, and large websites always follow your footprint. Web calls visited places, which websites are opened, etc. , and every day with greater power, your information enters unauthorized.

Online Security from Blockchain Technology

HoneyPod rediscovers the internet experience by ensuring that user privacy has the highest priority. The platform provides its users with a safe and seamless way to experience malicious software and an ad-free internet experience. HoneyPod deals with three methods with the following methods:

Bypassing annoying ads to provide an improved online experience for the user. Web Pages are intended to load faster without the unnecessary clutter that consumes bandwidth.

Malicious software and every file downloaded via the adware platform are not harmful to the clean and user systems. But HoneyPod provides selective-permeability by applying a filter system to them.

Advanced protection from online monitoring provides safer and worry-free scanning. Big Brother and Big Data organizations can not track and collect data from users.

In addition, the platform will also run a voting system where users will score based on their experience with the websites visited. This will encourage web siwebsitesy more attention to how users should behave. Because it will offer more service quality to users to get a higher score on the camp.



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Website: http://honeypod.org/

White Paper: https://docsend.com/view/6w2kpua

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Telegram: https://t.me/honeypod

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