Following its progression and introduction to shared conviction, the web is affirmed to be one of the key pieces of our lives today. It edged into our well-ordered plans all around requested and I can without a lot of a stretch say that it is a fundamental piece of our human progress now.

In any case, each age-opening progress that we experienced brings its own issues accomplished by unpleasant point and the web is certainly not an extraordinary case other than.

Dependably, hacking occasions, security vulnerabilities, malware uncovered and an extraordinary arrangement dynamically pernicious exercises make a huge amount of extent of cash, time and exertion squandered. This isn't just a freely astounding issue yet moreover pulls frameworks and relationship down more than once.

We need a reaction to the unprecedented. An answer that gives us a calm from our strain since we utilize the web as a principal need.

I conjecture that I locate a total reaction for security issue and it is called Honeypod.

What is Honeypod?

In a general sense, I can depict Honeypod as an equipment gadget as pitiful as the palm of a hand and totally made to give perfect security to any contraption identified with the web. There is no essential for an application, download session, establishment strategy or enlistment.

Highlights of Honeypod

There is a lot of highlights Honeypod present for its clients.

•By utilizing Honeypod, a client will find the opportunity to secure crypto. This framework is astoundingly like mining movement. Besides, compelled time partners will give verifying elective.

•Today, web headways are getting dynamically more essentially connected with utilizing conditions and this isn't really helpful for the clients. Honeypod intercedes clearly there and upsets aggravating advancement appearing.

•By destroying the unapproachable associations and senseless advancement interventions, Honeypod builds web alliance reliability and speed.

•The Honeypod gear is a fitting and plays contraption making the utilization as a major and smooth technique.

•There is this emerge fragment Honeypod brings along which is the endorsement accessibility. To get tokens and utilization of crypto for internet getting, Honeypod is at your assistance to make it endorsed.

•By utilizing a Byzantine getting tally, information and segment exchanges executed by the client are ensured and kept dismissing man-in within interruptions, personality coercion, charge card burglary, and loss of private data.

•Honeypod is totally united with OpenVPN and DNSCrypt by the Honeypod dashboard. This is a strong part to draw weakness. In addition, Honeypod dashboard gives the client a full control and perception opportunity to the client.



Honeypod token (HNY) is an Incredible stage token.

Token Details

Token Symbol: HNY

Token Type: Utility

Pre ICO Price : 1 HNY = 0.0375 USD

ICO Price : 1 HNY = 0.05 USD

Stage: Stellar

Enduring: BTC, ETH, XLM

Least theory 1,500 USD

delicate top: 2,000,000 USD

Hard top : 10,000,000 USD




Security is the imperative moment that we think about the web with its whole parts. We have to feel safe since for all intents and purposes all pieces of our cash related exercises are identified with the web. Honeypod is set out toward present to us the unbreakable segment of a security paying little regard to which online gadget we use. Moreover, Honeypod has the astonishing electronic money HNY to make the use of the stage continuously obliging and in light of the Extraordinary stage Honeypod utilizes, the steadiness and speed is to support us.

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