Guess the song | 🎧

Guess the song | 🎧


After the launch of the brand new monkeyslots faucet and the event dedicated to the Billboard Music Awards 2021, the highest potash community in the crypto world announces a fantastic new appointment.

On Saturday, May 29, starting at 19:00 GMT, in the Events voice chat of the discord server of Banano, the game 'Guess The Song' will be held. An orchestra of songs that have made the history of international music, played together with contemporary hits that aspiring winners of the game will have to listen to. 

The event is reserved for citizens only and to participate just connect to the server at the indicated time and participate in the game. The only recommendation: This event is aimed at music fans, if you were to use Shazam or similar apps to cheat, you would lose the sense of the game. If the organizers discover a competitor intent on cheating, they will be immediately expelled from the game, so better count on their own abilities.

During the event the competitors will have the opportunity to share a prize pool of 5000BAN in addition to the numerous rain.

Don't you still have citizenship? Find out why and how to get it. Even if you are unable to participate in time for this event, it will be useful for you for the next ones


  • Being citizens on the server discords the BANANO;
  • Do not cheat, on pain of expelment from the game;
  • Competitors will be able to win a maximum of 5 times;
  • For some songs, the organizers may decide to allow the contestants to continue the song once the title is guessed, this would lead to further tips!

A total of 5000 BAN's will be distributed.

Thanks ifiwasfrank#3847 for helping create the article, GPJUNGLE#5108 for creating the banners, SoggyApplePie#4501 for giving the funds to create this event and all the translators who made themselves available to translate the article

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