Gsm sniffer

Gsm sniffer

Gsm sniffer

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First of all I want to emphasize that my work has followed an interesting blog that treats this topic of cracking GSM really good, but I think that some explanation details can be explained in a better way to solve some important problems that I have come across during the developement of this task and that are not so simple to solve as in a beginning one could think. I also recommend to read all the related topics about GSM that are explained in the rtl-sdr. To setup all the necessary software you will need to perform this task, so I had followed this link. I have to alert you that some linux distributions may not be able to get airprobe working. In my case I tried first to get airprobe at ubuntu It comes with some radio features that enhance the experience of anyone who likes sniffing diferent types of signals. Once you have this software opened, look for gnuradio packets and install all of them. This is the best way of installing gnuradio because the system will compile all the necessary scripts without any problem and all the related packets will be installed too. At the next link, there are some explanations of how to update softwares available in Kali linux: After installing gnuradio and check that it works well, the next step is to install the gqrx software by the same way I have described you to install gnuradio. After getting gqrx running correctly, you will have to compile airprobe software using the steps at the link above, and if all goes well you will have to get it working correctly without any problem. You can setup this software using this other link: But in our case, we will use this tool to identify the most powerful GSM channels in our area. But to make some ideas is good to read it. All of the above documents are available to download freely for everyone but in case some links become broken, I recommend anyone who is interested in to contact me and I send the documents which I have previously downloaded. Steps to crack your own android phone calls and SMS messages using a Samsung device: In samsung devices with a Stock ROM, when you connect via USB the device to your computer, it will be recognized as a Modem as well as an ADB interface in case you have the ADB downloaded and installed in your computer and as a folder with files like images, songs and videos too. In the case you have a Samsung device, you are lucky today!!! So you can be able to get this running until the step I have reached in case you follow my blog. I will also be really happy if someone could tell me why the Stock ROMs of Samsung make possible the characteristic of being treated as a Modem, so if someone is an expert of the android system I would really be very happy if you contact with me my mail is in the about page of this blog. Go to the dialer of the phone and enter the following code like if you will want to call someone: A new menu will appear and enter Telephone information. Scroll down and go to the option that indicates: Make sure that your option is selected and go back. So you have to enter to advanced options to change it. We use this tool to get the maximum signal strength in a certain moment. Scanning for GSM base stations. I found this information in wikipedia: Do a google search for your country and for sure you will get success. Another thing that you must take into account is that airprobe is only able to decode the GSM downlink frequency channel. So after identifing your own service provider frequency range, you have to look for those frequencies in Kalibrate tool that are inside the range of your service provider. I recommend you to look for them at this link: These numbers can be used to place in a map the BTS towers you are using at a specified moment. This number is the one that is assigned to your phone when it is paged and is going to comunicate with the BTS tower. So this is the number that the BTS will use to identify your mobile device. To get this number I used the AT commands procedure to get acces to the SIM card of the mobile device where this number is stored and then I followed this link to enter the specific AT commands for this case: The following link explains some more options to get the Kc key that we will have to obtain later for decrypting: They are only signalling messages. This first type of messages contains information of the BTS towers of the system. Neighbour cell description — BCCH frequency list. Some GPRS information too. Like 3G neighbour cell description. So in this case, the tool will save the data into a file named: The -s flag is to specify the sample rate which seems to be better than the 1. The other settings are the frequency which we want to tune and the gain. As we know the GSM is a frequency hopping system that will change the transmitter and receiver frequency in a call following the pattern of ARFCNs received in the System Information Type 1 frames before setting the call. The gnuradio-companion is a tool that comes with gnuradio and it has a graphical interface. You must download the next file: And the program will open, the go to the tab open file and search the downloaded file named: Set the file source to the capture. Now execute the GRC flow graph by clicking on the icon that looks like grey cogs. This will create the capture. Then you can close the gnuradio-companion and delete the. Then the wireshark software will open and you must select lo loopback and start. Note that wireshark comes installed in kali linux. When a window which is capturing is opened go to the filter box and write gsmtap to see only the GSM frames. Finally use the go. First, we have to decode the signalling frames to know more things about the calls we are decoding:. The information that contains any frame of signalling will be explained in a new thread in the next days. Procedure and configuration of airprobe to identify all the information and decode it. Here are all the available configurations that are supported by airprobe: As you can see these are the GSM configurations used in the different frames and you will have to be able to recognize each one to identify if you must use an airprobe configuration or another to decode the data of your call or SMS. It is important to try both and figure out which one is correct for the cell you are observing. So now you can see all the messages of the beacon channel, but what are you looking for in the Wireshark log? It is quite simple: These are the messages which indicate that a transaction actually happened. Now to continue with the flow it is best to try to decode the same cfile but now giving the key too to go. What are we looking for now? Well, it depends on the network: So, for example if it says that the phone needs to go to Timeslot 2 then your command would be: Notice that I did not only change the Timeslot number from 0 to 2, but also the configuration from C to S, because the target phone is now on a Standalone Dedicated Control Channel SDCCH , not on the beacon channel so we need to decode it differently. Here is a flowchart of the whole process to make it easier to understand naturally since we can only see the downlink this shows only what happens on the downlink: Well the first step is the same as it was when we decoded a text message: What do we expect to see? All right, what should we see now? What we saw when decoding the SMS is correct here too: Now there is only one question left: Again, it is something that depends on the network: What does this command do? It decodes Timeslot 1 as a Traffic Channel. The toast tool is a software to convert files and I will explain the setup process of this software on another thread. If you can not hear anything but beeps and other weird noises then there is a pretty good chance that the cell is using Enhanced Full Rate Speech instead of simple Full Rate Speech. All the threads related to this topic will be classified under the category of GSM software setup!!! You can read them on the first page!!! Referent a la teva pregunta.. Hi, In step 8 you talk about decoding SMS and voice call. But airprobe can decode only the downlink traffic. So what kind of SMS do you decode? And what kind of voice call do you decode? Espero que puedas hecharme una mano y no te moleste. Te dejo mi correo electronico escribeme! But in this other topic I can not help you at all! Hi, Which antenna did you use with rtl-sdr? I was using the one in the photograph, that is a normal omnidirectional antenna for TV reception! But I was in a quite good zone without many buildings surrounding the place. This will improve your reception! But as you should know you have to position the antenna in the top of your building house or whatever! Thank a lot for your article. Basically, I would like to have both GSM , and If you have additional information for japanese phones, that would be great as well. Esteu comentant fent servir el compte WordPress. Esteu comentant fent servir el compte Twitter. Esteu comentant fent servir el compte Facebook. So before beginning with the development I advice you to read the following blog: So after this quite a long chatter, we can begin with the principal steps: With this action you have forced the phone to use the GSM network only. A System Information Types: This second type contains information of the Mobile Station MS. B Paging Request Types: After this, open gnuradio-companion by typing it in a terminal prompt: Open and setup wireshark: Open another terminal prompt and to open wireshark with sudo privileges: First, we have to decode the signalling frames to know more things about the calls we are decoding: TS1 Enhanced Full Rate Traffic As you can see these are the GSM configurations used in the different frames and you will have to be able to recognize each one to identify if you must use an airprobe configuration or another to decode the data of your call or SMS. I will assume you sent a text message to yourself while capturing data. Here is again a flow chart showing the process: Hope you like my topic! Hi mate this really interesting my aim to establish my SAT network via VOip but I have no idea could you pls help me to decode my out calls hence I am using airtime I dont wish my company to see outband calls. I think I can not help you with that! Hope you enjoy my blog! Could please provide me your email or a number. Hi, just google it and you will find on the internet a good comparison of prices. Your valuable comments are welcomed. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in:

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