Project Description: First Fixed Monthly Allowance Plan Platform on blockchain

Date of Token Pre-Sale: 

2018-05-28 - 2018-06-10

Date of Token Sale: 

2018-06-20 - 2018-07-10

About the project:

The Greenish coin project provides the alternative way to earn monthly instead of pension or retirement plans. The project aims to create decentralized Fixed Monthly allowance to Greenish users, built by and for the people, with the help of blockchain technology and smart contracts, creating a safer financial future for humanity.

Greenish coin is eliminating the world of defects in pension & retirement funds.

How it works

1. Greenish users paricipate by exchanging fiat to GREE

2. Users make investments in gaming business structure

3. Request is recorded in blockchain 

4. GREE will be distrubuted on Greenish wallets on monthly basis

Distinctions from existing plans:

- Lower transaction fees

Greenish Blockchain have very low transaction charge globaly

- No inflation

Greenish Blockchain have no inflation due to controlled quantity limits and the algorithms in the system

- No chargebacks

By using digital currencies, users stop the fraud that comes from chargebacks


July 2018 - Mobile App Launch

2019 - Blockchain games launched on platform

Token Pre-Sale:

Token: GREE

Total emission: 200 mln tokens 

Bonus: depending on amount of tokens and stage up to 50% bonus

Price 1 GREE = 0,1 USD

Accept: BTC, ETH